Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

I am always grateful when God gives me another year here on earth with my family. But I also wonder the "why" behind the difficulties he places on us during that year. With 2011 finally being over I am extremely happy! It means I hit the half-way mark of this fourth deployment being over! It means that my boys get to see their dad for R&R in a few weeks. It means he will come home- that is so much more exciting then when he left back in July. We had many blessing roll in at the end of the year, but this year has really seemed to creep by at times & fly by at others. I know I should be use to this as it's nothing new. When you say your "See You Later's" to your soldier time seems to come way to quickly to that dreaded send off day. But as usual since he left it has dragged by at a snail's pace,
 We did receive so many blessings of having new friends come into our life as they often do with each deployment. I know God placed them in my life with the specific purpose of getting Jeremy his loveable service dog. I have no doubt in my mind that when I prayed about Jeremy starting school and all doors opening up if that was what was suppose to happen. Well God threw them wide open & Jeremy went to school for the first time . He is loving it and flourishing thanks to the great teachers God provided. With all these blessings I have to be careful and not let the negative out weigh the enormous gifts that God has given me this year. At times it's very hard not to go into my woe is me phase, but I try and that is all I can do.

I don't make New year's resolutions because they are often long forgotten by February. What I do hope for the new year is peace for my worried brain while Paul is away. Activities to fill the time and make it pass quickly. A lot more patience going into the last few months of the deployment so my boys don't catch the brunt of my frustrations & exhaustion.I know in asking God for these he will in his time and way make it possible. I just hope my eyes and heart are open to his answers when he places them in my life. That I am not so consumed with the worldly everyday tasks around me to miss them.
I hope everyone has a safe & Happy New Year's. May all our soldiers serving around the globe come home safely to their loved ones this year as well.Here are a few  pictures , post, & topics that consumed my life in 2011- see you all next year!

Paul's last day on our lake.

The loss of a Beloved friend & soldier 

The faces of a new Gold Star  family

I had to say goodbye to two of my best friends as they PCS to another Post & face the deployment with out them. Losing them both at the same time was so very painful. To loose Romana who had gone through 2 deployments with me was so very strange.

The completion of my 6th ,5k Obstacle run

The last picture of my whole family together.....

Watching the love of my life walk away, not knowing when we will see him again.

First Skype call from Afghansitan

The day we brought home Banyan for Jeremy

There are so many more highlights but these are just a few of the big ones that consumed our lives.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
Joshua 1:9 
** Borrowed from Skinnie Piggie another great Military Spouse going through a deployment.**

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Crazy Wednesday...

Up at 5:45AM because I was afraid I'd oversleep & get up to late to make the drive to Madigan  on time for Jeremy's three procedures. I did however leave with Jeremy in plenty of time to get a great parking spot which is rare. With the crazy wind and rain going on I was very grateful. Also when Jeremy decided he would not be wheeled out of recovery in a wheel chair, that mom had to carry him like usual- yep thank goodness for a close spot. Well as close as you can get after having barriers up in front of the hospital. Thank goodness Jeremy still only weighs 57 pounds. It is really his long skinny legs that make it hard to carry him. I can lift him fine, but he has to wrap his long legs around me & after being doped up on drugs for over 3 hours- it was quite the challenge for him.

All the doctors where great today thank goodness. As well as the recovery room nurse who was new- but reminded me of my mom. We where in & out of recovery in record time seeing as Jeremy woke up screaming bloody murder! Pretty sure all the newbies where like PLEASE let him leave ASAP!! The staff was on holiday hours & schedule so we missed some of our regular nurses. Our plastics doctor feels this is the last time we need to do a Laser treatment for another year. Jeremy was so excited to hear he won't have to come in every 3 to 4 months for the first time since he turned 1 year old.They are pretty sure his Port Wine stain is as light as it will ever be in their opinion. Now it is just maintenance to make sure nothing changes in the future. His eye pressure check in his right eye with the Glaucoma is good as well. Now we just need to wait on the MRI to be read & keep our fingers crossed nothing new shows up.

