Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tune Time Thursday

I got way sentimental this week with my oldest baby turning fifteen!! Still not real sure how that happened?? Anyway it is Thursday again which means it's time to link up with Amber over at Goodnight Moon  . I can't believe it is week 32 already! I think I found this Song Link around week 4, hard to believe that much time has passed. Anyway back to my choice I went with the wonderful Kenny Chesney again. He just has so many great songs to pick from I can't help it if I love him! 

I did pick "Don't Blink" & added my own family pictures to make the video. So it won't be what your expecting, but it makes me happy. I enjoyed digging through all the old photos on the computer to make the montage. I was smiling like crazy while I walked down memory lane looking at baby pictures.I also thought I sure look older & I am not sure that is a good thing- these deployments seem to suck the life right out of me! Anyway now it's your turn to head over to see Amber & link up! You can also listen to more great songs - Have fun!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Picture Night

Tonight was picture night at Soccer for Jacob & his team. He never let me have his big beautiful smile with teeth.....but I'll take what I can get. I snapped one real fast so dad could see on my cell. Then I took a quick one of his new hoodie he got as well. He is loving Soccer this Fall season & I think we have finally found our team for good- thank goodness! Especially when we got a sponsor & they bought the super awesome Nike uniforms for the boys ! Mom & dad for once didn't have to pay for anything but the hoodie.

No teeth but he is still a cutie ! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Turn Around and Another Year Goes By

I can hardly believe my  oldest is turning 15 today! It seems like just yesterday I was finding out I was even expecting him. I can clearly remember all the details of September 26, 1996 to this day. We where at Fort Campbell it was out first duty station together. Paul had been home from his deployment to Panama just four short weeks. Hunter decided to make his entrance into our world ten days early! I blame it on the walking of the Archery course Paul & I did that day as well as all the sweet tea I drank at Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. I had not had any caffeine in months so for some reason that night I sucked down glass after glass of the delicious tea.

I remember the Season Premier of ER was on in my hospital room as we waited for Hunter to make his arrival as well as my dad to get to the hospital from Mississippi. It was 22 hours of labor before he arrived, thank goodness for epidurals & good friends who worked in the pharmacy who made sure it would be strong!

He was born on the opening day of Deer Season in Ky-haha. We had already had his name picked but I still find that amusing as Paul had planned on being hunting not sitting in the hospital room with a newborn. Hunter Ray has brought so much joy & laughter into our world I couldn't imagine a day with out him in our lives. He has surprised in so many ways. I look forward to God granting us many more wonderful years with this young man in our lives. I thank God every day for our boys they are such a blessing . Even on the days I want to scream from the insanity.

♪♪Happy Birthday Hunter Ray ♪♪

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Almost Time......


Tomorrow is the first meeting of my Chicago bears against the Packers of this football season. I am sad I am not going to be able to watch the game with my good friend Tricia who for some reason is a CHEESHEAD. Please don't judge her on that flaw, she is ok besides that HUGE issue-LOL
Last year's football season was so much fun with her,Romana, & Bekah around- All of us rooting for our favorite teams sometimes the smack talk got crazy! So here it is that time again & I just couldn't help myself or let the opportunity pass by to ROOT for my BEARS! I hope you all have fun watching them TAKE DOWN the Packers!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fitness Friday

This week seemed to fly by thank goodness but it was also a little nutty in spots! I was able to get some good workouts into my week but nothing like last week. Monday I had a sick kiddo & I was exhausted so that resulted in a short walk with weights for only 45 minutes. But I MOVED & that is what matters. Tuesday came with some lovely sunshine & a chance to meet up with four other military ladies to work out in a playground in our community. It gave me much needed adult conversation as well as baby time as I got to hold a little guy while mom finished her work out. I also FINALLY ran the three loops we do down a steep grade then up a steep hill with out feeling like I was dying! My endurance has picked up by adding these Tues/Thurs outdoor sessions.We worked hard but I also wasn't near as sore-YAY! Wednesday turned into rest day because it was just a nutty type of day. Thursday I had my morning outdoor session with two of my wives & then a bonus 40 minutes at Soccer practice.

