Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Your Jam-week #2 for me....

Thursday brings with it the almost close to a long rainy,windy, & cold week here in the Pacific Northwest. It also means go over & see the links at  Goodnight Moon to link up for What's your Song week #6 for them, but only week #2 for me.  

A little background on my song choice for this week. I was cleaning out my closet & came across a cassette tape labeled "Kristy's music". I stopped smiled & laughed out loud. Kristy was one of my Best Friends in my college days. We meet the first week of school at David Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN & pretty much where inseparable for the next four years. Our circle included my other best friends Misty,Paula, & Ron. We where the Four musketeers & watch out we where a handful to say the least!
Our story came to a tragic end in our senior year during Spring Break week. The one & ONLY time we decided to skip our usual pilgrimage to PCB to stay in Nashville to work & study- I know what where we thinking?? I have gone over that week a million times in my head with "what if we had gone", would my best friend still be here? Kristy passed away in a tragic two car wreck late into our week - my college life was never the same again. My world felt like it had crashed down. Her sister Kathy & I where left to try to make sense of her loss. I lived with her she was my roomate & like a sister. Even though at the time we weren't living together we where only one street away. We pledged the same sorority & she was at the time our sorority President- it left a HUGE hole in my world.

Anyway back to the tape I found- I was in charge of Kristy's Memorial service which meant it MUST have music! We loved to sing & dance all the time. I decided to put together a collection of her favorite songs to have playing as people came in to sit & wait for the service to start. One of OUR favorites at the time was 10, OOO Maniacs- These are the Days. As I popped the tape into a stereo in my house & that song came flooding out over the speakers I danced!  With my son who thought mommy was losing it & sang at the top of my lungs! I laughed & smiled - I just knew Kristy was there with me reminding me that even still today to cherish every moment because you never know what tomorrow holds. So my song choice this week is dedicated to Kristy, Ron, Paula, &  Misty. May we always remember the good old days & cherish all the wonderful days we still have together. ~Love you Kristy~

                          Misty, Kristy , & Me during Pledge Week
             Some of us during our Pledge period painting the Bison
               Graduation Day with Ron, thinking of Kristy

EDIT: Go read the comments so you understand why there is now 2 songs to listen to today  :0)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

100 Random Facts (pt.2)

It's time again for 25 more Random facts you may or may not know about this girl! I hope you learn something new or laugh because you already know how "Random" I really am- have a great Wednesday everyone!

1.I watch Grey's Anatomy every Thursday it's on even if its a rerun with a glass of wine
2.I love Weimaraners so much- they are beautiful & I have 2
3.My favorite food is Chinese- YUM!!!
4.But my favorite Chain Restaurant is Olive Garden- I know weird~
5.My favorite season is FALL- I love all the beautiful colors especially around our lake
6.I love a man in Uniform- pretty sure my breath catches everytime my husband puts on his Dress Blues <<sigh>>
7.I worry non-stop all the time about silly random things- even though I try not to
8. My parents live in Gatlinburg TN
9. I have one brother who is 13 months older then me
10.I have strawberry blonde hair naturally- I color it darker red
11.I now have 3 tattoos I LOVE- got them over the past 7 years & they each have a very special meaning to me.
12.One of my son's has a Rare disease called Sturge-Weber & he is with me 24/7
13.I homeschool my special Angel
14.I was raised in TN & KY Southern Girl for sure.
15.I am ALWAYS on time or EARLY- hate to be late anywhere!
16.Pancakes from Cracker Barrel are My favorite breakfast!
17.I hiked up Mt. Rainer this summer with friends & it was AMAZING!
18.I love my pedicures & manicures
19.I have more girl friends then male
20.I am learning about Soccer since the youngest loves it so much.
21.Diet Pepsi girl- HATE Diet Coke & will drink water if there is no choice
22. I am only 5'4
23.I have freckles
24.I love all types of music & will listen to country,rap,classical,heavy metal all in one day.
25.I really want to go to Ireland & Australia one day for vacation- it's on my Bucket list

WOW- that is harder then you think! I sure hope I can come up with 50 more- but I am half-way done now. I hope you where surprised- I know a couple people will be by the tattoos. I love mine & I consider them art. Only 1 of them is placed where others can see it.It is for my Husband of 15 years.I thought long & hard about getting them & decided why not?? Aywhooo enjoy your day & see you back here again tomorrow for my Favorite Song pick of the week.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Between Friends

I have grown to love all books by Debbie Macomber. I found her about seven years ago when someone handed me Navy Wife to read & have been reading her ever since. That is a wonderful series if you like good short reads. Yesterday while at Walmart I grabbed Between Friends to read. I thought I would start it while my oldest got his braces put on & have something to read today while my youngest had soccer practice. The thing is I got so into the book during the orthodontist appointment I couldn't put it down! It was a great short read that at times had tears in the corners of my eyes.