Banyan didn't go to the hospital this time due to not being fully healthy himself with an ear infection as well as not being registered on post yet. He did meet us tail wagging at the door. He wasn't sure whether to stay with Jeremy after checking him over & licking his IV site.Since I am doing the majority of the training he is also very attached to mom right now. So we tethered him to Jeremy & I could tell he understood. he laid right down next to Jeremy . They eventually fell asleep for the afternoon. Jeremy is up and moving now like nothing ever happened. I am thankful that it was an uneventful and no repeats of air bubbles in his neck  this time.

Now we are all in pj's relaxing & listening to the wind storm outside. The rain is pouring down and I am exhausted. Ready to sleep well tonight & wake up can dream can't they. I haven't slept well since the deployment started but maybe tonight's the night!

Drinking some chocolate milk & watching cartoons

**EDIT**  Dr. Bolt called & Jeremy's MRI is ALL GOOD!! No new anything!! YIPPIE, now if we can just make it through all these up coming hormonal changes......uggg

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Finally We Have A Date (s)

It happened about a day before Christmas, my soldier was holding the ever coveted R&R Leave Papers. They where FINALLY all signed & approved!! Now I have to sit back and patiently wait to see IF the Army will get my soldier to his family on said date (s)  My guy & me always say " the paper says this day so plan for this time frame."- because it's always hurry up and wait when it comes to getting them home for R&R. But man oh man can the Army get them back to their FOB's in about 24 hours when R&R is over. I won't be posting the dates here but I'll let you know when I finally get that amazing hug & kiss in the airport. I just had to share the good news that I finally have something to look forward too that is closer then Homecoming. YAY- ME!!

 Now I am off to get Jeremy to bed. He has his annual MRI & then Laser surgery tomorrow. No food in the morning on those days before the procedures sure make for one grumpy kid. Wish us luck as this will be the first time Banyan has been around Jeremy when he is hurting & not feeling well. I'll check back in when I can to let you know how it all goes. Banyan did go to see his first movie with us today. We saw "We Bought a Zoo"- super cute movie worth going to see if you have time. Banyan did great & got a lot of cookies afterwards. Have a great night everyone- I'll be checking in later this week.

Banyan watching the movie- he loved it!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Around the World

As this tired momma slurps down some much needed coffee while little boys squeal with delight our family wanted to take the time to say Merry Christmas. Even though the Huston clan is spread out over several thousand miles we are enjoying our Christmas morning as best we can today. May your Christmas be Merry & Bright as well.

**EDIT**  My husband was able to call this afternoon when we returned from church. That was the best Christmas present the boys & I could ever receive. He was able to talk to all four boys & to me for about 30 minutes!! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

It's Christmas Eve Afghanistan

My sweet soldier just popped up on my Facebook chat to let me know it was Christmas Eve already in his part of the world. Breaks my heart he is so far away with nothing special planned for the evening but more work. Remember to say a prayer for all those who are still serving around the globe so we might enjoy our Christmas safely in our homes. Also prayers for the families who stay at home & wait.

My Favorite Christmas Songs

When I was very young we had a tradition of going Christmas Caroling around my grandmother's town in Mayfield, KY. All the grandkids would huddle together and sometimes sing clearly for all to hear and other times just goof off earning reprimand from all the adults. The adults loved to go singing after dinner at my grandmother's whether it was raining, snowing or just freezing cold. The cousins started giving eachother those little handwarmers to keep in our pockets every Christmas Eve so our hands didn't go numb! My dad has the most beautiful voice and has for years led singing at church. He was in charge of picking the songs & leading the way on our caroling adventures. Thanks to that I have some favorite songs that when I hear them each year I get flooded with great memories of all of us cousins tromping along behind the grownups singing loud for all to hear! 
Yes folks Buddy the Elf is right! "The best way to spread Christmas cheer IS singing loud for all to hear!". Here are a few of those favorite Christmas songs. How I wish my own boys had this special memory as well. There was nothing like knowing your presence at someone's home who can't get out very well put a smile on their face & made their Christmas special.

