Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It Only Took Four Years...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get my hands on a free Nordic Elliptical to add to my collection of work out equipment for my garage. For about four years now I have been toying with the idea of starting a gym out of my garage for all of us busy moms who can't find the time to drive into town . Also the gas & money it cost for gym memberships can be nuts!! I went so far as to have my dad paint one wall a pretty spa green & hang a mirror. You have to see yourself working out to make sure your form is correct (thanks Jaime I remember ). I have a nice stationary bike my aunt donated four years ago. I also have a ton of free weights,bench, ball, jump ropes etc. I still would like some kettle bells & a pull up station. Not that I can do a pull up yet but my husband would also like to use this garage gym when he get's home. We go tonight to pick up the elliptical so I spent all morning sweeping, dusting & arranging the garage. It is now set up so that I can have around five ladies working out at once. My goal is to add some matting for the floor so that we don't have to keep using portable mats. But in time it will all fall into place. For now it's open on Tue/Thur to anyone in my neighborhood who wants to come join us for a work out. I have three regular ladies who meet at the park already. But with the weather changing it'll be nice to have this indoor option now for our group.

I have to say it has made me have a little pep in my step. I really am glad to be back into the fitness realm again. I loved it four years ago when I started studying through ISSA & I love it now. I am a teacher by trade & getting to teach a healthy life style right out of my home to other moms is GREAT! I am contemplating biting the bullet paying the fee & completing my final in ISSA. I would love to be able to offer Personal Training sessions at a lower rate then in town gyms because I have no overhead. I will think about this & let you know what happens. I really believe you are never to old to get healthy & enjoy your life! Looking forward to the first time we all get to use the workout space. Now for a name...... One of the ladies in the group suggested Warrior Wives Fitness. I love that Fitness is in the name but I have a single mom in the group. I thought maybe Warrior Women's Fitness ??  We are looking for a fun creative name so please chime in if you think of anything. It is all about health & fitness as a lifestyle.  Now I am off to get ready to pick up my new to me elliptical!!

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