Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enjoying the Past,Present, & Future

I finally arrive in Tennessee after a long day of travel on Tuesday. I have been going non-stop catching up with my boys, my parents, my brother, & my best friend from college. It has been a lot of fun packed into two long days so far. I love waking up to 80 degrees & sunshine so much! I was at the pool on the first day by 10AM!! That would never happen in WA! My brother & his wife arrived for dinner on Wednesday evening along with an old college friend. We all enjoyed catching up & then Paula spent the night. We had an old fashioned slumber party with pictures we pulled out from almost 15 years ago.It is nice to just fall back into conversation with a good friend like no time had past when it had actually been almost four years. We laughed & giggled like we where back in college- staying up until 2AM! Then we crashed woke up & started all over again today. We went shopping, ate an amazing lunch,oh & I took her to get her first tattoo! YES- I said Tattoo! It looks great and was so much fun!

One of my favorite people in the world 

The kids have also been having fun & enjoying their time with my parents. They stay super busy all day every day! Their favorite thing so far was the White Water rafting they took them on one day.

Here are all my boys with my parents who are in their late sixties in Gatlinburg on a river! My parents are AMAZING! The boys & are so blessed by having them in our life.

I didn't forget about linking up with Amber today over at Goodnight Moon, just running a little behind. While in Southern Drawn Tattoo shop with Paula they had a great classic 80's & 90's radio station on playing heavy metal classics. We heard a lot we loved, but an oldie came on & I started singing along while Paula got her ink. Go link up with amber from Goodnight Moon to share your favorite song of the week I did!

Loving me some old Motley Crue reminding me of my High school days which makes sense as I head to my Reunion this weekend.


 Have a great weekend everyone & I'll check back in with more from my Tennessee adventures as soon as I can. I have my reunion this weekend & the Hard Rock Cafe on Monday with my older boys- GOOD TIMES!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Headn' Down South

Just so no one thinks something is wrong because I don't post much in the up coming week. I wanted to let you all know I am heading home to visit with my parents & pick up the boys. My momma-time is over & I have really enjoyed it even though at times I felt I was at loose ends. I always have something going on in the house with four boys. When you take them out of the mix it's at times blissfully quiet & at other times boring. On Tuesday I head to Tennessee for the first time in three years & I can't wait! I get to see where my parents chose to retire & visit with old friends from High School. My twenty-year reunion is next weekend & is sure to be full of laughter. So no worries if you don't see my usual posts because even though I will have my laptop time with me, I may not be posting much. I have only a week to visit so I will be spending my time with family & friends. I'll post all the details when I return. I hope everyone has a great couple of weeks ahead & ends their summer on a good note! Be back shortly folks~

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goin' Coastal 2011

I had an AMAZING time with Bekah in Portland, OR! We got to our cute little hotel early afternoon & they had a room all ready for us even though check-in wasn't for almost two hours. The staff & the hotel it's self was Great! I highly recommend The Silver Cloud if you ever visit Portland. I will stay there again in the future I am sure. We walked up & down the streets by our hotel visiting the local shops. We saw some very unique stores with fascinating items for purchase. We stopped at the Matador for a late lunch early dinner & it was delicious! The weather was fabulous at 81 degrees & sunny- perfect Kenny Concert Day ahead!

We headed back to our hotel to freshen up & change to get moving across town for the concert. We chose to just take a taxi as it was very inexpensive & we wouldn't get lost driving back at midnight. Our driver was nice & gave us his card to call him after the show for a trip back to the hotel. Kenny......all Kenny as soon as we stepped out of our cab. I was in Heaven & so was Bekah! We snapped fun pictures, met up with Courtney another Army wife before the show. Had to give Courtney one final hug & say " see you later" as she heads to Utah on Monday  :0(  But after that we where all smiles & screams! We sat next to two other lovely ladies who where so nice. Bekah & I also got a tap on the shoulder during Billy Currington & my mouth flopped open, jaw dropped & I couldn't speak for what felt like forever- but was really only maybe 30 seconds. We had a Kenny look-a-like needing to get to his seat in our row. The usher was with him & I swear all us girls thought we had died & Kenny had found us! Turns out the cowboys friends had seats further up so he only mingled with us during Billy Currington but he was super sweet & easy on the eyes for sure!

Once Kenny started we where up on our feet almost the whole show singing & screaming along! He puts on a great show that you simply must see live! He performed more of his new songs this time around but threw in a couple of oldies for good measure. We decided that he was definitely worth seeing, but we liked the Qwest Field out door venue much better. He performed until 11:00PM & we where in heaven. Then we slowly made our way outside along with a ton of very intoxicated people. After much angst we finally got our Taxi ride back to the hotel. Our driver was all the way at an airport drop off when we called. So we enjoyed people watching & the live entertainment outside the Rose Garden. Bekah was super nervous & I laughed as she ran for the cab as soon as he showed up! We got a good night's rest & woke up ready for some doughnuts.

