Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 Months & Counting

 I had a very nice relaxing morning visiting with the neighborhood Military wives as I hosted the coffee at my home. I enjoyed holding all the cute snugly newborns. Watched as the mommies tried to keep toddlers out of things in my home as it is no longer baby proof. I thought I had done a decent job of putting things away-lol I forgot how resourceful toddlers can be! After a nice morning I logged into my Facebook to check on my husband only to read  the following status on his Wall "Left Home 3 months ago, 9 more to go...". Ugg,,,,, then my mood changed. I had finally reached that place in the deployment where I am comfortable in the routine the boys & I have established. I had stopped looking at the calender every day wishing time would go faster. But My husband hasn't. His routine seems dull & never changing to him, he misses us terribly. Then to read all the well meaning comments people posted about "WOW it's really only been 3 months, seems longer". you bet you sweet butt it seems longer! Anywhooo going to try to forget that I have nine more long months to go & who knows when R&R will be??? Just going eat my Spinach lasagna for lunch & wait for the boys to get home. Hopefully we come up with something to keep us entertained for the next nine months.

9 Months ago today we said goodbye & had one last hug 

9 months ago today they gave their dad one last hug goodbye....

Looking forward too....... 


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