These are the good ole classics I know, but when I think of Christmas this is what I think of hearing playing from my radio. I have a few that I love now that where not in the caroling rotation. How I miss those days long ago when everything seemed so easy & simple. If someone had told me my future and how every other Christmas I would spend alone with my boys hundreds of miles away from my family I never would have believed them. But here the boys & I sit for one more Christmas alone with out my husband or any immediate family. I will put on our Christmas music on Christmas Eve as we open our gifts from extended family & I'll remember the great memories of the Christmas's of the past. I will pray that my husband enjoys his gifts we picked out with care & mailed. I will pray for all my family to remember that each day they have is precious & what a gift it is to get to spend with your loved ones. That it's a gift that I can't explain , but if your a military family how precious every day is needs no explanation. I hope everyone has a great Christmas weekend - stay safe & remember some families have empty chairs around their tables this year.

Merry Christmas from Afghanistan- we had our Skype Christmas time last night since the internet tends to get overwhelmed on Christmas Eve & day.

My last favorite that makes me cry anytime I hear it during the year.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Proof is in the Pictures

Jeremy & banyan had their photos taken together about two weeks ago by a friend who does amazing things with her camera. Mrs. Shawnie Deutsch took about thirty five minutes to let Jeremy & Banyan have some fun! She captured some great moments in that short amount of time that I am so excited to have on film. If you want to check out more of her work & your in the Yelm,Lacey, or Olympia area here is her website Shawnie Deutsch Photography  she does travel & can come to you! Here are just a few of the proofs before she even does any retouching- which makes them even more fabulous! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Incase you haven't found us on facebook yet here is the link to our page where you can watch all the happenings on our new adventure: Jeremy & Banyan "our Journey"

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Nice List...Are You on It

We are on Santa's Nice list or at list on mom's clip art list-haha  But my little guys did receive a letter straight from the North Pole today! Jeremy was so excited as Jacob read it a loud for him. It said how proud Santa was of all the help the two boys had been for mom & dad. That if they just finished cleaning up their rooms they would have a great Christmas Morning!! Better believe Jeremy hustled into his room to clean! Heck I should have a letter a month sent starting in January to this kid. Super pleased that he thinks he is on the good list. We finished making about 4 dozen cookie cut outs today to decorate tomorrow. Santa will have some yummy gingerbread & cream cheese cookies to taste on Christmas Eve. I just wish the big guy who loves to eat them all up was around to do it instead of Mrs. Claus this year. Pretty sure she has sampled so many cookies & treats at this point she is sugared out! Happy Tuesday everyone only 5 days left!

It's Official!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Holiday Edition

Yesterday my sweet husband left me a Facebook post on my wall letting me know someone had taken the time to hand him the Holiday Edition of the Stars and Stripes. I was estatic- he said "I got your Christmas message thank you and I love you ." It made my heart all warm and fuzzy also put a HUGE smile on my face. I try every time Paul is deployed over Christmas to make sure he gets that special shout out in the Stars and Stripes Holiday Edition. It may not mean much to anyone else, but for him to know I took the time months in advance to go to their website to submit the photo & write a little message means he knows he is thought of continually. To me that is the most important thing on the earth while he is deployed. I know he get's tired, discouraged & home sick. If this small gesture of love shows him how loved & missed he is then I will take the time every deployment to make it happen. Here is the link to go look through the digital copy. We are on page 2 lower left hand corner. But take the time to look at all the faces of the families who are missing a loved one this December around their Christmas tree. Take the time if you see someone you recognize to send them an email or text message to remind them they are in this special edition. Also if you know of a military family that is missing someone this year drop in the snail mail a card to just say we are thinking of you all. It will mean more to that family then you could ever possibly know. All we want is our soldiers to feel loved & everyone to remember they aren't all home yet.

