Monday, October 3, 2011

Pumpkin Lattes,Pumpkin Bread, I Love Pumpkins!!

 I love Fall, it's my favorite of all the seasons! I love watching all the trees here in the Pacific Northwest change & burst into beautiful shades of oranges, lovely. It literally clams me as I drive to look at all of God's beauty in all it's glory. My favorite thing is all the fun Pumpkin recipes that I put away after the Holidays get to come back out! Even Starbucks brings back their yummy Pumpkin Spice latte. I have already indulged in a few of those even though the cost makes me cringe every-time I pay the cashier. I did find some Pumpkin Spice Coffee from Dunkin Dounuts & bought 2llbs. For the past two days I have brewed my own pumpkin coffee & added Skinny Carmel  flavoring. So GOOD!! Plus it cost's less & has fewer calories I am sure.

Now for today's yumminess I decided to bake two different versions of pumpkin spice bread. I have my Ladies Bible Study group over to the house tomorrow & wanted to offer something good to snack on.I am also hosting the Military Spouses coffee group in my home on Wednesday morning so that too required yummy fall food. I made a plain regular pumpkin spice loaf. Then I made an Pumpkin Apple Walnut Spiced Bundt- it smells heavenly in my house! We all sampled a small piece of the regular loaf, so good! I am making everyone stay away from the bundt until Wednesday rolls around. I am afraid if we cut into it , there will be none left! Plus it will ruin my good eating habits. I did substitute apple sauce for for the oil to help a little.But I have little will power when it comes to great tasting pumpkin spice breads.....YUM! I hope everyone else is also enjoying this wonderful month of October. I can't wait to hit up our local Pumpkin Patch soon with the boys!

Last years Pumpkin Patch Day- I can't wait for this years!

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Cassie said...

Enjoy the Pumpkin Patch! I love pumpkin patches, but where I am they don't even have one :(

Pumpkin is awesome, I'm on the hunt for pumpkin ice cream