Friday, April 29, 2011

Happily Ever After , British Style

I sat my DVR on Thursday night & headed to bed. I was excited & woke up around 5AM, ran to the TV to see where they where at in England. I started watching the recorded version & loved it all! Correction I loved the first three hours I saw. About the last 5 minutes of the new Duke & Duchess leaving the Abbey I missed. That's right folks, my DVR STOPPED!! I was so upset! Thankfully it was on almost every cable network in reruns! So I caught that last few moments in the Abbey & the carriage ride. That was my favorite moment. The one exception being at the alter when Kate finally got to William, he leaned in & you see him say "I love you" . She looked like she was so nervous, I think he knew she needed her nerves calmed. The rest went down in Fairytale history. Here are a few lovely pictures from the day that are my favorites so far.I am sure more will surface over the next few days of the beautiful couple. I am praying for them this marraige is a good match & they can have their Happily Ever After.

Arriving at the Abbey

Placing Kate's ring

Leaving the Abbey- they look happy

Arriving at the Palace

The much anticipated first kiss

The last picture of Kate is after she changed for the evening reception hosted by the Queen. Another amazing dress.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Hero Kids

Yesterday evening I was so EXCITED to give my four boys their Blue Star Military Children's Appreciation Certificates - whew what a mouthful! I had taken the time when I saw the link posted on Facebook to send off for my kids certificates since it was the Month of the Military Child. After dinner I gathered them all into our living room to tell them something special had arrived just for them in the mail. I handed them all out as I watched HUGE smiles spread across all their faces. I explained that their dad , their country, & I where all so PROUD of them!! That they had served America as well by helping me around the house & supporting their dad when he was deployed. That I knew that this upcoming deployment was going to be hard but that these certificates proved we could all do it again!

Jeremy was the cutest of the four boys he immediately said " I am a HERO KID mom!!." I immediately agreed as did his dad "YOU SURE ARE!!". I was happy that they understood that others recognized the sacrifices they make as children of a soldier.  It was very important for me as well as Paul to say to them that we know deployments are hard,long,sad at times, but you are AMAZING boys & we LOVE YOU!! The oldest being the teenagers they  just grinned & wouldn't get their pictures taken. But the two youngest very proudly held their award & let me snap a picture. They then proudly had me put their certificates up on their dresser to show anyone who comes over. I think I will get them all framed to hang in their rooms. That way at anytime during the deployment they are feeling blue they can be reminded that others think they are special .

The flash always bothers Jeremy's eyes- but he was so Proud & so was I. My husband told them over and over how AWESOME the award was as well as how SPECIAL they all are to us. Don't forget to Thank the children who stay behind & wait as well, it will mean the world to them.

Tune Time Thursdays

It's that time of the week again to link up with Amber over at Goodnight Moon  with your favorite song of the week. I was having a hard time picking this week as I have been flipping through the radio stations a LOT!! I heard a little old school hair bands I use to love as well as some 80's fun dance tunes- so many I LOVE & only one a week to post. Then as I dropped the older kids off at the bus stop this came on and made me SMILE....a blast from my college past. I hope you enjoy- no special meaning this week just love the song. Have a wonderful day everyone.

4 Non- Blondes- What's Going On?? I ask myself that a lot some weeks......haha

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

French Fries & Roses

My husband walked through the door last night around 7:30PM & I was in the kitchen cooking munching on his french fries I had just pulled out of the oven. I rarely eat them & once I started I couldn't stop taking them from his plate dipped in ketchup & gobbling them down.He came over leaned down gave me a quick kiss then handed me a bundle of beautiful Red Roses. I was so surprised & my first words where "what are these for?". Romantic of me huh? He replied " just because I felt like it".Well ALRIGHT  I was super happy & mushy all the sudden.I leaned in for another kiss & told him thank you honey. Then I told him how bad I felt for munching on his yummy french fries. He laughed & said he didn't mind sharing with me, awwww. What a perfect end to my day thanks to him being so thoughtful. I Love that man very much. I quickly stopped eating his french fries & offered to make some more.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Canine Friends help with PTSD