Holiday Edition of the Stars & Stripes

Here is the picture we used for Paul, he is missing from the photo which makes it even more meaningful. We love you and can't wait to see you on R&R hopefully in the next few months.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Lots of Gingerbread

My rather amazing best friend Sam decided to invite everyone in the neighborhood it seemed over to her house to decorate homemade gingerbread houses. She makes the houses from scratch every year & this year I think there was about 16 houses made waiting in her kitchen for little kids.

Here they all are lined up waiting for children to be creative

The teens sat at a seprate table because they could not sit with little kids, geezzz

Of course I had to decorate one of the extra houses because it is just to fun to pass up! I also ate way to much candy, I can't believe I don't have a stomach ache yet.

This was almost done- the other side I added a skittles Christmas tree .

Look at all those fabulous gingerbread houses! It was so much fun eating candy & hanging out with the kids. Bekah was a little worried so she had to have a sip or two...

It was a good time for everyone & in the end all the houses look great!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week leading up to Christmas as much as we are so far!

Christmas Lights That Can Be Seen

We had a lot of fun last night heading to see Fantasy Christmas Lights at Spanaway park. It's a huge golf course they decorate with thousands of  Christmas Lights. You turn on your parking lights to drive through with Christmas music playing on their radio station. We have never gone before so the kids where all super excited! Jeremy went in his pj's & they all grabbed their snacks to take in the van. As we started all the boys where ewwwing & ahhhing to all the twinkling lights. Every turn down a road led to a new display. We then got into the discussion after seeing a polar bear fishing that we missed their dad & how he would love all the lights. I remembered I could record a short video from my camera so that is exactly what we did. We knew with him being in Afghanistan the chances of hearing Christmas music or seeing any lights was slim. This is the first deployment I had not mailed a small tree to him with ornaments so we where all a bit sad. We discussed how cool it would be for my husband to be able to hear the music & see some of the twinkling lights. I never imagined how cool it would be to hear the conversation going on during the video as well. The boys forgot we where recording it all & I got some great conversation for my husband as well.

Just try to remember for those of you who have your soldier home there are still thousands deployed this year. As happy as we all are your soldier made it back to you please continue to pray for those still waiting at home. I know two of my boys this week have broken down in tears. I am so happy we got to get out of the house last night & experience some Christmas Joy. Have a great weekend everyone!

At the end of the drive Matthew jumped out which was against the rules in order for me to snap a quick picture. All the while a lady from way far away is yelling " get back in your van & keep moving!". Well there where no cars in front or behind us folks & I wanted a picture! HAHA- Matthew & I laughed all the way home about " breaking the law"...another fun memory deposited in the memory banks of my children.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Biggest Smiles Ever

I always know that Christmas is one of my children's favorite times of the year. They always love the baking, shopping, gingerbread houses, decorating, & SANTA!! I have one little sweet boy who still Believes...... I don't know if or when he will ever not Believe & that is just fine with me! 

We headed to the EFMP Christmas Concert again this year with Jeremy & Jacob on Tuesday.Jacob kind of sulked when I asked if he wasn't enjoying his early release from school to listen to the I Corps Band play Christmas carols he shrugged. I dropped it because Jeremy was having a ball & requesting songs like crazy! Of course the last song was Here comes Santa Claus  & low n behold he walked out! I love the elderly man who volunteers every year to play the Santa for EFMP gatherings. He looks just like him & does it for free. I couldn't hold Jeremy back from jumping in line to go tell Santa his list of toys. Jacob opted to sit in front of the fireplace. I got the biggest & best smile as always from Jeremy. My picture is a side view but the EFMP lady took a couple they should be sending us & she claims to have an awesome picture of Jeremy with Santa. Banyan thought I had lost my mind letting Jeremy sit on this guys lap as well as let some strange lady get close to take a picture. He stood right in between Jeremy & the photo lady-haha' But Here is the best smile all year long- it really reminds me that Christmas is for the kids.  I hope I have taught the kids that giving is a huge part as well as we helped out as much as we could this year. I am looking forward to Christmas Eve & Christmas Day thanks to this special little man who still Believes.

