Friday, October 7, 2011

A Day Away...

My Fitness Friday Post will be postponed until Saturday sometime. Saturday is when I along with 8 other military spouses run our 5K Obstacle run. I am SO EXCITED!! We got the email yesterday with the final route & obstacles. It looks like cool drizzly weather for Saturday's run so burrr.... But all the running is sure to warm us up eventually until we hit the Mud Pit-LOL  Here is a link to the course they sent out if you want to check it out.
The Rampage 5k Course  Whoo-Hooo I tested out my foot today with a quick 1/2 mile run & had NO pain!! So all the resting this week has drove me nuts , but helped my foot. Hopefully after Saturday I am not hurting, but I plan on at least another week of really easy work outs, BOOOO!!! But if it get's me back up & running sooner then it's what I'll do for now.

Now since we are done with the Fitness talk until Saturday we can move on to Halloween- oh how my family Loves this time of year! Usually we just decorate for Fall in general. But this year the boys talked me into doing our front porch with a Halloween theme. I have to say we had the best time shopping & then decorating.We even changed the front light to orange & it looks super spooky when it's dark & turned all orange. Jacob also got his costume today which he loves & it just cracks me up! Hello 80's- WELCOME BACK!! haha- anyway enjoy the pictures & have a fun safe weekend everyone.

Jeremy is the only one who isn't in any of the pictures yet. He only has part of his costume, so wants to wait until it is complete for a picture-haha. So stay tuned, it shouldn't be much longer until he is ready for his fun photo.

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