It is written about two best friends Jillian Lawton & Lesley Adamski who live in Washington when they meet. I always love her books that the characters are located in the PNW- makes me happy to actually know what locations she is describing. They become good friends in gradeschool & the friendship continues through out the years until retirement times. It is written through journal entries ,letters to eachother, & emails eventually. I love that you learn a lot about each girl & her family with such detail.I found myself mentally cheering for Lesley at times when her stupid husband treated her badly. As well as praying that Jillian made it through some tough loses & medical issues. I totally recommend grabbing this & reading it if you have that best friend who knows everything about you or even if you don't- it'll make you wish you did. It was a happy feel good book at times & sad but well written at other times For a good short read go out & grab it today!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just call me "Lucy"

My two good friends & I have often joked that our lives could be turned into a sitcom resembling 3's Company. Me as Chrissy, Troy as Jack, & Bekah as Janet- we have things that happen in our lives together that you just CAN'T make up!! But today I was all alone by myself when the latest insane situation happened. It left me feeling rather like an episode of I love Lucy was taking place.

          Yes this is really  me in the picture from a Mock Dining In

I should start at the beginning so you can fully embrace this crazy situation with me as I look back & laugh a lot! It is a LONG story so hang on!

It started with Saturday night being a much anticipated "Date Night" with the husband up in Sea/Tac area since he was leaving super early from the airport. We decided awhile back to make reservations at a nice hotel for the evening & enjoy a much needed break from the kids. I looked through all the usual chain hotels until I came across a beautiful looking Hotel we had never noticed before. Best part was it was 4 minutes from the airport & had a military discount!! so I booked us a room at Cedarbrook Lodge. 
When we pulled right off of I5 to turn onto a little road hidden back in this tiny neighborhood I wasn't sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised with little brooks, waterfalls, & cherry blossom trees surrounding three cedar sided buildings all connected by lovely walking paths. Paul & I walked into a beautiful lobby with a large sweeping staircase that led down to a huge sitting room with a great view of their gardens & a fireplace. It also had a lovely bar area with pool tables. The staff was super friendly & informed us that each building had it's own "living room" when you entered. We needed to be sure to stop grab some complimentary waters,chocolates, & Haagen Dazs - YAY-I was in Heaven!! Off Paul & I went to find our building!
Here is the first thing that greeted us when we entered the "Spruce" building.

The bar had three different types of Whoppers & White Chocolate covered Pretzels!