Off to Voodoo Doughnuts we headed. They have simply amazing out of the ordinary doughnuts. You have to go it is a MUST SEE STOP if your in Portland. I got a chocolate covered doughnut with crushed oreo's & peanut butter drizzle on top- YUMMY!!! No it was not on my new diet- but I will go to the gym tomorrow- never deprive yourself. Plus I only ate about half as it was so sweet I got a little overwhelmed after being off sugar for a month. Bekah got an assortment that included maple bacon, blueberry glaze, m&m topped etc. So good!! Next stop was a good coffee shop then we hit the highway to head home. I have to pack for my trip to TN this week & Bekah has to work tomorrow. We had so much fun as usual & are already looking forward to the next time Kenny comes to the Pacific North West. Here are a few highlights of our "Goin' Coastal" with Kenny weekend. I hope everyone has a great Sunday & please remember to keep praying for our friend Mary who was just diagnosed with cancer.May God touch her little body & heal her if it's his will.


Last hugs for Courtney  :0( 

We had amazing seats, close enough you could see when Kenny smiled! Much better then the first time we saw him & we where so far away.

The end to a great Night of Kenny!

Little snippet of Kenny singing Boys of Fall- the video doesn't do it justice. It was so good!

Both of us sporting our new Kenny Gear while we head to Voodoo Doughnut

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Praying for Mary

Today I am at an almost total loss for words. I sat down with my coffee & went to a good friends Caring Bridge page so I could catch up on how they where doing in New York. They have been there receiving treatments for various very serious medical issues of their children. But Miss. Mary their daughter is seeming to take the lead on this trip. They have been several times for all of their issues which I won't go into detail for fearing of totally messing it up! How their mom Lisa keeps it all straight it beyond me?? She is definitely a Warrior Mom among all of us with our special needs angels. Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic so you can read up on just some of whats going on with all of the eight children, Chiari Malformation. Now throw in a little juvenile diabetes,rheumatoid arthritis, & now the latest Cancer. 

God blessed us when we rented our home here in Washington ten years ago by placing the family right next door! God knew I was going to need another Warrior Mom to help learn what to do with my Jeremy & how to draw on God when things looked their bleakest. She is an amazing example of strength, courage, & devotion I could ever hope to be one day. Mary plays piano like nobody's business! She cooks, draws, acts, she serves. She has most definitely been called to serve even though she lives her daily life in pain that only few can imagine. She is Jeremy's most favorite girl in the world! He always asks about her & gives her big hugs when he see her. So I ask that you just cover this special lady in prayer as she leans on her mom & God with this latest diagnosis. We know God has a plan for Mary even if we can't see it clearly. Pray that her parents know how they can help & for continued strength. They hope to be home soon from New York so they can head to Seattle's Children's Hospital to see how best to attack this latest medical diagnosis. So please pray that their doctors that God has given them are healing, strong,& confident on how to continue.

We love you Mary & the whole family. We hope we can be of help as you have helped us so many times.

Friday, July 22, 2011

1 More Day....

Just incse you have missed any of my posts lately (gasp) I have only 1 MORE DAY until I head to Portland, OR to see this amazingly cute guy in concert.

I really can't wait!! It is going ot be the highlight of my summer I am sure.  He puts on an AMAZING show that last for hours! Plus I get to spend it singing along with my good friend Bekah. We love us some Kenny,ahhhhhh I know there are more important things going on in the world for sure. But at this moment I am taking a mental break. I am going to enjoy the road trip singing loud silly songs, while taking cell phone pictures as we speed down I5 towards Portland. No worries Bekah will take the pictures as I drive along. I will enjoy the eating out, laughter,good music, & friendship of the weekend as it takes away my constant worry if only for a few hours. As a military wife with a deployed husband I know how rare these moments of complete happiness are during the year. I am going to let Kenny sing to ME & take away the stress if only for one night!! Here is another one of my favorites songs from Kenny- check back on Sunday for pictures from our Roadtrip. Have a great weekend everyone!

Okay just one more incase you can't get enough Kenny...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thursday's Tune Time

Well since I am going to see Kenny Chesney in 2 DAYS!!! Of course my song (s) are from him & the really cute Billy Currington who is opening. I am also heading out of town next week back to Tennessee for my 20 year High School reunion- yes I just really did tell my age  :0(  But I am so excited because it has been three years since I got to go home! Go link up with Amber this week from Goodnight Moon  so you too can share some of your favorite songs of the week or your life!  Here is Where I come from by the hotness himself Kenny Chesney! I can't wait until Saturday! This song always reminds me of home- I love you Kenny & Tennessee!!

Song number two this week is one from Billy Currington who is just to cute to leave out! He is opening up the show on Saturday in Portland & I can't wait to see him!

