Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tinker Bell & All That Disney Magic

Well folks my plan since I saw all the posts on the Disney Princess Half-marathon pop up on Facebook was to go run it in Florida next year. Then life happened & with the husband deploying at the end of the summer a trip to Florida is out. Bummer! BUT never fear we live super close to California which means July 9th THIS GIRL is signing up for the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon in Disneyland. It's set for January 2014 so it will be the perfect time for a much needed mommy break. I always try to plan one trip that is at least 3 or 4 days away with out the kids while the husband is deployed. It's for their safety & my sanity-haha

Now my running partner in crime & I have to come up with a team name. It doesn't have to be Disney but we thought why not? We will be wearing our blue run to remember  shirts with some fun add-ons for the half. We would love a few name suggestions from anyone who is more creative then us , shouldn't be hard. Here are the only three we came up with & we aren't just thrilled with any of them. The names are printed on our bibs that we want to keep so something cute & fun is a must!

Minnie Marathoners- we would have Blue Bows instead of red.

Then we have Blue Belles after Belle in Beauty & the Beast.

 Next is Magical Mermaids , mostly because Ariel is my favorite Princess.

But we are open to all suggestions that are fun that we can't think of on our own. I am excited for July 9th to come so we can register and get this race planning started. I hope after running my first half on June 22nd I am still excited-haha Wish us luck and post any fun team names you can think of please.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Runners Unite for Boston

I don't have the dream to run a marathon, but I have friends & family that are marathon runners. I had a cousin who was 2 blocks away when the blasts went off. She never got to finish her race, she had no idea if those with her were okay. I am sad for those innocent spectators who always encourage us as runners at the end when we think we can't possibly take one more step to reach the finish line. I am sad for those 5,000+ elite runners who qualified for what they thought was the race of their lives that they never got to finish. Today a movement swept across facebook, twitter, & the country. Runners showed their support by putting on a race shirt & running for Boston. 

We ran for everyone who can no longer run. Who are now sitting in a hospital recovering from wounds. We ran for those who never got the chance to finish their race. But mostly we ran to show whatever cowards that are behind this attack, that we won't stop running. That runners have an unspoken solidarity with eachother. That even if you don't know that runner passing you on a trail, you wave, smile & feel like they are family. The cowards did not break our Amercian spirit. Instead just like 9-11 it only brought out the best in our country. It reminded us that in the darkest moments of American history there are true heroes willing to step up & help.

That a widow who was running in memory of her husband was there in the midst of chaos can write so eloquently of how her spirit is not broken.

"For me, a girl who was invited to run to honour her soldier who was taken by another terrorist on 27 April 2011, it threw me back into a spot where I immediately felt out of control, that my life was being torn apart, and I stood immobilized sobbing for again the terrorist sought to take yet another thing that matters in my life."

Monday, April 15, 2013

Balto Does Vegas

 Balto, my best friend Sam, & I all left last Wednesday for Las Vegas Nevada. We were going to take Balto to his trainer & puppy raisers to live for the next 6 to 9 months. It was a lot of fun & a lot of work. Balto did great on the plane ride & the flight attendants all wanted pictures. We arrived and he was a bit stressed over all the foot traffic but it was perfect for training. Training is what he & I did- a lot! Stephanie our trainer had us shopping on the strip, riding escalators, & eating at restaurants. Balto took it all in stride & was pretty worn out at the end of most days.

Yes he slept on the bed with me & snored! But when I got sick one afternoon he snuggled up and made me feel better. He deserved to be pampered before heading into bootcamp.
Here are a few pictures from training at an open air mall with Freedom . Balto also recieved his new Michael's Angel Paws 
training vest. 

We also had a fan from our Facebook page  Jeremy's Journey  
take the time to come meet Balto. Thank You Sandy it was nice to meet you & put a face with the name.

 After two days of long training & evaluations it was time to take Balto to meet his new puppy raisers. His temporary parents are so nice & were so excited to welcome him into their home. They really put me at ease & Balto took no time at all showing off for them. He jumped right into their pool taking his first swim ever!