We grabbed some water ,whoppers & headed to our room. It was a beautiful SPA like room with a enormous bathroom & all the spa products you could want! We where super excited but I was mostly starving & ready to go find some food.We headed to Southcenter the closest mall & promptly decided on The Outback for dinner.They are currently doing a special menu called Red, White, & Bloomin Menu.
Any items ordered from this menu gives 5% back to Operation Homefront.
I have to say the choices are plentiful & my Maui was so much better then the normal chicken I get from Outback. I hope they move it to their regular menu when the special is over. But back to dinner, I was starving & we decided to order a Bloomin Onion to start our meal. I haven't eaten even a tiny little piece of one of these onions in almost 3 years! I splurged knowing I would be working out in the morning at the Hotel Gym. We dug in & as I finish off my last piece my husband says " You know honey, Jillian & Jesus have a little tear running down their cheeks because you just gave in & ate that.". REALLY!!!! I just couldn't believe he said that with a smile on his face! I laughed drank down my Blueberry Martini & dug into my Maui with steamed broccoli!We finished up & hit the mall.
The husband needed to start looking for new PT shoes & a few other items to take with him on the up coming deployment. We bought me a new power cord for my cell as mine had died the day before. Grabbed some swim trunks for one of the boys for our Great Wolf outing next week.  Looked at shoes but never found any he liked. So we headed back to our hotel as the mall was closing & we had to be up by 4AM for him to catch the shuttle to the airport.
I only got about three maybe four hours of sleep as the husband just knew I would sleep through the alarm. I was so paranoid I kept waking up & checking the time until I kicked him awake at 4! After I kissed him goodbye & sent him on his way to the airport I had every intention of laying back down under the snugly comforter to sleep.I laid there for thirty minutes & realized it was useless I was awake for the day. I decided to hit the mini-bar up at 5AM!! I grabbed the plastic ice bag took it with me & proceeded to fill it up with whoppers & pretzels to take home for my boys.I know this is not what they where put there for, but we paid enough money to stay I thought no one would mind. I also grabbed me a coffee flavored Haagen Dazs to eat with a cup of starbucks home brew.Back to my room I went turned on the news drank my coffee & ate my ice cream. Thirty minutes later I decide to go work out, it is now 5:40 AM Sunday morning. Off I go with a t-shirt, shorts,NO makeup, & hair in a pony tail. I stop grab a free water & hit the elevator button. I Should have took the stairs!!! The elevator opens in I go & press 1 to go to the gym. The doors close & I start going down then STOP- NO movement at all! I wait thinking it'll start back up in a couple seconds- 5 minutes pass & NOTHING!! I then read all the little emergency things on the panel & push all the buttons it says to push- NOTHING- NADA happens!! I am beginning to panic but think I'll call the front desk on my cell before dialing 911 on the call box. NO CELL SIGNAL!!! At this time I think I can freak out or just dial on the box & see what happens. I push the little red button it dials & a very nice sounding man comes on the line. He asks If I am stuck, I say yes. I tell him which building & what floor I started on when the elevator stopped. He asks if I need immediate medical attention, I tell him NO I have a bottle of water - I am fine for now. He let's me know he will call the front desk & let them know I am stuck. I should also continue to press this annoyingly loud Ringer button. I explained I had already pressed it a few times & nothing happened. He said someone outside might here & go for help. So every two minutes or so I press this stupid Ringer!!! I sit on the floor listen to some newly downloaded Greenday & play bowling on my phone. Finally after 20 minutes a man calls me inside the elevator to tell me the Fire Department is on the way to let me out. Can I please be patient & wait for them?? REALLY, umm where the heck am I going to go??
Finally after 45 minutes trapped & 1 tiny bar on my cell phone the Firemen arrive!! They pry open the doors help me out - FREEDOM!! They locate a plastic water bottle lid that had jammed the elevator. They where tired & NOT HAPPY!! They thanked me for staying calm & not yelling at anyone. I thanked them for getting me out & went to the Gym to get my work out done. I was so thinking I should have just stayed in my room & ate more Ice Cream!!!
This would not be so funny, but a few of you know that in August of 2009 Paul & I went to Seattle to stay at the Hilton for the weekend of Kenny Chesney. On our first night there we where awakened with the fire alarm going off at 1:30 AM!!! We had to eveacuate down 18 flights of stairs in the dark & cold.
 Here is my husband trying to get back to sleep on the steps across the street from  our hotel at about 2:30AM

 Here are the firetrucks about 3 hours into the evacuation- it was a long morning.

But as you can see even if you don't know me, my life at times resembles a sitcom! Take your pick of which one you might think- today it was I love Lucy for sure- I was being punished for stealing that bag of Whoppers for the kids!  I have to say I am seriously rethinking my trip to Portland with Bekah this July. We are suppose to stay over night- but who knows what craziness will happen if we do!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

100 Random Facts about ME!! (pt.1)

I don't Twitter , I tried to start about a year ago but I honestly don't need people to know every little thing going on in my daily life. I have Facebook & you can usually get an updated status through out my day if your that interested. I guess posting 100 Random Facts is currently all the rage on Twitter even though it eats up everyone's feed all day. I do love the idea that Megan @ Megan Writes decided to start about posting 100 Random Facts about yourself on your Blog. Don't worry I am NOT going to post them all in one Blog & bore you to death. Not to mention I am not sure I could come up with that many facts all at once. I will start with 25 Facts today & do another 25 later during the upcoming week . Hope you learn something Random about Me - happy reading.

 Random Facts part 1:

1.I love Daisies they are my absolute favorite flower-these over Roses anyday!!
2.I graduated from David Lipscomb University in Nashville
3.I love teaching 3 year olds the BEST- they are so cuddly still - love their teacher no matter what!
4.I love taking pictures of everything- I almost always have a camera on me.
5.I HATE riding horses- they are pretty but they don't like me & I don't like them!
6.I love cats  but am deathly allergic so I can never pet them anymore  :0(
7.Coffee is a MUST everyday even in the summertime
8.I know how to sew my mom taught me in junior high & I won several 4-H awards for it- but I don't like to sew.
9. I love a good Reisling anyday of the week with my meal
10.I love the Oregon coast & wish I could have a beach house there someday if I win the lottery
11.I have four boys who are all 22 months apart from the one before them-no it wasn't planned that way.
12.Yellow my FAVORITE color in the world- it's cheerful makes me Happy no matter what!
13.I cry every time I hear The National Anthem even if it is sung poorly
14. I LOVE the Chicago Bears - I have since the days of Payton ,Dent, & William Perry.
15. Reading is my Passion, I read as much as I can.
16.I am an early bird in the morning & to bed early at night-so not a night owl
17.I love volunteering for just about anything
18. I love to bake with my kids - they can always talk me into making cookies,cakes, etc
19.I go to church every Sunday morning I can & drive 45mins to get there. I have not lived close to our church in over 10 years- but that's ok-it's worth the drive.
20.I love FRIENDS & watch the re-runs all the time- I laugh just as hard as if I was seeing them for the first time.
21.I will camp but I need a Camper with electricity- I am a CITY GIRL
22. Love to work out it is a great stress release for me
23.Carmel is my favorite flavor of coffee
24.Peanut M&M's is my favorite candy-YUM
25.Coats- I love them and have way to many in my closet(s)