 Ahhh, did you just sigh a little while watching that & wish you where laying on a beach somewhere with your man?? I did- I miss my man who has now been gone 3 weeks. Seems like so much longer, but he is doing well & that is all I can ask for these days. Have a great Thursday everyone! I'll check back in on Sunday with pictures from Portland, OR & Kenny!

Totally Bored

While the kids are away I got all the laundry caught up, house super clean & no one to play with during the day. I know, I know in about a month or two I'll be begging for a kid free couple of hours but for now I am totally bored! So I have been just lingering on my Facebook & perusing the interwebs. I ran across the funniest Military Spouse Cartoon strips!
If you want to go check them out go to Jenny the Military Spouse and Friends  for a good laugh! Her cartoon strips hit the nail right on the head when it comes to commissary shopping, making appointments "15" mins early, & PCSing to a new post.


  For more of her fun humor & a good variety of products to choose from go take a look!

Now I am off to the gym for the morning & possibly seeing Harry Potter all by myself- hey at least I won't have to share my popcorn!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

5 Days & Counting

In case you all don't know it in FIVE DAYS I'll happily be driving with my good friend Bekah for a day & night in Portland, OR to watch Mr. Kenny Chesney.....ahhhh  He is my second choice for a husband if I had to pick one-lol No worries Paul knows about my obsession with the man himself. We even went together before deployment number 3 to see Kenny with Sugarland- it ROCKED!! One of the BEST concerts I had been to in years. It just further cemented my love of the Country Star. I just wanted to throw is out there that I can't wait! Bekah & I bought tickets in the Pre-sale just like last time. We will be having a blast in just FIVE short Days & I Can't Wait!!

This is Sam, Bekah, & Me at our last Kenny Concert- what a Great night! This time Sam can't make the concert with us  :0( But Bekah & I will sing along nice & loud for her maybe enjoy a Corona or two....YAY!!

The beer company that sponsors the object of my obsession.

To say I can't wait is an Understatement,so freaking excited! I will post a little video for you incase you don't listen to kenny (gasp!) Not sure why anyone wouldn't but let me help you just incase.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Survived

I was so excited to see all the delicious healthy choices of food I had to pick from at the FRG potluck on Saturday evening. We had several veggies platters,a delicious chopped veggie salad in a light olive oil,& an amazing light coleslaw that was to die for when you took a bite! It was super easy to stick to my healthy eating plan thank goodness! I ate a hamburger & my sides where several of the veggie items- YUM! I was full & it tasted good. A few of the other wives where also back on the healthy eating  kick since their husband left, so I was super happy! I did walk over to the dessert table that held these amazing looking brownies with coconut on top. They looked like a huge Almond Joy brownie- YUMMMMMM.... but I passed! I did however have one small chocolate chip cookie just because you can't leave a potluck with out one bite of dessert! I am pretty sure it is a rule!

I had done a great Cardio session on Saturday morning like I had planned. I was well prepared for any types of food I might encounter that afternoon. My work out consisted of fifty-minutes of cardio. I did 5.08 miles on the elliptical, rowing machine with twisting for my lats for 8 minutes, then finished up on the treadmill climbing hills. I was sweating buckets again! It felt great not to quit after thirty minutes when I really wanted to stop. I pushed past it & after a few more minutes I was fine- YAY ME!

Sunday's luncheon went pretty good as well. I ended up ordering the Turkey bacon Club. But I asked for them to leave off the bacon & go light on the mayo. I also ordered the fresh fruit cup instead of the sweet potato fries. I did sneak about three delicious sweet potato fries off my friends plate- they melted in my mouth! I was glad to try them but not have them on my plate because I would have gobbled them down for sure! I then only ate half of my Turkey Club because it was huge! It was like two portions instead of one. I even took off some of the bread to save myself. I ate most of my fruit & all of my salad. Then I asked for a to go box- the best thing ever invented for a restaurant. Boxed up the other half to eat for dinner later that night. I never made it to work out as planned. I was tired as well as my leg muscles where still recovering & in revolt. I had to crouch down for a picture & my quads immediately started shaking in protest as I held on for dear life to the table so I wouldn't topple over! I knew right then Sunday would be a recovery day for my muscles. I had done five work outs last week all very hard- so a day of recovery was in order. If I can continue to knock out five workouts a week I will definitely see the progress I want in way of all over toning.

My Monday is off to a rough start as I went to bed early but laid there forever  before I feel asleep. Just  one of those nights when I was lonely &  missing my husband laying beside me,uggg I didn't cry but I hugged his pillow- which I still haven't washed his pillow case trying to smell him. For you civilians that may seem gross, but to me it was comforting. I still could barely smell that musky scent of his. I guess by the end of week three it'll be gone & need to be washed  :0(  I woke up to no cream for my coffee so it is a two cup of coffee morning due to lack of sleep- but I can only stand one cup due to no creamer. I have some things to load into the back of the van to take to the dump. Then I am meeting a dear friend for one more lunch to discuss where we can meet in Portland as we are both going to see Kenny Chesney in 6 DAYS!!!! WHOOO-HOOOO. Then I plan on hitting the gym for an afternoon work out instead of my usual morning routine. Hopefully my legs will be ready to cooperate since I gave them the day off yesterday. I hope you all have a great start to your week- I am off to work around the house.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

See You Laters, STINK!

