Friday, October 14, 2011

The Blah's....a Note to My Love

Making plans to go to the Pumpkin Patch this weekend & dinner with our friends has given my the BLAH's.....since your not here.
It's always nice to fill my weekends with activities so time passes faster & with laughter instead of tears. But it is always very noticeable to me that you should be here with us enjoying these moments. I am grateful for the dinner invitations with our dear friends. But it makes me sad when I look around the table & your not there. It's hard to smile & laugh with our friends when they have their other half seated next to them. 
I am Loving you & Missing you Always......

1 comment: said...

Time for a pedicure! I love the leg massages I get when I go.

You'll have a great time this weekend and each picture you take will be more incredible because you'll be taking them for Paul, not just a scrapbook.

Have fun - and make sure you all wear autumn coordinating outfits. ( ;) my favorite part! )