Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We Run , We Run

I was quiet leading up to Memorial Day & on the day itself. I had every intention of blogging last night but was so overwhelmed from the day I wasn't sure I could. Memorial Day means so many different things to so many of my friends. For me personally it means trying to honor those we loved & lost. I decided to help organize the http://www.wearblueruntoremember.org/index.html walk again in our hometown this year. I hoped,  prayed it would go over well and we might double our miles pledged in honor of the 6,687 military men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice since the global war on terror began in 2001. I had no way of knowing exactly how large & meaningful this walk would be once again.
Last year I barely made it through the calling of the names. This year we shared all of the 43 names with the other walkers to read aloud. As I looked around the circle of remembrance to hear the names called the look of sadness or smiles was very breath taking. Each person called a name, all 43 men & women were even if for a brief moment remembered. That is what Memorial Day is about. It's not about bar-b-ques and four day weekends. Those are a nice bonus,but it should be about taking time to make sure the families of our fallen heroes know their loved ones will never be forgotten. With the help of two good friends I was able to make that happen I hope for the three Goldstar families in attendance. Yelm Pledged 426+ miles, compared to the 196 last year I was so excited! The weather kept a few away as it was rainy & cold. But we had 65+ people show up despite the weather and run or walk those miles pledged. Some even did a couple extra miles. As I ran my miles some with my husband & some by myself I was proud at that moment. Proud of this community I live in coming together over one ladies Facebook event to honor these brave heroes. I laughed, I cried, I smiled , I ran to remember yesterday. It was a great day and worth all the hours of work. Yes I think I will be doing this again next year, because I can still run when 6,687 fallen can't.

The Fallen Honored on May 27, 2013
SFC David Cooper Jr Sept 5, 2007
SFC Clifford Beattie May 22, 2011
SGT Joel Dahl  June 2007
SGT Christopher Kruse November 17, 2007
CPL Luke Runyan February 17, 2008
Chad Groepper February 17, 2008
SSG Keith Bishop
SSG Thomas McFall
CW2 Bryan Henderickson
SGT Faith Hinkley
SPC Danny B Daniels
CSM Kevin Griiffin
SSG Michael H Simpson
1LT Robert N Bennedsen
SGT Phillip Anderson
SSG Michael B Quinn  2003
CW4 Matthew Scott  2005
SGT Mark A Mardia  2005
CW2 Joshua Michael Scott  2005
SPC J. Adan Garcia  2006
Lance CPL Emmanuel Villarreal  2007
SPC Chad A Edmundson  2009
PFC John C Johnson  2011
PFC Leroy Deronde lll  2012
1LT Thomas M Martin 
PVT Calvin E Ross
SFC Wyatt Goldsmith
SSG Nicholas A Sprovtsff
SGT Justin D Norton
SPC Daniel Unger
MSG Mark Coleman
PFC Christopher E Hudson
SSG Guy S Hagy Jr
CPL William J Rechenmacher
SPC Joshua G Romero
SPC Frik J Franzese
SPC Ailen Reding
CPL Jeff Starr
SGT Ronald Milton Randazzo
PFC Arden Bradley Cooper

We Run
We Run for those
Who Ran before
To the fields of battle,
To the fields of war.
We Run
We Run
We Run for those
Who Run No More.

My amazing soldier who supported me during all the crazy getting ready for the event.



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Honor Has No Finish Line

It's that time again when the wear blue community starts planning their Memorial Day events. Well a lot of us have been planning for a few weeks or months now to make sure it all goes smoothly. If your not sure how you can show how much you appreciate & honor our Fallen on Memorial Day I have just the thing. Wear blue: run to remember has their pledge site up & running again this year for Memorial Day. You can run or walk to show your support for the Fallen, the Fighting, & the Families. Memorial Day is not just another four day for our family and we hope everyone will take the time at some point to honor the sacrifice of so many. Please remember you can run or walk ANYWHERE!! You do not have to be close to one of the meet up locations. My husband ran in Afghanistan last year while I ran in Yelm. It's just about taking time to remember and show the families their loved ones are never forgotten. Take a moment to watch the video tribute to the blue community and then head over to pledge your miles today.