Everyone in the military world knows eventually you PCS to a new Post or Base when your spouse changes jobs. What I am sure seems strange to most civilians are the strong bonds of friendship that form between us ladies while our husbands work together. Not to mention you throw in a deployment or three in one case & you have huge crocodile tears when you try to say "see you later" to your friends.

Today I had the privilege of helping host a Farewell Luncheon for my friend and my husbands old Battalion Commander's wife. I have to honestly say when I got the call almost two years ago to the day that Tricia & her husband where coming to the FRG potluck I was having with only an hour notice I was extremely nervous. You never know when a new command team comes in if everyone is going to mesh together as well. Especially since I was very sad to see the old command team leave as we had done two deployments with them. But from the  moment Tricia & Mike walked into our little gathering with their children they where welcoming, gracious, and easy to get to know. Tricia walked into a unit that had been together for a couple years & a couple of deployments. We where all ready to deploy again in a month. I knew after meeting her how nervous she was as well. What neither of us could have known was that through out the deployment & into another year how close of a friendship we would form. We have laughed together, cried together, complained together, & just genuinely enjoyed our time together for two years.

We where so glad all our children got along & when our husband's came home it was an instant "family" formed. I can't imagine what in the world I am going to do during the rest of this deployment with out her around? I still have my best friend down the road, but Army Friendships are in a whole different league. They just get it when no other civilian in your life possibly could. They never question why your having an off day, they just say how can I help? As she leaves next month I will look forward to visits & cling to the hope that one day our Army paths will cross again. What I can't believe is that my other battle buddy of six years is leaving next week as well! Romana just happens to be going to the same post as Tricia- which I think is totally NOT FAIR!! But I am happy for them both that they will have eachother. I guess the cell phone companies & airlines will be loving us for the next couple of years! I had the best time with both ladies over the years & am sad to see them leave. As we say in the Army "See you Later" because the Army is a small world- they can't go to far!

Romana , Tricia, & I before the tears started.

My battle buddy of six years- Romana. Not happy she is leaving even though I am smiling.

Now a trip down memory lane....

"A Seahawk,a Cheesehead, & a Bear"....what a Team!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Danger Ahead.....

I am heading into a weekend filled with activities that will be fun but are centered around FOOD lots of FOOD! I am heading into the gym this morning to get in a really good work out to start my day before I go to my first FRG Potluck since Paul left. Nothing says "Get your grub ON!!" like putting a room full of amazing homemade food in a small room with a bunch of Army Wives whose husband's just deployed! Yep- it has disaster written ALL OVER IT! I did buy something healthy to take so I at least have that option besides all the food that is sure t0 be high in sugar & calories. I am taking a few preventive measures to insure sucess.

1. I am working out this morning to get my metabolism jump started & help me not feel to guilty if I have one treat. Never deprive yourself if you must have something. Just remember MODERATION so you don't blow all your hard work!

2. I will be eating a small high fiber meal about an hour before I go. Why eat before you go to an event that is serving food? The fiber will fill your stomach up & last longer then even a lean protein. At least for me I have found this to be true. It also helps you to not be starving by the time the food is served. You are less likely to "graze" or over eat.

3. Taking my own big bottle of water. A lot of times at Potlucks they provide drinks but they are sodas that contain a lot of sugar. They may have a diet soda but it will just go right through you with no benefits. By drinking the water I am helping keep that "full" feeling & getting in my daily 8 glasses a day I am shooting for everyday.

4. I will NOT be standing around the food table chatting. Once I have gotten my food I will go find a seat far away as I can. Since I hate getting up & going back to the food table this will help me a lot. But If I stand close to chat with ladies I risk the chance of "grazing" while I chat.

So that is on today's agenda but I still have Sunday to make it through as well. I have a fun Farewell Luncheon to attend. It is fun in the sense that it's at a great location on a patio outside & the sun is suppose to finally be shining. It will be sad & I will cry when I have to talk to say goodbye to a great friend. Now this menu is set as I had a hand in the planning. Thankfully we chose five items our guests can pick from tomorrow. I asked that two of those items be a vegan meal or a fish item. The guest of Honor went ahead of time did some taste testing & picked her favorite. So I do have two items on the menu I can pick from tomorrow. Thank Goodness! But I do love a good glass of wine on a sunny day with my lunch. That will be my down fall I am sure. Wine in moderation is ok, but is still high in calories & sugar. I will have to make sure to find time to hit the gym at some point tomorrow evening as well so I can enjoy my lunch with friends with out any guilt.