Jeremy with Santa 2011

Banyan trying to understand why mom would let this happen-haha

Where Jacob sat while Santa visited. I later found out he was so quiet because he was missing his dad who usually goes to these things with us. Poor little guy, he is a trooper.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tragedy Strikes in Training Accident

We often times never remember once our soldiers arrive home into the comfort of our arms that they are still in harms way each day as the train for the next mission. I woke up to the horrible news that the unthinkable had happened right in our own back yard. We lost four helicopter pilots in a training accident on Joint Base Lewis McChord last night. It was brought even closer home when a friend private messaged me that it was her husband's unit, that he is a mechanic for one of the birds. The devastation , second guessing has begun. Praying for all the families & friends of those lost seems to be one of many options at the moment. Reassurance to a young Army family that their soldier could have never predicated this outcome. That God has a plan & thankfully it did not include taking her spouse home to heaven as well. Seems he was only home not at work because he worked night last week.

To many times I forget that my husband is always training when he is home. I can count on one hand the amount of soldiers we have lost due to training accidents . It is rare & I am asking that you all remember to pray daily for all our men & women in uniform. They may not be on a deployment but they are still in a dangerous job daily. Pray for these four families whose Christmas will never be the same again. I am posting a link to the article you can read. As well as a link for a call for help. One of the Widows just finalized her adoption of a special needs son & is now finding herself a single parent. If you have it in your heart to make any amount of a donation please follow the links listed in the article.

 This is not an easy life we live as military spouses but God has seen fit to bless me with this sometimes unimaginable burden. I will do my part &  I hope you all will pass  along  the information as well to help.

Tragedy Strikes in Helicopter Training Accident on JBLM

Project Hopeful Loses one of their Own- Call to Action

Video about the Loss

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fudge, Cookies, & more Fudge

There just hasn't been much going on around our home which makes me happy. I threw my lower back out last week & went into see the doctor on Friday. They gave me muscle relaxers & strong mortin for daytime. I mean after all folks I am the only driver in the house for another year so I can't be drugged up during the day. They said they thought I had to much stress going on right now. I literally laughed out loud like a snort! I was thinking umm, one deployed husband, four boys 2 of which or teenagers, three dogs, two that are teaching our very pricey service puppy bad habits, going to Puppy classes twice a week - yeah I see no stress do you all? But I am not complaining because up until this point I have been blessed with good health. My back pain was so bad I was in tears though so I need the pain medication. I can't currently sit in one position for too long or bend over. Which makes it helpful to have two rather tall strong boys to help with groceries etc.

I did take Banyan with me to the doctor's office even though technically he needs to be registered on post & I haven't done that yet. He did AWESOME! All the soldiers loved him- he waited patiently for me to tell him they could pet him. He was not to sure about the doctor making me do things that made me suck in my breath & wince. He wasn't a fan of that at all neither was I. But he did great! We then went to see the Trees for Troops people & got a free 6ft live tree to take to our friends. They had not gotten their tree yet & their dad is deployed as well. They had no idea about the free trees & where very surprised when Banyan showed up to make the delivery. It was fun since I had pain pills by then!

Since yesterday was too cold to be outside after church I made mint fudge, sugar cookies, white chocolate walnut fudge, & chocolate dipped pretzel sticks. They where all for the boys teachers at school. The little guys delivered them today so the teachers could enjoy them all week. That really has been all we've done lately. I hope to have more entertaining stories soon- but I am OK with nothing to much going on for the moment. Have a great week everyone!

Making Christmas Tree delivery.