Well that is the first 25 Random things about me. A few of my close friends will already know most- but I hope I surprised you with a couple of them. I will post another 25 later this week on a day I don't have anything exciting in my world to Blog about. So look for three more installments of 100 random Facts - Have a great Saturday everyone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Well this week has been rather slow around our home. We have had the usual Soccer practice,dentist appointments, & FRG meetings- sounds like a lot but it's not for us. So I decided since I am Thankful for the break in the insane in my life I should think about other things that have made me happy this week. So here goes, why don't you try it as well. It always amazes me at what I have to be thankful for  in my life. I sometimes forget about due to my overloaded busy schedule.

1. I am Thankful that all the boys have been healthy for a couple weeks in a row! This is HUGE in our home! If one person get's the sniffles we all get sick!If Jeremy get's sick- GAME ON-so Thank you Jesus that he & all the boys are doing well.

2. Thankful that on Tuesday  night at the FRG meeting I was lucky enough to meet two wonderful Army wives who I think will help make this upcoming deployment a little more bearable!! I have been so nervous & anxious with a lot of my support system moving away that this latest deployment has seemed overwhelming to me.We didn't PCS like a lot of our friends but just changing Units after being in the same Battalion for so long, it almost feels like we have moved. New families, a new job for Paul, & a little lonely. So I am very Thankful that I met two lovely ladies who both understand the struggles of being a Military Wife & EFMP mom- that is HUGE!! 

3. I am thankful at said FRG meeting I only teared up a couple times & was able to get a much needed hug from one of the amazing wives ! I don't know anyone well enough for them not to think I must be a lunatic  if all the sudden I am crying in front of them- so I am Thankful there where no funny looks or questions asked, just a Hug.

4. I am Thankful that Jacob loves his Soccer time.Also for the parent who stayed late after practice to help him when he didn't understand a new move he needed to learn. This parent didn't have to help, but he saw that Jacob was upset so he asked, then stayed & helped- Thank You!

5. I am so very blessed & Thankful for my parents. When I called early in the week with questions they immediately answered them in an email. It was questions concerning my church family & faith. Things that required an outsider looking in & a long email. Thank you Jesus for giving me such good examples of how to be a Godly mom & wife.

6. SUNSHINE- YIPPIE!!! Yesterday the PNW was blessed with our first beautiful sunny day in months!! The temperature made it to 60 & we all played outside. This is so rare for March in Washington that I am so Thankful for the wonderful break from the rain!

7. I was very Thankful that when we asked the Orthodontist if Hunter really needed four teeth pulled he said NO. He said that he really only needed the one pulled by this summer & the others could wait for awhile maybe even for years. He just wanted us to know they would eventually all need to come out incase we wanted to do it all at once. Hunter was relieved & so was our checkbook!

8. I am Thankful that this Saturday Paul & I get to go spend a night in Seattle by ourselves before I drop him off at the airport at a silly crazy hour on Sunday morning.He starts Block Leave & we have no other time that it will be just "us" with out the children- so getting one night alone together is HUGE- it may be our last before the deployment.

9. I am Thankful that we are able to send Paul to Colorado to visit his family before he deploys. I know how blessed we are to have the means to buy him a plane ticket home.He hasn't been home in over two years so  I know how excited he & his whole family are to see him.

10. I am Thankful for my crazy friends who call me at 7AM knowing I am AWAKE & would love to talk with them about their exciting news!Congratulations to my friend & her husband on his hard earned promotion-way to GO!!

11.I am Thankful that today is Thursday & it is almost the weekend- YAY!!!

This is what I have for now I know that I have so much more to be Thankful about in my life. This is just a few that jump out at me as I sit here drinking my coffee. I hope that maybe in some small way my post has helped you to stop smell the roses in your life & remember how blessed we all are in some way everyday.

Edit:I just found this great Blog called Goodnight Moon .
She is having Week 5 of What's Your Song?  You can LINK your Blog with your favorite song of the week.  

 12. On Thankful Thursday - YAY- for finding some fun new & old music to listen to during the day. Here is my pick for Song of the week . It is one that I have been listening to everyday on the way to the GYM to keep me motivated to get back into shape for all the fun runs I have coming up this summer! Gotta love some Lenny Kravitz to work out too!!