I know a lot of you are thinking I don't understand the guilt part?? I have really made getting healthy again a priority but don't want it to mean I can't enjoy my friends & family. In order for that to happen I will have to maintain a good work regiment or I always feel bad for eating anything I know should be "off limits" if I haven't had a good exercise week. I work out because it gives me energy that I desperatly need keeping up with four boys alone. But I also work out so when I want I can indulge in a favorite food or drink from time to time I know it isn't going to go straight to my hips! But that is just me, not everyone shares my views & that is OK. You have to do what works for you when you are living a healthy lifestyle. I don't call it dieting because it's not. If I want a cookie or a slice of pizza I will eat it for sure. But I will also use moderation & a good work out to balance it all out!

Now wish me luck that I can stick to my plan & make it through the next two days having some fun! I am off to the gym to get my work out going for the day. It just starts my days off right when I exercise first thing. Have a GREAT weekend & I'll check back in Sunday night to report on how I did......


Friday, July 15, 2011

Back to Work

If you opened this thinking, "WOW, she got a job while Paul is away-good for her!" WRONG! I have a full time job called CEO & President of all travel both foreign & Domestic at the Huston 6 Corporation! When I say Back to Work I mean on me & my healthy life style that I let slide when Paul came home last May from deployment. When the husband is home we just eat different period end of story. It happened the minute I said "I DO" fifteen years ago. The man loves his red meat! I was practically meat-less all the way through college. One- I never craved it or liked it much. The texture is weird to me. Two- we all know that while in college all extra money should be spent on your social life ,i.e. going out! Anyway back to a healthy new start which is what this post is about.

I have had an infatuation with fitness & nutrition as far back I can remember. My mom has always instilled it in me to watch what you eat, try to make it healthy. If it can't be healthy because everybody needs chocolate now & then! Then it should at least be in moderation.About three years ago on the second deployment I picked up my pace on Clean eating & working out. It was a very stressful deployment & hitting the gym helped keep my stress down. I loved it so much that I paid a lot of money for a Personal Trainer who to this day I would pay AGAIN to work out with- Jaime was amazing! She made me push harder & keep on going on the days I really wanted to punch her or anyone in the face! I even got into the International Sports Science Association courses. Completed all the required test & quizzes to be an ISSA Personal Trainer, except the final. Grrrr, I could kick myself for not finishing that portion up.But once Paul got home my priority shifted to reintegration & family time. I went back to eating more red meats and junk . I went from looking like this.....

Super fit & healthier then I had been even in college.
Back to eating poorly cutting back on work outs etc so that I gained back the hard loss weight of fourteen pounds. I no longer look toned & healthy. Paul has never said anything about my yo-yo self. He loves it when I am super fit or a little "squishy" as I like to call it. Or like Bridgett Jones says with "jiggly bits"-YUCK! 
It's me who hates being un-toned & just not feeling like I have energy what so ever. I hate seeing pictures of me & my arms look to heavy & my face looks to round. I worked so hard to be healthy & eat clean. I want to set a good example to my boys in a time when the world says "Super Size" is Ok. I want them to know it NOT Ok, it unhealthy.It's not about the size jeans I wear or about how thin I am. It's about how I feel energy wise & attitude as well. If am fit, eating clean,& working out I feel better period! 

With that said I have jumped back in with both feet for about 2 weeks now on eating clean & upping my work outs. It has been hard & painful. I mean seriously when your body gets use to tons of carbs & sugar it's hard to cut them out! I actually crave them in the evening when its quite & it stinks! I've joined a friend on Facebook taking a 90 day challenge to Eat Clean . I am enjoying it, but it's work! I will track my progress here on occasion just so I am held accountable by my friends and family. I am not in a race to get "skinny" nope I just want to be back to that girl who feels as good on the inside as she appears on the outside. Below you will see yesterday's food & work out please feel free to throw out some ideas to tweak my nutrition or work outs. I love new ideas & honestly am always looking for new healthy foods . I hope you enjoy watching as I get back to Healthy Me! I am saying goodbye to feeling sluggish & just depressed all the time.It has always helped me get through past deployments so I hope it does the same this time!

Here is my starting photo- I covered up in a pretty dress. But my arms lack the tone I love & the dress is two sizes larger then the one in the picture above. 

It's not a bad picture, but it's not me. I actually made my son take four pictures before I found one I thought looked half-way decent. that's when I realized I am not happy with me inside or out! It was time to get back to me & being Healthy so here I GO!! 

Thursday Workout:

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical for a total of 4.30 miles I stopped while in my Fat Burning Zone. I was sweating buckets!

Went into lunges 3 sets of 15 with 14llbs weight
Squats using a bar with one leg extended  3 sets of 15
Glutes with 40 pound weights on my ABs- I call them the "Glute Squish" I know there is a techincal term but have no Idea what at the moment. I'll have to ask Jaime. 