I met up with two other Soccer moms who are trying to get back into shape & needed a little push in the right direction. I wore my work out clothes & we hit the high school bleachers for fifteen minutes of non-stop up/downs. I was so excited that they finished even though they where grumbling & telling me I was mean at the end. I was sweaty but not hurting so I was excited! We then ran the High school track they managed one lap, I made them walk a lap. They then stopped to stretch while I ran one more lap to get a total of 1 1/2 miles in for the evening. It was a nice easy way to work in some more exercise to my day. Today is Friday thank goodness! I have a lot going on to get ready for my soon to be oldest son's sleep over he is having tonight. He turns FIFTEEN on Monday.....HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??

I have kids to drop off at school so I can go get my massage I booked last month. My hamstrings are still pretty tight & tender so I hope I don't jump off the table when he works that area. I am sure it will help so I can't wait. Then I have to grab a quick cardio session at the gym, pick up pizzas not sure how many to get for five teenage boys?? Also need to rent the movie THOR for them as well as ice the birthday cake I baked yesterday. Busy, busy, that is me today- but I really wouldn't have any other way! Hope everyone out there has a great weekend as well- stay safe & enjoy!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tune Time Thursday

Not exactly sure where my week went? I have been so busy I almost forgot it was time to link up with Amber over at Goodnight Moon  - Crazy week! I really don't have any story behind the video(s) except I heard one on the way home in the van & thought I really miss hearing Sugar Ray on the radio- it pepped me up ! I went in & downloaded a few that I use to listen to all the time. I also think he is a bit of a cutie- not to bad on the eyes -lol So I hope you enjoy a little blast from my past & head on over to Goodnight Moon to link up a favorite song of yours as well as listen to some from other Lovely Bloggers.

Someday by Sugar Ray- it is super catchy Tune.

AS well as FLY by Sugar Ray  I couldn't choose so you get to enjoy one or both!

School Days, School Days.....Mom's a Nervous Wreck Day

After A LOT of work we got Jeremy all set yesterday afternoon to go to school Full time for the First time today! Thank goodness we where on an hour late start or we would have never gotten there on time! He was really excited to go but moving super slow with no medication until right before school means no listening skills either.My patience was tested but my nerves where winning out. We snapped some pictures & off we went! He was all bouncy & happy! He dropped his backpack off & hit the playground running! Never even said goodbye  :0(  I had to go back to drop Jacob off after lunch from a doctor's appointment. I happened to catch a really quick glimpse of Jeremy- who was NOT ready to leave & having fun! That definitely eased my nerves a bit. The house is super quiet & still clean. I am not quite sure what to do with these two hours I have left.......?????? The rest of the week is busy but this quiet time is really new to me, but I am sure it will grow on me fast!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Self-esteem...make friends with your Body

I was reading an article early this morning as I was gulping sipping my coffee. It was about Self- Esteem and how you view your body changes your attitude. I have long sense known that when I hate the way I look on the outside it affects the way I feel on the inside. But sometimes we need a little reminder that our body's will be with us forever until we take our last breath. Would you scream negative words & phrases at your Best Friend? I think Not! Remember that the little voice in your head plays a big role in helping you along your healthy lifestyle journey. Just because you may not think you are making progress but everyday you get out , you move make healthy food choices you are treating your Best Friend well.

So PLEASE don't forget to tell your Best Friend "Thank you for letting me make it up that big hill!". "Thank you for letting me do one more sit-up.". " Thank you for letting me walk in the sunshine or rain today with out being in pain." The most important Thank You - " Thank you for letting me wake up to another glorious day!"  