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.  ~Epictetus

Monday, March 21, 2011

Baubles for Birthmarks

Today I wanted to share with you a beautiful bracelet you can purchase in support of people with Birthmarks. The Sturge-Weber Foundation started this charm bracelet last year in 2010 & I thought it was beautiful back then. I was reminded about it today when I was glancing through my latest issue of Branching Out the newsletter they put out for our families.Baubles for Birthmarks  was started to help raise money & awareness for our families who have a person in their lives with a birthmark or Klippel-Trenaunay syndromes.They are a little on the expensive side but they shed a new beautiful light on our angels with birthmarks.The foundation hopes to be able to add new designs every year that you can purchase & add to your existing bracelets.
If your a jewelry person like myself I hope you will take the time to go look at the beads & think about purchasing an item to help our cause. There is NO cure for Sturge-Weber only research & that is what all the money they raise goes towards. Soon it will be May & Sturge-Weber awareness month, so look for more posts from me on how you can help!Have a blessed week everyone.
Jeremy our Angel 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Soccer Time

The first day of Spring arrived in the Pacific Northwest with this huge bright shiny object up in the sky?? Took us all a few minutes to realize it was the Sun it's been so long since we have seen it! I as a soccer mom was so very happy not to have another day of down pouring rain & wind! It was also the first day of Jacob's Spring Soccer season. This is his third year playing but his first on an actual team that uses the whole field. We where both super excited to get to the game & WIN!!
It took Jacob a little time to get use to the new rules of the game, but he did great! He was worn out from all the running so mom is going to start running laps with him before practice. Conditioning is a MUST in order to keep up with the big guys! He has loved Soccer since the first time he played, so I am so happy to let him have an outlet for all his energy.We had a few short sprinkles during the game but nothing to bad. His team came back to win in the last few minutes with a score of 5-4 Yelm United WINS!!
He is already looking forward to practice & next weeks game. We stopped grabbed the snacks as it's our turn to provide them after the game.He is laying on the couch now watching a little TV looking like he could nap. Mission accomplished!!! YAY- for SOCCER!

                                   Worn out after the first half. 

                            Half-time instructions from coach

                            He listened to coach & got the ball

                        Good Game  Yelm United WINS  5-4

Dad had to miss the first game due to a conflict with Project Healing Waters. He was taking some Wounded Warriors out for their first Fly Fishing experience with one of my older boys. We called him & gave updates as well as took a lot of great pictures. Both activities today turned out great as Paul said the Wounded Warriors where loving the fishing! So it has been an amazing Saturday afternoon & now it's time to rest. Tomorrow brings church in the morning & Bar-b-Que with friends in the evening. Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Green men

Happy St. Patrick's Day-to some this is a day to drink,search for gold coins, eat corned beef & cabbage. What does St. Patrick's Day mean to you?? For us we have never really celebrated with much more then wearing some green to avoid being pinched. I do have some Irish in me & Paul has German/Irish. So we can claim the Holiday as our own but just never really have. The kids are not huge on corned beef or cabbage so I think  I will make some sort of yummy cake for them for the day. I saw a few recipes floating around facebook to try. Below is a song that my husband likes seeing as he now has learned to brew his own beer. My kitchen turns into a beer making factory every couple of months. So I will share the fun song & wish you all a safe ,pinch free Happy St. Patricks Day!

The Beer Song 

Monday, March 14, 2011

Lost an Hour of Sleep,gained a Day of Exhaustion

So tired, I woke up at 4:30AM this morning thinking I had overslept-my body however realized it was actually 3:30AM because it HASN'T Sprung Forward Yet!!

All these "CHIPPER"  people who are Claiming excitement over the BIG SPRING I think are Delusional or LYING!! How can one be happy about waking up to pitch black mornings?? I was just getting excited to wake up to the daylight when I stretched & opened my eyes!!

I am not going to lie, eventually after my very tired,old body readjusts I might be a Happy Girl once again about the extra sunlight at the end of a long day. But for the moment all I want is my HOUR of SLEEP BACK!!! Especially this rainy,windy & cold Pacific Northwest morning!! We sure won't be seeing that extra Sunshine everyone down south get's to enjoy- so WHY must we endure getting up an hour earlier ??? I am all done with my rant now,just going to go refill my coffee cup & hope for more energy to fill my body soon. ~Happy Monday to you all~

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday Night = Date Night

Over a month ago my two lovely friends & I marked on our calender to have a Date Night with our husbands. One of the couples in the group has orders & is leaving soon so we wanted one more fun night together. Fun is exactly what we all had last night at ASADO in Tacoma, WA. We laughed so hard at times over stories being told that tears formed in my eyes. I will never be able to go to Leavenworth,WA now with out busting out laughing after the vivid explanation of a recent visit by our friends.I will NOT go into further detail but I almost Peed- my own pants laughing so hard  ;0)