Then I jumped onto the mountain Climber because I was not sweating thus out of my Fat Burn zone- did 4 minutes & pushed my mileage for the day up to 4.56miles

Then continued with 3 sets of side kicks on all fours with a 5llbs weight tucked behind my knees.
3 sets of fire hydrants with 5 llbs tucked behind my knee
3 sets of up/down off a bench with 14llbs

Then I pulled the mat out & did Core hold for only 40 seconds- that is AWFUL for me.
2 sets of 15 side push-ups that work your abs- once again I'll have to find the name.
2 sets of 15 crunches in the little hanging position chair need name agian.

By then I was exhausted so I did my 3 minutes of stretching & called it a day. It was a good work out I was sweat soaked. But I know that it can be so much better based on my past. I hope to eventually get my endurance up & add Plyo back into the workouts.
I also need to get my ISSA books back out & brush up on all the names for certain exercises-lol

Nutrition for Thursday:
Breakfast: oatmeal with raisins & 1 piece of whole grain toast with a 1/2 cup of fat free milk.

After work out: Choc/half banana Protein Shake. I used the GNC Protein & cut up half of a banana to put in it. YUMMY! I got my chocolate fix!

Six pasta pouches filled with squash,tomato & zuchanni covered with 2 tbl Light Olive Oil & 1/4 cup fresh cooked Halibut

Baked salmon with olive oil & dill
Wild Rice & steamed carrots.

1 piece of whole grain toast with 2 tbl of peanut butter
I found myself still starving so added the peanut butter toast for more protein. You never want to let your body feel as thought it is "starving" or you will slow down your progress & actually gain weight.

Now I know it's not perfect but it's way healthier then I was eating when the husband was home. So I am happy & moving onto the gym later today for Arms & Abs today mixed with cardio!

Have a blessed Friday & I'll check back in with another Post on how I'm doing in a few days.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thursday Means Tune Time

This week I have  definitely been out of the loop so to speak. Waiting to hear from my husband that he made it safely had me home bound a lot. You know your in a deployment when your laptop is permanently with in arms reach as well as your home phone & cell. We live out where there isn't much cell service so all three pieces of technology have made their home on & around me this past week. Needless to say I haven't listened to much music-SHOCK I know!! I have however embraced the peace & quiet that has surrounded me while the kids are at my parents. I even took a nap during the afternoon & I wasn't sick! It's kind of like I get " Mom's Night Out" all the time! I am really relaxed & recharged. 

While I was enjoying my extended "Mom's Night Out" I came across a hilarious parody based on a Jay-Z song . So this is my choice for my link up with Amber at Goodnight Moon. It's not your typical song you hear as you drive down the road that is for sure! But the video made me laugh so hard as I sat with my laptop waiting for my man to chat. Here you go ladies & gentlemen I give you " Mom's Night Out" the parody- enjoy!

Now you go link up with Amber over at Goodnight Moon & share your favorite jam of the week. Also take the time to listen & see what the other lovely Bloggers are jamming too this Thursday!

Also go check out Mommy Juice Wine   They use this same parody for their web site- so I ordered two bottles to try. I can't wait for them to arrive! Have a great Thursday everyone!

Sunshine Award, My First

Rules Once you Accept the Award: 

1. Thanks the person who gave you the award and link back to them
2. Tell us something about yourself
3. Nominate 5 other bloggers
4. Let them know you awarded them

Super excited that I received my first Blog Award !!I really have loved this blogging community since I started last December. A huge Thank You goes out to
She is a lovely Navy Girlfriend who is enjoying her first roller coaster ride called Deployment. Please go check her out when you have time & leave her some love.

A little tid-bit now about me is I love to READ! I will read a whole novel from front cover to back cover in one day when the house is quiet. Right now I am reading the book 
I will generally read just about any books someone recommends, but while the husband is deployed I tend to gravitate more towards Military Books. Sometimes they are fiction sometimes non-fiction if it's not to graphic. I will always read the books before I go see it in a movie theater if they make it to the big screen. I am thinking of getting a Kindle or Nook but I do so love the smell of the books & turning of the page. So I have held out on purchasing the electronic books for now. 

Now to nominate five other wonderful Bloggers who I love to read & follow on a daily basis so you can go check them out!

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for thinking of me!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Week Ago ....

I can hardly believe it has already been seven days since I sent my husband on his way. Some-days it feels like he has been gone so much longer then a mere week. Other days it seems like he just left. I miss him a lot already . I was happy to get to have a quick chat with him last night & know he arrived to his final destination safely. That helps ease my mind a great deal. Now to start marking off the weeks until we see him again.

My mantra for the duration of this deployment is the same one I have used in the past. It always helps me to read it when I am feeling lonely.

"Distance is not for the fearful, it is for the Bold. It's for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone, in exchange for a little time with the one they Love.It's for those knowing a good thing when they see it - even if they don't see it nearly enough."