Self talk can make or break your Healthy Lifestyle journey. Make sure your self-talk encourages & up-lifts your Best Friend . Success is sure to come your way because if you think you can do it - it won't belong before your Best Friend BELIEVES YOU CAN DO IT!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Madness

This picture pretty much sums it up for me this morning. My Jeremy woke up early Sunday with a slight cold & fever. By bedtime last night he was worse which meant NO SLEEP  for either of us. After midnight he finally crashed - so did I but that awful alarm went off bright & early . Now as I wait to get the older boys out the door I am thinking exhaustion will win out over my good intentions of doing a cardio work out today.

I can barely keep my eyes open & focused. As well as Jeremy is sound asleep, but I am guessing he too will be to tired for school if he even feels good when he wakes. I am thinking my bed is softly calling my name for a nap & maybe later if I get said nap I can take a walk. I had my rest day yesterday as planned so I really need to make an effort to work out sometime today.....oh but my bed & sleep sound so much nicer the Monday morning .

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fitness Friday

I have been HARD at work all week- folks I have done five days in a row of working out! I am super proud of myself & super tired as I sit here to type about it all. I started on Monday by hitting the gym with some good cardio & arms/abs. Then Tuesday had me waking up to news that where my husband is stationed was under attack -all over the news. The worry worked to my advantage & I broke my own personal best in completing 8.5 miles of cardio in forty minutes. I looked like I had stepped out of the shower! Sweat dripping from every place on my body-literally! I accomplished my cardio with the elliptical & the bike at the gym. I then went on for another thirty - five minutes of legs & abs. So it was an amazing day & YES DOMS (Delayed Muscles Soreness) ensued about two hours later. Got to love it when you go to get off the toliet & your legs are wobbly & screaming in pain from a good work out.

Wednesday was my rest day . But I had another Military Mom who wanted to meet & start getting back into shape. I met her at one of parks & walked about 2 miles while carrying weight around the trails. It really helped get all my lactic acid moving to remove any lingering soreness. If your super sore remember to keep moving!! It will help work out the stiffness. Now Wednesday wasn't super hard I got a little sweaty but I moved for an hour & helped another wife start her fitness journey- that's what counts! Thursday was gym time with only twenty-five minutes of light cardio then glutes/legs. My legs where jell-o when I was done. I had to go to Safeway to get groceries & thankful the cart held me up! Friday I was excited to meet up with four lovely military spouses that live out here by me in our housing development. I took all kinds of my free weights- from 3llbs up to 15llbs to the park! We met up & I showed them how to do a good circuit using the playground. Park benches , the stairs, running down the hill then back up, as well as the weights for squats & arms. I did more of the arm work but did the running & stairs as well-  my now smoked legs are not thanking me yet! We did this 3 times with 15 reps on each station & 3 runs up & down the hill. It's not a small hill either it's pretty long steep hill.

Saturday & Sunday where suppose to be my rest days. I have Soccer tomorrow with Jacob at noon. But the ladies where really excited & the weather is suppose to be cool but nice. So I agreed to meet up at the lake & power walk the trails with them- while we carry weights. That's right folks if it works out tomorrow will be day six of workouts for me this week- Sunday is for sure a REST day! I ate really clean this week with a lot of lean proteins. I switched the boys to turkey burgers & they gobbled them down only one noticed the difference. I didn't sneak not one glass of wine in at all! I did have a Starbucks yesterday evening, but Panzer my dog made me spill half of it- so does it really count?? All in all it has been a good work out week. I hope to repeat it next week working more of my arms & chest. I love that I have other ladies excited to get healthy as well.They all joined our Facebook page  Sweaty & Strong Military Sisters  so they could find workout partners to help them stay motivated! That was the whole point of the page- so I am super happy it is working. if you haven't checked it out go LIKE it to see what it is all about!

I hope everyone has a fun, safe, & healthy weekend! Remember there is NO EXCUSE to NOT MOVE!! Thirty minutes a day is all it takes to get you started to a healthy lifestyle. You will feel better inside & out!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tune Time Again...