He Loved the Pool!
He then loved meeting his new fur friends & playing in the yard.

I gave a few parting kisses & he kissed me back in true Balto fashion.
Then I left trying not to cry. I made it to the hotel before a few tears slid out of my eyes. But I knew / know he is in great hands with Stephanie. I know that the puppy raisers want him there and are excited to help our family out with training. This helps me a lot. Balto will continue his journey as a SDIT until he comes home to Jeremy. We will see him in 10 weeks & we are already counting down the days.
Now to share some fabulous pictures our friend's son came & took for us before he left. I knew when Balto returned the cute puppy phase would be over so I wanted it all caught on camera .
Took these amazing pictures that melt my heart everytime I look at them. We are so blessed to have friends with such amazing talent.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Spoke to Soon

It's really kind of amusing in a weird it's normal to me kind of way. Last week like a ding-dong I did the math & realized out loud that Paul had been home 9 months with no orders to deploy from the Army for the first time EVER in 6 years. I remember looking at Paul & smiling thinking "wow we may actually be done with year long separations. You might be able to just ride out the last year of the Army at home with the family." Yeah I should have kept all these thoughts to myself in my own brain. I spoke them out loud for the universe to hear . Mostly for the Army DA Gods to hear & say to themselves "OOOPPPS, how did we miss this soldier, he should be on orders already we are slacking!".

Paul did have orders come down to head to West Point to teach for two years. I would have loved to move like four years ago. But now with our oldest about to start his junior year of high school it was not a good idea. Not to mention that once again they did not have the medical we need for Jeremy's EFMP packet. A call was made by Paul, & DA said we will look into getting those deleted. We didn't think about it again assuming he was good to stay at JBLM. Then Monday morning he get's to his office turns on his computer to log in & find a nice email from DA. Your right MSG your family can't go to West Point the orders are deleted. BUT you can GO unaccompanied to x, y, or Z for twelve months you choose ASAP or the Army will choose for you. Have a great week, hope to hear from you soon. So yes folks once again we are on orders for the husband to leave, no time frame yet, but once again we didn't make it a year with him at home.

Now the truly bizarre part is when he called me I didn't bat an eye or shed a tear. I thought well this is normal & I'm okay with this again. I think my body no longer register's it means a year of single parenting again with all that can go wrong happening. I honestly think my body & mind have a built in system now that just goes with the flow. Sounds crazy to a lot of people I'm sure. But this has been my families normal going on seven years now. Paul home a year then gone a year. I think also it helps knowing we can pick were he chooses to spend the year & it's not in a war zone. He was really upset & retirement was tossed around again. I let him know I would support whatever decision but we are just so nervous about him getting out & there not being a job. He hasn't had the luxury of completing any college because well he was at war for the past few years been a little busy staying alive. He was told he could complete a year's worth of school while he was gone this time. I guess they are giving the college back to our soldiers. It should have never been taken away but that is a whole different post. 

So were you may ask did we decide? The husband will be taking a tour of Egypt folks for a year. Time to leave is still to be determined. he will call DA this morning & pray they keep their word of letting him pick. He really was not to keen on going to Korea- can you blame him? He will get two times he can take leave so we hope to either fly to meet him somewhere do a family vacation or he will come home. We will see how his morale is & what he thinks he needs most. The boys aren't even phased, just like me this is their normal now. We do hope this is it, that once he can complete some college over there he can come home & retire. He is not interested in doing sergeant major as that would mean another year long school away from the family. Please keep us in prayer as we adjust to all that him leaving will entail again. As soon as we get dates I think reality will sink in for us all as a family. But hey I can do this & like I told my mom. You all bought a house right down the street from us, I'll just go live there for a year & she can move in with the boys-HA! 

Now to read up about Egypt and were he is off to on his next Army adventure.
This is what I picture in my head. But this is what we looked up as well.
I want to go visit if we can go to the location of this picture.
When the Army promised my husband he would "See the World" they certainly didn't lie on that one promise they made to him.