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thank You for Serving

My second post for today is a short small Thank You to my soldier husband . He has served in the small 1% all volunteer Army for Twenty - One years today. I can never say enough about how proud I am of his selfless service to our country & fellow Americans. He takes his job very seriously and works hard sometime 365 days a year to insure the safety of the United States. This is reflected in his numerous awards and honors he has received over his Army career.  I won't list them here as it would embarrass him. But I can proudly say he has a stellar record that impresses many who he works along side.
I just wanted to take the time to acknowledge his special day. I want you to now my love that I never forget each day what your job means to this family & our nation. I love you & am honored to have stood beside you almost eighteen years of your Military career. Stay safe & come home soon. The boys & I love you more then words can say.

   My Hero

How Much I'd Forgotten

As I am laying around trying this new thing called relaxation while the husband is gone as well as the kiddos, I had forgotten a few things about the "single" life.

1. Sleep is AMAZING!!!! I can barely remember the last time I could go to bed WHENEVER I wanted because I could wake up WHENEVER I wanted!! Even the dogs have figured out I am NOT going to get up before 6:30AM anymore to let them out- LOVE IT! Thanks to new allergy medication & pure exhaustion the last two night I have crashed hard & slept through the night!!

2. What do I want to eat & when? Anything my heart desires is what I can choose!! No chicken nuggets, no hot dogs, no macaroni, no peanut butter & jelly- NO KID FOOD!! It's so GREAT!! Plus I can eat whenever I feel like it not right on the clock that the boy's seem to have set for meals.

3. Read a good book WITH OUT interruptions! I started a new book & never had to stop reading to stop fighting over toys or TV. Do not have to help with anything! It's so great! I forgot what it was like to actually get through a whole book in three or four hours! Not Three or four days or even weeks!

4. POOL TIME ALONE!! As I went with a good friend to lay out in the sunshine yesterday to soak up some vitamin D I realized as I was laying out watching the kids swim they are not my responsibility at all! I would have jumped into to help if they ever needed it but I didn't have to! No watching the pool 24/7 to make sure the boys don't drown eachother. Instead I reapplied sunscreen several times ,laid around, & chatted with my friend- AMAZING!! I did get a little pink in spots where I must have missed with the sunscreen but its already gone & I so didn't care!

5. Dishes in the sink- there aren't ANY!! When I do decide to eat something I wash the one fork, spoon, or plate immediately . It is then put away & therefore my sink is shiny & clean!

6. Laundry time- NOPE!! There is hardly any dirty laundry & what little there is is mine! No arguing with the boys to pick up their clothes off their floors & not wait until they run out of clean underwear to tell me! Love not having to wash two loads a day & fold- how I'd forgotten the relaxation that comes from just not doing laundry all the time.

7. Messy rooms- nope no yelling about picking up their rooms.! I just shut my teenagers doors & walked away! Normally I would be in there with gloves, trash bags, & lysol but not this time! They are old enough to deal with that pig sty themselves! I will strip the beds at some point so they have clean sheets when they come home but that's it! They will be shocked to realize mommy went on a "mini" strike while they where away & they now are forced to clean it themselves upon their return!

These are just a few things I have loved rediscovering while I have the house to myself. I am finally getting into the swing of this whole relaxation thing. It may be rather hard to let it go in a couple of weeks. But at least I'll be recharged for the rest of the deployment & that is really what this all about. I tend to forget tot take time for myself when Paul is deployed so this is some much needed time for just me. Do I feel guilty- not even a little! All four boys have been calling & checking in with me. They are having a BLAST doing all kinds of fun things with their ommie & pawpaw. So I am relishing this mommy time A LOT!

 Just a little snapshot of how I spent my Saturday-ahhhh My legs are the white pale legs. Us red-heads tend not to tan very much- but oh-how I love laying in the hot sun!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ummmm, that's all Folks

Since the boys & the husband left earlier in the week not a lot has been going on around my house. I tried to clean the very first morning but ran out of Lysol after only getting the entry way floor & the Kitchen floor scrubbed. I kept meaning to stop & pick up more Lysol but didn't get around to it until last night. I did make my it to my hair appointment I had set up a few weeks ago to keep me distracted. Love my new hair cut & color, but was bummed to not have the husband home to tell me he loved it too :0/  I have been watching the mini-series The Kennedy's on netflix non-stop. It is pretty good & if it is as factual s they say I learned a couple new things. You are never to old to learn! I have made it to the gym once & took a walk around our lake once. Made it over to a friends house for pizza & good conversation last night & that's about all folks! I have never had this much free time that I can recall since I graduated from college? I am sure grateful to my parents for taking the boys, but I sure hope I think of something else to  occupy my time over the weekend or I may literally go insane!