Thursday snuck up on me this week. I have been busy with the kids school, house cleaning, & trying to get into a good work out routine.My song choice this week is old school & just because I keep listening to it on the way to the gym every day this week. I use to love it & pretty much still thinks it rocks! Guess I should thank my brother for introducing me to Van Halen back in the day when parents thought they where evil,haha. Go link up at Goodnight Moon with a lot of other lovely Bloggers with your Song Pick of the week.

I liked Van Halen better with David Lee Roth- this song always makes me smile & lately makes me work out!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sweaty & Strong Military Sisters

I met another lovely Army wife through a local Facebook page & we have joined forces in the name of Health, Exercise, & Fitness! We noticed that several of the other ladies on the two pages we where on who are also Military Wives wanted someone to work out with but had no way to find them? Randi took the next step & started a Facebook page. She then asked me to join her as an admin since I love to hit the gym & eat as healthy as possible - most days. Since quite a few of my wonderful followers are military spouses & also into a healthy life style, I invite you to go "LIKE" our page Sweaty & Strong Military Sisters .

It is NOT a diet page at all. It is a page meant to bring together military ladies across the globe to help encourage each other stay on track with their fitness & nutrition goals. We have added some ladies who are Personal Trainers who will at times chime in on discussions to help us have the most accurate information passed along. We have a ROLL CALL Tab in the Discussions section so you can introduce yourself & see if there is anyone else living around you who might be looking for a work out partner. We all know staying motivated is one of the biggest problems for military spouses who make friends,work out partners to only have to move a couple years later & start all over. We hope this helps set you up for success! Maybe connect with another spouse who is already at the post or base you will be moving to next. Anyway if your interested at all go take a look & please share it with others so they can share in the same success as you!

Motivational Monday

I woke up at the nice chipper hour of 5:45Am this day,uggg But my coffee was nice & hot ready for me to drink- so it made me happy. I woke up ready to get a good work out in ,the wal-mart run done, & the painting in the front room finally started. I got ALL these things done today & almost finished the whole front room already! Not sure where all my motivation suddenly came from but I am NOT complaining!! I enjoyed the gym even though I only did 45 minutes as I felt a little drained. I loved walking around wal-mart looking at a lot but only leaving with what I really needed. I even enjoyed turning on our stereo we never use anymore & pulling at the paint that has been sitting in the garage all summer. I was suppose to paint in July while the boys where gone, but it just didn't happen. I am happy to say I only have trim work left to do tomorrow-YAY. I took down the curtains & threw them in the washer so they are dust free before putting them back. The room already looks so much cleaner & fresh! I can't wait to finish painting & get it all put together. Hopefully this wonderful motivation sticks around for another couple of days so I can get it completed. I am hosting a Thirty-One Gifts party on Sunday afternoon & also have to get the rest of my house cleaned at some point. Today has been so nice, thank goodness for a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Favorites

What a day another one I am sure I will remember for many years ahead. Waking up feeling like I never went to sleep. Turning on my TV to watch a little bit of the tributes because I simply couldn't watch much without crying. Honestly I am tired of crying, I am ready to laugh again. I got the boys ready & out the door to church. I made a quick stop at Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice latte-YUUMMMMMM!!! I had been waiting until I felt I was in a better work out pattern so I wouldn't feel guilty, but today was a four cup of coffee kind of day. So I gave in & it tasted like heaven!! Then back on the road to church. We had a great Bible lesson on Life Changes then at the end we held a prayer service for 9-11. They asked my family to come forward ,discussed a little about how much military families have sacrificed in the past ten years. Then our congregation prayed over us for continued strength & safety for Paul, all the military serving around the globe. Of course we where all in tears again after it was over.But it was so nice to have the comfort of good friends on a day like today.

