Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Words with Friends

If you are a Facebook addict like me, I know I have a problem. But right now with my soldier gone it's the only way we can chat & I can survive. You will know about the game Words with Friends. It's a game I have learned to love & hate all at the same time. I love that I always have a request from a few friends who play the game as much as I do. But I hate it when I have all vowels or all constants to make my words. I hate when I play with my East coast friends who go to bed before I do! It's a lot like Scrabble which I never did enjoy. But something about the bright yellow tiles beckons to me while I sit on Facebook & wait for my chats with my husband. 

To say I was ecstatic last week when they gave out words that contain all constants was putting it mildly. I actually have the page bookmarked for such an occasion. I have friends who constantly have these super awesome words that get Triple letter scores with a double word score! Why can't I be one of them more often? I also have those friends who I end up with all the good letters & actually win on occasion. Anyway I was sitting around waiting for the little boys to wake up this morning & this is what I found myself doing for forty-five minutes. This is what I did because I couldn't go back to sleep, the book I am reading has not sucked me in yet, & I hate to turn on the TV first thing in the mornings......

HI, my name is Amanda & I have a Words with Friends/ Facebook addiction.......haha

P.S. Ron if your reading this I BLAME YOU for this addiction! You are the one who sent the first WORD!!  But I still love you <3

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