At the doctor's office with mom

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things that Make Me Laugh

It's been another crazy busy week around our home. My lower back hurts so bad & no amount of pain pills seem to help. It's just stress I didn't injure it working out. It actually feels good to stretch it out with long walks. But it has caused me to stay in my chair a bit more this week with a temperpedic pillow behind me which of course leads to aimlessly browsing the internet or Facebook. I came across of few things that made me laugh out loud . With some crazy spouse drama that I am trying to avoid going on around our part of town as well as back ache I needed a good laugh.  I thought I would share a couple with you this Thursday since we don't have a lot of new to report on lately. I hope they make you laugh or at least smile as well. Have a great Thursday everyone!

Another funny red-head posted this & I got a chuckle. You know why if you read my Blog Post on Stages of Deployment.....if you didn't go check it out!

I am sensing a pattern amongst my fellow Army wives.....just saying once again go check out my last post-hehe

I just thought this one was cute.

 After the week I've had this made me bust a gut- some people  just deserve to be on  Santa's Naughty list!

I can't imagine that anybody hasn't seen the movie ELF by now, but if not hurry out to buy a copy! We've already watched it twice this week. " You smell of Beef & Cheese"-HAHA

Haha- poor Santa!

I am so glad we have a fake tree or my dogs would be saying this!

Last is a picture of our sweet Banyan who was resting in front of the Christmas tree after being groomed yesterday. Not sure he was to thrilled but he sure is cute.

I hope you find somethings in your day that makes you smile & forget about all the craziness for a few moments.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Yes Folks There are Stages.....

All of you Army Wives out there in Blog world or for that matter any Military Wife know that there are Stages of Deployment. Well yesterday I hit month #5 of this year long deployment. I was having a decent day playing one of Santa's Elves by wrapping all the presents I had gotten off of layway. Can I just say how glad I am they brought layaway back to Wal-Mart. I have four boys folks & have run out of hiding spots! Wal-mart made for a great place to hide all the gifts.  
Anyway back to the stages....I actually didn't even realize that I had hit 5 months of deployment until I was wrestling with the tangle of Christmas lights on the front porch. I was standing on the very tippy top of our ladder trying not to fall & crash to the ground ending up unconscious- you know that would totally freak the boys out when they walk up from the bus. Here lies mommy in a mass of tangled twinkling Christmas lights asleep on the porch. I am betting the older two would step over me at this point go into the house fix a snack then ask each other " Why do you think mom wanted to nap on the porch? It's freezing outside!". Huge sigh here folks.... I love my life but some days it resembles the sitcom  The Middle with Patricia Heaton- so unbelievable that it's hysterically funny!

My day went downhill for a few hours as Army Wives provided non-stop drama around Facebook & our neighborhood. I love my neighborhood a lot. We chose to not live on post to avoid a lot of the drama that can occur. I was so happy when about three years ago a friend decided to start Military Coffee groups out in our neighborhood so we could have the support with out the drama. It was a wonderful three years but like all drama free military situations it had to come to an end sometime. We out grew our small intimate group & in doing so I met more wonderful ladies from all branches who I am happy to call friends. But it also opened the drama door with a gaping wide path to craziness. That's when I decided I needed a girl's night in my home with A LOT of WINE involved! That folks is how I knew when I heard this lovely & oh so accurate song posted on my Facebook I had hit Deployment Stage #7!!  Wine has become a Food Group - thank goodness for it-LOL I only need one glass on occasion in the comfort of my home with my favorite girly movie on & some chocolate so yes Stage #2 is still sticking around! But I am no where near Stage #12 yet which would mean this silly deployment is almost over!

I know the stages of deployment well & have gone through most of them maybe only one stage have I ever skipped- never had to have a child with him gone. BUT I could replace that stage with "spent a week in the hospital with your sick soooooonnnnnnn all byyyy myself!". Imagine it sung to the tune of The twelve days of Christmas -haha So enjoy this little ditty posted by another Army wife who also is living with the Stages right now in her life.  Then try to remember if you are not currently living through the stages how you felt when you where in the throws of them all! Take a little pity on us crazy ,stressed out, exhausted, over worked, barely hanging on for dear freaking life wives / mom's -  just be nice smile  leave us ALONE with our chocolate & Wine to pretend we  are doing just fine!! Or if you must become involved in our lives be uplifting, encouraging but by all means PROVIDE said Wine & Chocolate before entering our home or writing on our Facebook Walls!!