After looking at some of the short video clips today on Facebook & reading all the status updates I have a few that are my favorites . A few that summed up everything that has happened over the past ten years. We will never forget but as a few survivors have pointed out they can now remember with smiles & not so many tears. I hope you all took time to remember even if only for a moment about that day ten years ago. That day that changed the face of America the face of the world forever.

Favorites of the day:

We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free." ~President Ronald Reagan

"Many years ago, in 1863, another president came to dedicate a memorial site in this state. He told his audience that, "In a larger sense we cannot dedicate, we cannot consecrate, we cannot hallow this ground. For the brave souls who struggled there, consecrated it far above our poor power to add or detract."

He added "The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here."

So it is with Flight 93. For as long as this memorial stands, we will remember what the men and women aboard the plane did here. We'll pay tribute to the courage they showed, the sacrifice they made, and the lives they spared. The United States will never forget.

May God bless you all."  President George W Bush

"On a normal day, we value heroism because it is uncommon. On Sept. 11, we valued heroism because it was everywhere."~ Nancy Gibbs, Time Magazine Special Edition

Saturday, September 10, 2011

One of Those Days, Again...

 I woke up around seven-ish this morning after staying way to late because I was exhausted & just couldn't sleep. I made my coffee turned on the computer & my TV. I know exactly what day it is today. I know exactly what time it is in Afghansitan & where my husband is suppose to be the evening before 9-11. I know that we need to remember to honor all those lost ten years ago & those since then who have served. But I must admit all the news information is getting a bit overwhelming. But I am drawn to watch the memorial service they are streaming live from PA for Flight 93. Tears well Up & I go leave a FB post on Paul's wall. I love you we are thinking of you. I hope you have a calm evening & are as safe as possible. We are praying for you & all those serving with you around the globe. Love you xoxo. 

I walk away to get ready for the gym, I think I need a good work out to get my mind off everything. I return to close my computer to see Paul has already replied with this response " Thanks Baby, Calm is already out the window, but we'll do what we can. Love you more."

I can tell right away it's just going to be one of those days that I am way to nervous,stressed,tears every other second kind of days. For those who have gone through a deployment you know the type of day I am talking about. I went to the gym in such a state that I pounded out 7.25 miles of cardio. I went until my legs wouldn't go anymore. Unfortunately all the TV's where set to the News stations,ugggg. So when BREAKING NEWS pops on stupid me looks to see what it could be now. A deadly Attack has happened in Kabul, Afghanistan today with American lives lost. I am sure the guy running on the tread mill next me thought I was a weirdo as tears mixed with now dripping sweat ran down my face. I tried to breath through it, but it took a moment to get it together. So much for gym time helping. I walked away from the TV area picked up the weights & went back to work. Finally in pain & exhaustion it all left my mind for about the next 15 minutes- thank goodness!! All I could think of for a bit as I got back in my car is "Please God don't let it be any of our friends we know or any of our friends spouses. But Please help those families who are about to get the worst news of their lives". I always feel so selfish praying that it not be someone we know, but I really am not sure how much more I can take. 

Now we are off to the lake to swim enjoy some sunshine & avoid the TV at all costs for awhile. Talked with Paul one more time to say  our love yous, because you just can't tell them enough while they are deployed. 

Now moving on to my Healthy lifestyle I have been working on this month. Big switch in my post I know but it is what it is today folks, sorry.

If you remember from a previous post I am trying to whip myself back into shape for an upcoming 5k Obstacle run on October 8th. I have been doing the best I can with all the boys crazy schedules. This week has been the best so far. I have had so much stress not as much time so I have made the most of every work out & eaten very clean. SO here is a quick overview of this week for me with hopes of only improving over the next 4 weeks before the race. I hope everyone else is keeping up with their routines & staying on track- You can do it!!

Monday: 6.78 miles of Cardio broke up on elliptical & bike in 31 minutes.
                 Abs- lots of different things for my lats & lower Abs for 15 minutes. Then Rowing for some arms for 5 mins then Mountain Climber for glutes for 8 minutes.


