Saturday, October 22, 2011

Soccer Saturday Again....

Saturday morning came way to early for Jacob & I today. We where up and out the door by 6:25ish to head to the Recreational Cup Soccer Tournament. Our team was going in undefeated for our age group (9 &10 year olds). We where the underdogs playing boys that where 11 & 12 years of age with more experience alot more height!! The boys where excited even though it was pouring rain ,windy & cold all day long! They played hard against another undefeated team in the first game & lost horribly 10-1. But it was a great experience of playing with 9 players on the field, larger goals, & a longer field. But really, really hard for us parents to watch.

The second game was delayed a bit but once we got going it was a good match. We lost but we held our own at 4-2. They played hard even though they where soaking wet & cold! They still had huge smiles on their faces after both games & will be back better then ever next year. Our last regular season game is next Saturday. This will be the first time ever I have missed any of Jacob's games in three years. But I think he will survive as he get's to ride with a friend from the team. I will be running the 5k & praying they are WINNING as usual!

Now I am home out of the wet cold clothes . In my comfy yoga pants laying around for the rest of the night. Here are a few fun pictures from today. I hope everyone is staying dry & warm this weekend!

Smiling for Mom before the first game

The boys goofing around waiting for the 2nd game to start

Jacob playing Defender blocking a ball

End of the Tournament Cupcakes- where earned!

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