This is the group that now also will have me laughing everytime a "single rain drop" falls onto the back of my neck!!! Oh- how Courtney & Mike know how to tell a story that makes you feel like you are right there with them ! We had to give Jason a hug & a see you later last night at the end of the evening. But these are the friends that will stay in our life forever. We wish you all the best in your new Army adventure in Utah. We will miss all your stories & laughter. Thank goodness I have such a smart friend as Courtney- she too bought Kenny Chesney tickets for Portland in July!!! WHOO-HOO can't wait to see her there for some fun!!

It was also so nice to get out of the house with my handsome husband for some grown-up time. Time is passing to quickly & we are squeezing in family time as well as  couple only time. My husband is not a fan of leaving the house, but he even admitted to having a lot of fun last night. Thank you my love for taking me out for a amazing evening spent with you & our friends- I Love You More.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ring...Ring..."Kenny's calling!"

I found out that my favorite country singer Kenny Chesney is coming to Seattle & Portland in July!!! To say I am  SUPER EXCITED is putting it mildly. By now my husband is most likely rolling his eyes-lol But the man knew when we got married my second love was Kenny!! I have seen him once in concert already with my husband & four of our good friends before Deployment #3. We all spent the weekend in Seattle together & had a blast! So when I found out we could possibly see him again this summer I was actually doing the HAPPY DANCE up & down my hallway singing " She thinks my tractor's Sexy....".
Yes that is me with my two good friends on the TRACTOR before Kenny's last concert in 2009 is Seattle!!
 Bekah & I looked at the two dates & have decided with her new work schedule that July 23rd in Portland we will once again be enjoying KENNY!!!! This time both of our husbands will be gone, but that just means we can jump up & down ,swoon, <<<sigh>>> with out them making constant fun of us!!
This was the whole gang last time around right before the concert started. All the guys where laughing & teasing Bekah & I- so we will not miss that this time around. We can be as fan crazed as two thirty something women want to be!! We will miss our Sam this time around but we are sure to have our phones & be sending her updates all night! My husband is only upset he will miss it because we heard there is the possibility that the Zac Brown Band will be performing with  Kenny. He loves them & so do I! So I will have to get a lot of good pictures for him that night.
I can't wait to go see Mr. Chesney again & I promise this won't be the last you hear or see of this on my BLOG. If you don't care for him I am sorry but I am a HUGE,EXCITED, FAN!!That is my rant for today just wanted to share the joy & put it out there incase any of my fellow Kenny Fans didn't know that you have two chances to see him in the PNW area this summer!!!!!
One final picture of my husband & I from that wonderful fun filled weekend- I will miss spending it with him this time around. But I will have Bekah & we will have a wonderful time once again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

We had no big plans for this weekend & I went into it with just the thoughts of relaxing. I enjoyed pizza night on Friday with the kids & a relatively early bedtime for me. Saturday brought pure laziness around our house. The kids slept in late for them & I played on the computer. I also had fun finishing a book I was reading called "The Road Home" a loosely based novel on the Biblical story of Ruth.I found it to be a really good read. I did some laundry, vacuumed, & dishes. But really didn't strain to much-lol. We found a bunch of Superhero movies playing all afternoon & watched a total of three with the boys.My husband enjoyed wrestling some with the boys at time catching them off guard which made me laugh. The older one's are taller then me now so it was fun to watch them try to beat dad. The little two just giggled & tapped out after a few times.I am very glad I made no plans for us & we could just enjoy the family time together.

Sunday brought sleepy heads who didn't want to wake up! I had woke up around 3Am for some crazy reason after getting only six hours of sleep. My body is just so use to this amount that I functioned normally all day & never even felt like I needed a nap. This I have decided is from having children & multiple deployments. You grow very accustom to running on fumes. I finally got me with two of the boys out the door & off to church. I love our small church but hate the forty-five minute drive it takes for us to get there. But we really are limited on choices around here & so I drive.I enjoyed our sermon on Worrying- this is my biggest obstacle. I worry over every little thing in my world & have tried nurmeous times to be that "easy, breezy" girl with no luck.They used my favorite passage in Matthew to remind that I don't have to Worry about food, clothing, or what tomorrow will bring that God really does have it covered.I left for the moment very uplifted & ready for the rest of my day.