Wednesday- 6.40 miles of Cardip between Bike & Elliptical again 

 3 sets of bi-ceps curls (15 each set )
3 sets of dips with 60 pounds
Full Body push up 10 (still working on those)
Core hold x3 for 35 seconds each time
Crunches x40
Rowing with side twists for lats for 3  minutes
Shoulder press 3 set with 25 pounds

Thursday- 6.50 of Cardio on Bike & Elliptical

lower abs x30
side crucnhes with 8llbs ball x 50 each side
row machine 3 mins with twist for lats

dips 60 pounds 3 sets of 15
chest press 30 pounds 3 sets of 15
full body push ups 10
biceps several different exercises I forget the name- sorry 3 sets of 15 each time
knees to chest in a push up stance x 12


Saturday- 7.25 Cardio on Bike & Elliptical
Abs lower mid & lats for about 15 minutes
chest press 30 pounds 3 sets of 15
more chest not sure the machine-lol 3 sets of 15 25 pounds
shoulders 3 sets of 13 25 pounds
push ups 10
knees to chest in push up stance 12
core side push ups 2 set of 15- OUCH!

So as you can see I worked hard averaging about 1 hour 15 minutes of gym time each chance I got- left drenched feeling great! my clothes are already fitting better- so I know it's working. I don't own a scale & have decided I'll way next time I am in the gym. I tend to have heavy muscle mass so not expecting a huge drop. Nayway thats it for today- off to the lake now to relax if we can. Until next time stay motivate & eat healthy so you can feel your best!!


Friday, September 9, 2011


Today was the day , Jeremy headed off to school for a half-day. I was very nervous he was super excited! We arrived in his classroom right on time & he immediately asked for computer time- lol Once in his desk I asked if I could leave him for awhile & he responded "nope, I think you need to stay mom." so I did. We got ready to head to his first official school assembly called BOOT CAMP. He would sit & learn about Lackamas expectations of their students for the year. I was just praying he actually sat down through the whole thing. Well there was no need for my worry he sat right down & made a friend right away!

After they finished in the gym they broke into classes & toured the school grounds. They learned the rules for the playground,library,cafeteria,bathrooms,music, art room, & bus drop off.Half way through he informed I could leave now-haha I decided to just go back to his class since we only had one more hour for him at school. I helped his teacher a bit & waited. He burst through the door about 45 minutes later with a huge smile. He looked at me & said "can we go home now?". That was my cue, I knew he had been there long enough so we put our pencil away said our goodbyes & headed to McDonalds for a special lunch! His IEP is still getting finished so it works out well that he can only go half-days for the next week. I think getting use to a new routine slowly will work best. 

What made me smile the most today was during the assembly. The principal informed all the kids that they where "Exceptional Kids". Well the Army calls Jeremy our "Exceptional Family Member", so of course he raised his hand & asked "how did you know that already?" I almost burst out laughing because he was so serious & whispered it to his teacher that he was called that all the time at Madigan where he see Dr. Jodi. Anyway we both survived today & I will keep praying that next week goes just as smoothly as today. I hope everyone has a very blessed weekend.

Jeremy at his desk

First school Assembly 


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Songs that make you Think

With my soldier gone as the ten year anniversary of 9-11 approaches this weekend I am nervous. I know he is as safe as he can possibly be while deployed, but it is still unnerving. Yesterday while on post heightened security measures went into effect, which made my anxiety a little worse. So as I thought about sharing my song choice for this week with everyone here & over at Goodnight Moon. I decided to go with Darryl Worley's " Have you Forgotten" ? It goes with my Blog Post from earlier in the week Remembering the Day the World Changed. I didn't go with the video from  YOUTUBE. I took an hour of my time & made one that means a lot more to me. It shows images that help us all Remember that horrible day. The day that changed my world forever.

