Saturday, October 15, 2011

5k Rock N Run

I really wanted to do another Obstacle run but didn't think it was possible until tonight. My friends talked me into signing up for one last 5k run the last Saturday in October.We are sll super excited as it is suppose to be as extreme if not harder then the Warrior Dash we did last year in Portland. This one is in Seattle so we don' have far to travel. I am signed up with Best friend Bekah , it'll be our 5th Obstacle run together. It has 14 Obstacles- that's right folks I said 14!! Some of them look insane & the waiver I signed actually made me nervous.

It says " You agree that you could get seriously injured due to smoke inhalation, seizures, heart attack, drowning,broken bones from falls. These injuries could result in death!". I was like Holy Smokes what did you all talk me into to running?? But at the same time my adrenalin is pumping & I am ready for some good training this week. Motivation is definitely what drives this fitness girl. I finished the Warrior Dash in a little over an hour so I would love to do better. So I WILL be dragging Bekah along-lol since Nathan her husband has to work the event & can't run the course with us but in a later heat. One of our other friends is running in the wave that starts thirty minutes after us. We figure she is so fast maybe by the time she get's to us we will be dragging our limp bodies over the finish line-LOL Should be good fun we just want to think of some fun original ideas for a costume. Something that is light & we can still crawl through  mud pits with out it weighing us down- any ideas from my bloggy friends??

Here is the link to a video of the run & the link to the site so you can see the course map. Go read the WHY you do this section- it will make you laugh. One of them is because you want ot make a change in your life & you are insane!

Gladiator Rock n Run

EDIT: Since I posted they added 3 more obstacles to the run- we may not survive!

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