We ran to Costco to pick up last minute items for our dinner. I had planned with my best friend Sam to have her & her whole family over for Mexican night later that evening. I was super excited for this dinner since it had been awhile since we had done a potluck. We use to do them once a week but our schedules just haven't permitted them lately.We discussed last week putting them back into play at least once a month but we are going to shoot for twice if possible.The grown men in our life get drug along to the dinners & don't complain as they get the best tasting food for the evening .
I prepared my favorite Chicken Enchilada recipe & Sangria. It was the first time I had ever made Sangria & I loved the recipe I found on-line. It has to be the best tasting sangria I have ever drank & I am not just saying that because I made it! Sam brought her famous fried Tacos that are so Yummy & not healthy at all. She also found a recipe for what we now refer to as the "Happiness Cake". My youngest was eating it & replied to us when asked if he liked the new dessert " It is pure Happiness on a plate mom!". We laughed so hard because he was so serious & eating it all down! It had layered ice cream sandwiches on the bottom. Then cut up bananas, strawberries,caramel syrup, chocolate syrup & cherries in the middles. With another layer of ice cream sandwiches  with whip cream- yes it was very decadent. It was HEAVEN or Happiness on a plate!
We enjoyed sitting around my table eating & catching up on our past weeks adventures. It was a great way to end our relaxing weekend. This week is super busy so I am sure that I will be wishing by Wednesday for some more Sangira & Happiness on a Plate Cake. I hope you all have a very Blessed & safe week.

Sangria Recipe 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Just saw this again today & it is something I always loved. I just thought I'd share with everyone. I hope you all have a very Happy & Blessed Weekend.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Farewell my friend

This Blog goes back to an earlier one I wrote concerning a friend who was starting her PCS to Fort Polk,LA. She leaves in a couple of weeks & last night we had one final dinner with her at her favorite Mexican restaurant. Only about six of the ten ladies where able to make it due to previous engagements but we all enjoyed good food & good company. We discussed various topics, who was getting out, who else would be PCSing soon, & Paul's deployment which they all agreed was coming to soon. These are all ladies who husband's worked with Paul & deployed with him during the last trip less then a year ago.
We enjoyed our yummy drinks with the exception of one of the ladies who is pregnant, the little "welcome home gift" that a few ladies receive from their soldier- she looked too cute!There was a lot of discussions about those getting out  if they would be able to find jobs & would they leave the area. That was sad as we all realize soon all but me will be gone to some place new.My adventure will continue here in the Pacfic Northwest while my friends all slowly move away :0( 
Soon it was PRESENT TIME!!You might recall we had decided to do FUN gag gifts she could sort of use at her new Duty station.First up was the gift that even the bag was themed to match from the Princess & the Frog. It held the movie & the car size Bug Spray.Next was a pretty purple bag that had a fluffy soft boa in Mardi  Gras purple, green, & gold. Of course we had some funny comments for our friend about wearing that at home with some stilettos for the husband-LOL She also got cute matching eye wear & bracelets. This gift giver also put in a printed off sheet of good restaurants they had eaten at while in LA- very thoughtful.Next came my gift for her. I had taken the suggestions of doing all things Cajun. I made her a cute little babydoll top on-line & found a Funny Joke/recipe book with Cajun stories/ recipes to go with the humorous stories.The last gift was a combined gift from several of the ladies. It had HUGE plastic bugs, a picture frame with several photos that we had taken over the year . A book A-Z on Louisiana, all you need to know. More Mardi Gras beads, even some for her husband that looked as masculine as purple & gold beads can-lol

It was a fun relaxing dinner filled with memories & a little anxiety as we all realized we would soon be going our separate ways into the next chapters of our Military life.As we all left most said the usual "See you later" instead of Goodbye. I didn't even Hug her yet as I get to see her one more time next week & then I'll do the hugging-that part is sure to bring moist eyes on my part.I was glad one of the ladies came up with the idea of having one more dinner together. I know we can all look back later with a smile at the fun last evening we all spent together. That is truly what the Military experience is about at times, making dear friends, creating memories, & sending them on their way with heart felt wishes of good luck.
                              Bugs BEWARE she is ready for you!!

  Looking good for Mardi Gras

 The cute Cajun shirt I had made

 The last group photo of all of us at our "last dinner" 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who is the Best...Army,Airforce,Navy, or Marines

Just a funny little joke a friend posted on facebook & I wanted to pass along because I really have nothing great to BLOG about at the moment. I hope you laugh as I did & realize every Military Spouse thinks THEIR Soldier's Branch is the BEST- so GO ARMY!!!

A seaman, a marine, and an airman got into a fight about which service is best. The fight was so heated, that they killed each other.

Soon, they found themselves in Heaven. They see St. Peter walk by and ask, “Which Branch of Service is the best?”

St. Peter replied, “I can't answer that. But, I will ask God what He thinks the next time ...I see Him.”

