Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rampage at the RAC

I was so excited for today's 5K that my good intentions of going to bed at 9:30PM to get extra sleep back fired. I laid there until mid-night then popped up at 6AM this morning! I wasn't tired I was ready to RUN!! After we got everyone picked up we headed out to Lacey,WA which is about a thirty minute drive from our town. We linked up with our two other military runners & started having fun! Thank goodness there was no rain like they had fore casted but it was only 55 degrees, brrrrrr! After a few snap shots of our "clean" group which had 6 ladies & one Army husband we got ready to run! 

 I was actually surprised at how easy a pace it was for me to keep. The course was pretty flat with only a couple of hills & one that was really steep. Nathan thought he'd be funny & grab the cow bell we had to ring on the steep hill , but I finally got him to set it back down for the rest of us-lol I have to say the funniest obstacle was the Slip-n-Slide! I mean who didn't love this as a child? Let me tell you still just as fun as an adult!! I did end up running into poor Randi's behind & knocking her into the side wall- but it was still a hoot! The fire jumping wasn't anything to bad this time, nothing like the Warrior Dash. The mud pit was just as slimy,gross, & cold as usual - but FUN!   We all did the race in under an hour. I think I could have done a little faster but we waited for a few members of our group here & there because it was about fun more then time today. I finished right around 43 or 44 minutes- we aren't quite sure as of now. Better then I ever ran before & not to tired. All the hard work outs really paid off today! I hope you enjoy the pictures- NOW get out & MOVE today!!

The ladies- all ARMY Spouses.

Bekah's husband Nathan ran with us- Brave soul!! 

Almost time to go under the wire in the MUD!

Randi got a nose & mouth full of mud here-lol

A little cold & muddy!!


Freezing Cold Water to wash off.....YUCK!

Sort of clean, but to cold to care.


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Sasha said...

This looks like SO much fun!!