I hope you take a moment to watch, remember, & pray for all those lost that day. As well as pray for all our soldiers still protecting our freedom around the globe.

 Make sure you head over to see Amber at Goodnight Moon  to hear some more great songs of the week & link up your own!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Remembering the Day the World Changed

To most  Americans ten years ago the unbelievable unfolded in front of our eyes on TV. I can remember sitting in my living room in Lacey, WA watching the Today show as the second plane flew into the World Trade Center's second tower. I remember I was feeling a little tired & had just got Hunter ready to take to Kindergarten for the day. I stopped & sat down on our coffee table . I stared in disbelief at the TV screen  to listen to Katie Couric & Matt Lauer discuss what was happening in New York. We where under attack but from who? What did this mean for my husband, what did this mean for my family , & what did this mean for my country? All questions that flew through my mind as my phone started ringing off the hook . 

My neighbor phoned to see if I knew what was happening? I told her I knew only what I had seen on TV. At some point I remember Paul calling from post telling me to stay home & keep Hunter home from school. School by that time I had forgotten to even take him, not that I ever would have let him leave my sight that day. Paul said the post was on High Alert no incoming or out going traffic allowed & he would most likely just sleep at his office. He would call if he had any other information. I remember sitting in front of that TV for hours that day while trying to function & take care of the three boys. I remember crying on the phone with other Army wives and friends over the now uncertainty of our families world. We knew it meant our daily lives where forever changed, but what we could never know is that ten years later it would still be going on for our families. For all military families around the globe the ten year conflict has worn us out both physically & emotionally .

Some of our closest friends have gone off to protect America & never returned. We have watched as their families say goodbye & we pray for our own soldiers still fighting. We watch as our own soldiers continue a viscous cycle of everyother year deployments that have left our men & women scarred for life. Their homes, families never to be the same. The divorce rate sky rocketing among the military who are simply not quipped mentally to take care of the wounded physically or to help heal the invisible scars. We haven't forgotten not for one single day what happened on 9-11 even if it seems most of the rest of the nation has. That they only remember this one single time of the year because everyone puts the images back out in the media. Shouldn't those reminders be put out to our nation to the world on a daily basis ? I know in my home they are talked about regularly & why daddy is gone again?
We don't hold grudges , we know this is his job, no one has to remind us of that - even though they like to point it out on days I seem weary. Weary from carrying the load of being both mom & dad to four young boys who just miss their dad. Sad and on the verge of tears when my youngest doesn't seem to think this is not normal for most families. You see I was pregnant with him on 9-11 but didn't know it yet. In his young nine years of life his dad has been gone four of those years.
Unlike my older two boys who only knew that dad went away for training once in awhile up until that fateful day in September ten years ago. This is our new normal Dad gone for years at a time , all the time.

I don't want this post to be a "feel sorry for me & mine" post, I just want it to be a Loud-Harsh reminder to those of you who don't remember daily of what it has cost our country. Not just the loss of life though it is now over 6,000 soldiers who have given the sacrifice for you to walk around daily in a free nation. But what about those families who live daily with the wounded both physically & with PTSD. Those veterans who are only nineteen years old who can no longer close their eyes at night for fear of what they will see behind closed eyes. The marriages that hang on by a strand because we are a fiercely  proud lot of spouses who know what our best friend, our loves use to be like ,before. How we hang on in hopes of seeing even the smallest glimpse of that person at least once in awhile. Though it can be days, weeks, even months in between that we see our old loves-  in a short brief laugh or smile. Then the shadows come back, the nightmares that wake both you & them up at night. What's the cost been to America?

That day it was a huge vivid picture for all of the world to see & grieve right along side America. Today it a small image or news story the occasional flash of picture of the loss of another American life for most. But for those of us living with ten years of war we see a huge deep bleeding wound that is still running through our nation. We see the cost daily, we live with the fear of the unknown hourly, we are on our knees praying unceasingly are you? Below is some pictures that I have accumulated over the past ten years since 9-11, this is my reality . This is the reality of many of Americans across this great nation - please remember more then once a year - that is all we ask.