Some time later, the three see St. Peter again and ask him if he was able to find the answer.

Suddenly, a dove landed on St. Peter's shoulder. The dove was carrying a note in
its beak. St. Peter opened the note and read it out loud to the three fellows:
“Gentlemen: All the Branches of the Service are ‘Honorable and Noble’. 
Each one of you has served your country well. Be proud of that."

GOD, US Army (Ret.)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ACU Purses & so much MORE!!

I met a lovely Army wife about 18 months ago in DC at the AUSA conference I attended while my soldier was on a deployment. She was carrying the cutest purse I had ever seen made out of ACU material. I asked her about it & found out she made it from her soldier's uniform so she could have him with her while he was deployed! I was HOOKED!! When we returned from the trip several of us ladies got her information & thus started hounding her for purses & tote bags made from our soldier's ACU's. She does all the purses herself.You can ask for just about any type of purse or tote & she can figure out how to make it for you. She does an AMAZING job!!
I also enlisted her help for burp clothes for baby showers, an ACU/fleeced lined throw blanket & ACU pillows for my son's room. They all look fabulous & my kids love it all! Recently I had been watching her Facebook page at some of the new designs she had come up with & fell in love with one purse I had to have! Luckily my old purse I had been using was falling apart (not the one she made,one from a store).I sent her a private email & told her what style I was looking for what color lining I preferred & what extra's I wanted. With in a couple days she had lining material for me to choose from then a week later my purse was made! I received it two days after she shipped it in a flat rate box & I LOVE IT!!

This was a picture she took while making the purse for me so I could see how it was coming along.

This is a close up of the custom embroidery she did on the dogtags for me. I asked for our wedding year on one side & our last name on the other.It has two pockets on the inside like I  requested & one on the outside.It is extremely deep & will hold a ton of my stuff!! I am super happy with it & want to pass along her web site to you all. She recently relocated to Fort Drum but she can ship anywhere!! Go take a look at her page & if you have questions get in touch!

1 Army Wife Designs

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In like a Lion

I am sure a lot of you have heard that old saying about March's arrival "it comes in like a LION & out like a LAMB.". That is defiantly true here in the Pacific Northwest today! We had snow/rain slush falling for two days now . I am so tired of the cold & ready for a little warmth. I don't need it to be super hot but mid 60's to low 70's would be wonderful. I hope by the end of the month when the husband's Block leave starts we are into the "LAMB" phase of March.
Which brings me to how super fast the month of February seemed to fly by this year. I know it's a short month of only 28 days, but really I blinked & it was GONE! Maybe it is because we are starting into the phase of pre-deployment where the husband does his SRP (Soldier Readiness Process) & Block leave <<<sigh>>>. I hate when it get's to this point & you want time to slow down & stop for you but it just keeps marching on at a really fast pace! In a couple months I'll be Blogging about how time is standing still as I wait for my soldier's return. Time is a double-edged sword for the Military family & we never win . 
I am looking forward to sending my husband to Colorado to visit with his family for the first week of his Block leave. It is just easier for him to go to them then to pack four kids, 2 dogs, & a van full of luggage on the road for 48 hours. That would be miserable for everyone involved & waste precious Leave time for my soldier. So off he will go for a week of being spoiled at his sister's home in CO. His twin sister lives close by with her husband & his parents are driving in from WY. He was raised in this town so he is excited to spend time with some old friends as well.
Upon his arrival back  home he get's a 24 hour break then we are off to the Great Wolf Lodge  indoor water park in Grand Mounds, WA. It is so close to our home that it is a great, fast, easy family trip we can take with all the kids. They are so excited & that makes me happy! We can spend two days making some wonderful memories that will have to hold them through the up coming year while their dad is away.
After the waterpark it's home time & the kids are on spring break from school. I see some fishing for the boys & maybe an overnight camping trip with their dad.When they go back to school the last week I believe the husband hopes to work in a small fishing trip by himself so he can do some real fishing. When he takes the boys he wants them to have fun & that often means no time for him to really fish.The man can spend hours in the rainy cold wet weather on a river & be happy. I just don't get it, but he doesn't get how the Mall can bring me so much joy.I can hardly believe he get's three whole weeks off from work as it is so rare. I plan on enjoying it as we have already been warned by his work that they are super busy with schools upon leave being over :(  They work right up until he leaves- which stinks but oh-well.
Anyway I hope March slows down just a bit so I can enjoy what time we do have left as a family. My youngest starts his soccer practice in the rain, so maybe the weather can cooperate as well & warm up!I am off now to find an educational show for Jeremy to watch off of Netflix for this afternoon as he flew through his school again today!! YAY for a super great day so far!

A little Trivia for you all: The TRUTH about the month of March