It doesn't mean we don't still love you all, it just means we are a little cranky & over sensitive at the moment so proceed with caution before entering our world.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Parade

Today was our town's annual Christmas in the Park & Parade. The younger two boys decided to brave the 29 degree temperatures with me & head to the parade this morning. We took Banyan with us and I was nervous all the noise from the band,horses,dune buggy's & children would be to much. He did pretty well considering all the distractions. He had a moment when the High School band came by with the drums where he had to be right up against my legs. But I ruffed his neck up & told him in a fun voice it was OK. There was a little yippy terrier about four people down who he would occasionally look at  like he wanted to eat him but he did very well not trying to even go over to that crazy dog. When the Human Society marched by with about twenty-five dogs of all shapes & sizes he sat up to pay attention. But he never once pulled & tried to go greet them- AWESOME!  When the dune buggy's revved their engines he came right back to sit by me-lol I don't blame they where loud & obnoxious.We froze but had a great time catching all the candy that was thrown the boys way. They left with two very full plastic bags . Banyan was more then ready to leave after the parade. He jumped right into the van & sat down. But over all he did so good & I was one proud mom!

Next we headed to our church to decorate the Christmas tree with some of our ornaments that where collecting dust in my garage. The boys had fun & Banyan took a nap most of the time, just happy I'm sure for the quiet after the parade. The boys did a good job on the tree & we headed off home finally. It was a fun morning & everyone was tired. Not a peep out of the back of the van as we listened to Christmas music all the way home. It was a good field trip to watch Banyan's reactions to the loud chaos- to know we can take him almost anywhere so far is a great relief. Now he is alseep in his kennel relaxing for the night. Have a great weekend everyone!

Enjoying some hot chocolate as we wait for the parade to start

Jacob wanted Banyan to wear the hat, Banyan wanted to eat the hat!

Merry Christmas Everyone

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tune Time Thursday

No I haven't forgotten about linking with Amber over at Goodnight Moon  life just got very busy the past couple of weeks. BUT today I woke up & about FROZE my booty off taking kids to school & running errands. That's when I figured out my song! It's perfect for this time of year & I love it! The original is my favorite but I love it when it pops up in Christmas movies this time of year as well. Seeing as today's high in WA is only 35 degrees, clear, & COLD- I went with "Baby it's Cold Outside" . Love it in Elf when we watch it sung with Will Ferrral as well- just a good tune! But here is Doris Day & Dean Martin my all time favorite singers of this classic. Stay Warm everyone & go link up with Amber today.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Brunch

Today I was lucky enough to host our neighborhood Military Spouses Christmas Brunch. We had I believe fourteen lovely ladies attend. We had all kinds of good homemade treats to try. From white chocolate peppermint fudge to applesauce pie & mocha brownie bites! Yes folks the healthy eating went right out the window today! This was all washed down with coffee or Mimosa's - YUM! I enjoyed meeting four new ladies who I knew lived out here but had not met face to face  yet. We laughed talked "shop" about our spouses, shared some books to read & just enjoyed being in an environment where we all knew exactly what the other lady was going through at any given point in their military life. I have to say when my friend started this group up over three years ago we hoped it would take off & now to see it come to fruition is great! We all live about forty minutes from Post but have a neighborhood full of military families. We have created our own form of an FRG with out any drama. We have a super active Facebook page that gives us all a connection & support when needed. I am pleased to call these wonderful ladies friends & look forward to the next event on the calender- Secret Santa's! I have my first gift all set & ready to go- I just have to figure out how to sneak it over to the lady's house with out getting caught ?....Hmmmm I am sure I can come up with something!

Setting up the table

A quick snapshot of some of the ladies as they arrived to chat