I can only locate one picture from a Welcome Home Ceremony in 2004 since we didn't have a digital camera yet.

Welcome Home Daddy Nov 2004

Deployment Ceremony April 2007

Hunter & Matthew second Deployment Ceremony 2007

Last picture I have of Paul with Dave - RIP

Last picture of all the boys with Paul 2006

Goodbye Daddy 2007

My husband & his friends saying Goodbye to a Fallen Brother Iraq 2007

 Recon 2008 Iraq

Paul with Wounded Warrior & friend Jessie Re-deployment 2008

First kiss in 13 long months!

4th Brigade Memorial Dedication 2008

 First time to hug dad in 13 months

Wives at home having lunch & waiting on their soldiers

Goodbye again April 2009

CPT M reenlisting a soldier in Iraq 2010

Fountain reading a card of Thanks that was sent from a local daycare to all soldiers in Aztec Company 2010 Iraq

Welcome home 4th Brigade August 2010 

Welcome Home 1SG Evershed August 2010 

Redeployment Ceremony Early October 2010 

 Proud 2BN23IN Families watching Awards Ceremony

My soldier receiving his third Bronze Star in 3 years Oct 2010 

Loss of a dear friend,father, & husband

Deployment Ceremony to Afghanistan June 2011

Last Family picture before deploying to Afghanistan June 2011 

Last hour & picture together July 5,2011 

Goodbye my love.....July 5,2011

First SKYPE call & time we have seen him mid-August 2011 Afghanistan

Our story like so many other families around the globe is to be continued....... all we ask is that as we continue to support America ,that America's citizens continue to support us a well.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reflections Lake Hike, Mt. Rainer

Saturday came early with me trying to get the boys up & moving to head to Mt. Rainer for a little day hike. Everyone finally loaded into the van & off we went, excited for the moment. Once we caught up with Sam & her gang we where on our way to Mt. Rainer National Park which is only about 2 hours from the house or even less. It was a beautiful sunny but cool morning- great hiking weather! We had six children and three adults to start the hike to Reflections Lake. Off we go down a little ways then all the sudden straight up some super steep hills! This was suppose to be the easy path but on a scale of 1 to 5 , 5 being the hardest for little people under the age of 9 - I give it a 3.5 in spots. We where all trekking along at a pretty decent pace with only one melt down along the way. This mom wasn't having it! I told the child to buck up & keep walking. He would be excited once we got to our final destination. Mom was so right! Once we actually got to the lake there was some snow. Of course the boys immediately started pelting eachother with snow balls & having fun. Laughter ruled for about thirty minutes until it was time to head back.

The walk back was a little easier as most of it was down hill, we had done all the steep climbs heading to the lake. Now my calves where burning a bit by the time we got to the waterfalls where we started. But it was a nice 3 mile round trip hike, that any family can enjoy. Even all the kids agreed after it was over they had fun! It was a little rough in the beginning but with a little "attitude adjustment" from mom & a "no quitting" allowed motto we all made it! We got some great pictures  had some good giggles along the way & I can't wait to do another hike again some day!

The beginning when we where ALL SMILES....

Finally Sam & I at Reflection Lake

 The kids with dear ole mom who made them HIKE,oh- the Horror!!!

  The "STUD" who did the 3 miles with NO -COMPLAINTS!!

Last group picture of the day of my young men - it was a good day!

Last picture was of Matthew being silly- we all ended up having fun!

Now my husband & his group of soldiers gathered today to honor the memory of their Fallen Comrades in Arms. 31 Minutes of giving your all in Crossfit- 
In honor of our 31 lost in the helicopter crash. Way to go guys & everyone around the globe that joined in! So far close to $300,000 in money has been raised for the families affected by this tragedy- USA!!!! 

Our Fallen

My soldier during the workout