Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mid-Night Movie Madness

Breaking Dawn pt 1

I got my tickets for the  midnight Premier!!! I came late to the Twilight party & actually remember leaving my two good friends standing at wal-mart at 11:40PM one night as they waited for their pre-ordered copies of New Moon. Then Paul deployed again & I needed something to read. My lovely gave me her copy of Twilght thinking she could suck me in....well after I read that  I needed to read the next.....and the next...and the next...ahhhh. I finished the whole series in under two weeks folks! I am pretty sure the kids lived off of hotdogs, chips, chicken nuggets, anything they could fix themselves-lol. Then I had to watch the movies to see if I liked them as much as the books- I didn't until  New Moon- then I was hooked! I am a total Jacob werewolf fan! They are just cuter I have never liked Pale men so why would I start now?

Now my friends & I have been patiently waiting for the first part of Breaking Dawn. We are not sure how they can make it PG 13 when the book obviously isn't even close. But that doesn't mean I am not super excited to go to my first ever Mid-night Premier! I was already out with some lovely military spouses for dinner & a movie tonight when we learned our theater had just put the tickets up for sale!! We called anyone & everyone we thought might want to brave the mid-night showing with us. We ended up buying eight tickets for the showing! It is going to be a lot of fun & now I can hardly wait until 12:01 AM November 18th!!

Are any of you Huge Fans??? What Team are you on, even though we know who wins- it's still great fun!

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