I am actually excited about the doctor's appointment I have this afternoon for my allergies! Now I know I need help! Anyway off to finish the mini-series, maybe read a new book I have two now to read. Wish it was at least sunny so I could go to the pool & soak in some vitamin D. I'll let you know if anything exciting does happen, but don't hold your breath.- Oh- wait- I did go to clean out the boys bull frog aquarium & somehow managed to let the baby frog escape- EKKK. So I have a baby frog trapped somewhere in my little guys bedroom, which is NOT a good thing! But that's all the excitement for now. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tune Time Thursday

Well in case you missed my post yesterday the husband finally got on his way for deployment number four  :0(   As we where having some lunch at McDonalds at his request- they had the satellite radio station playing. I swear every song that came on was making me depressed! First we had 3 Doors Down- Here with out you- which my husband was like "hmmm, that's from the first deployment.". Then we had Daughtry- Home, I was thinking that was deployment number three-LOL. Then we both stopped & thought seriously we know songs by deployment time frames something is wrong with that! Then one more song came on just for giggles after I dropped him off to leave- Nickleback- Faraway- OH MY!! The tears where flowing at that point & I thought " You have got to be kidding!!". So I am really at a loss as to what song to pick- today, so I went with another deployment favorite for when I need to cry since that seemed to be the theme of the day yesterday. Here you go ladies, sorry ahead of time if you cry- but I honestly had no other songs pop into my head.

 YEP - deployment number two favorite was Avril LaVigne & When your Gone.

It makes me tear up to watch the video- gotten over hearing the song. But it's still a good deployment tune- so I linked it up with Amber one more time over at Goodnight moon. Head on over there yourself to listen to some good music & link up as well.

Now I am off to wallowing with a battle buddy whose husband left for a short month but it still stinks! At least we have a few weeks to have our "girl time" before they PCS in August. Have a good day everyone , see you next Thursday!

Just like that, he's Gone Again....

After a great Fourth of July spent at the lake with friends we headed out bright & early for the airport . The four boys had to catch their plane to Tennessee so they could spend four weeks getting spoiled by their Ommie & Pawpaw! Luckily it was the perfect distraction from the fact that their dad was also leaving for his deployment later that day. The husband decided to wear civilian attire to the airport to keep his leaving low key for the kids. When it was time for hugs goodbye they where all smiles & even a fun chest bump from Matthew. No tears for once except from mom which was nice. The ploy to keep their minds off their dad leaving had worked!

After we watched the plane take off we hurried out to the car so we could grab one last cheeseburger for the husband on American soil. We ran to McDonalds where he grabbed his favorite burger,fries, & Pepsi as we chatted. We where trying to smile & keep the conversation as light as possible. It wasn't helping that the radio station playing in the background was playing every song you can name that had to do with missing someone, leaving someone, or wanting to go home! Seriously, even Paul commented on it before we left. We headed to Soldier's Field House where all the departures where taking place. Paul changed into his uniform & we waited outside in the sunshine for a few moments. We snapped one last "couple" picture before he had to go inside the gym.

Not our best but I'll take it!

Off we go to sit on the bleachers & wait until it's time to manifest the plane. As they line up I tear up. I don't care who says to you it get's easier, it in no way was easier watching him walk away for the fourth time! I chatted with another wife who was sitting beside me watching the scene unfold. I have no idea who she is or what her name is, but we kept each other from bawling- so that is all that matters.  I noticed we could walk our soldier's out to the buses so I ran to the other side of the gym as they called Paul's name to go with him. He was laughing because I was walking with him & went right up to the buses. He was like " babe are you coming with me?". I would have LOVED to have jumped right on that bus & drove to McChord with them! But I smiled stole one last kiss,snapped one last picture, & turned to walk away. I cried all the way to the parking lot- but that is not what he saw as I left. He saw me laugh,smile, & wave goodbye.

 Now the countdown begins to R&R time. We have no idea when it will happen but it is closer then the end date of the deployment so I choose to count down this date instead. Now I begin a couple weeks of feeling all out of sorts & an emotional basket case. But I have no kids here to witness it all this time around. They are already in TN having fun, which makes me happy. Hopefully I'll hear from my soldier at some point on his way as a little check in- which will help calm the nerves. But for now I will sit back watch sappy movies so I can cry & not feel like a complete idiot.

** EDIT** Around 7:45AM my time Paul was able to jump on a computer to let me know their plane had broke down  :0( They where stuck waiting on a part at an undisclosed location to you the general public- sorry folks OPSEC. But he was handed a internet card from the lovely USO where they where at for 45 free mins! He jumped on FB because as he said "I knew you'd be on here waiting for me!"- DANG RIGHT I WAS!! I have to say I am super selfish right now with his chatting time on FB- so please don't take it personally if I ask you to STOP chatting with my man so I CAN!! Until we both adjust to this new deployment routine that's just the way it is - like it or not!  So happy to hear from him & know they will be on their way again soon. I'll update as I hear more.