Yesterday I came across an article posted on Facebook about our canine friends now being trained to help our Wounded Warriors with PTSD. I think this is AMAZING & WONDERFUL. I know when I am stressed & I just sit to pet one of our beautiful dogs it really helps. I read the article Canine-Heroes  then went to the website Brigadoon Dogs   to learn where they are located & all the services they provide our military.  I was pleased to see that you can fill out applications to help raise a puppy for twelve months before they leave & go into an intensive training program. If my soldier wasn't deploying so soon I think I would be discussing this option with him. I have a lot of traveling planned with the kids though so it would not be a good idea at the moment. But if you are located in the Pacific North West, Seattle or surrounding areas & might want to help go check it out. They give very specific rules they expect you to adhere to so they get the best quality dogs into their program. 

With my husband volunteering with Project Healing Waters 
he has met several soldiers who use Therapy dogs to help relieve stress of PTSD symptoms. The Military will pay for both the soldier & the canine to be trained. That service dog stays with his or her soldier 24/7. I know when a friend went out to fish on our boat this summer in our lake his little Daisy was NOT happy to be left on shore! She barked & barked until said soldier came back to get her for a boat ride. They can be a great source of unconditional love for someone who has wounds that no one else can see. I was amazed to learn how they are trained to wake them from nightmares or to lay their heads on them when they sense the soldier getting stressed.  

If  you know someone who could use this service please pass along the information. Even if they don't live here in WA this group can help put them in touch with another Canine Service Dog provider. Our soldiers who suffer in silence deserve the same help as those who have visible wounds. Thank you to the Brigadoon Dogs for realizing this & helping.

                       The Greatest Causality is being Forgotten

Monday, April 25, 2011

All things "Royal"

I would be lying to everyone if I didn't confess to being completely infatuated with the Royal Wedding taking place this Friday. I was eight years old when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles, who I still to this day think is not handsome at all! He really was the winner in that marriage. It was like a fairytale that every little girl dreams of as I watched it on TV. My mom woke me up early as we both sighed over the frilly dress & cathedral length train. Only now as an adult do I look at the footage & say to myself "what was she thinking, with that dress?". I know for the early 80's fashion it made sense but I sure hope Kate chooses a more modern sleek look for all our sakes . Here is a quick couple of pictures to remind you just how much dress Diana wore that day. I know that a few of my readers weren't even born but that day was HUGE & one I'll never forget.

 As Lady Diana got out of the carriage I remember everyone was upset that her dress was wrinkled. Well DUH??? You stuff her into that glass case literally in all that dress, I mean the veil was 26ft long. I admit I watched a little POP-UP TLC Royal history show last night for a couple hours. I remembered it was the longest Royal Train ever at 25ft , but really just found out how long the veil was last night- Thanks TLC. I know the only thing I saw when I was eight & watching was a "Princess", even though she wasn't yet until after the vows called Princess. I loved all the Pomp & Circumstance . I thought she must be the luckiest girl on earth to get her Prince. We had no idea then what we all know now, it was a Lie. So glad we had no idea so I could live out the magical fairytale that day. I now know it probably influenced my choices for my Wedding day to my handsome Soldier.

If Paul & I could have driven away in a carriage pulled with horses I so would have on our wedding day. Kind of hard to do in a January snow storm of the year. Here is a quick picture of us getting out of our limo at Opryland Hotel for our reception- see any similarities to me getting my "Prince" ?

Yes, I snagged my Prince/Soldier & am super excited to watch Kate marry her's on Friday.
I haven't decided if I will DVR the wedding, I am HUGE fan of DVR now days. I am not as young as I use to be & have no girls interested in watching the wedding with me.  I may not be watching this time LIVE like I did as an excited eight year old girl who still believed in storybook weddings, fairytale Prince & Princesses ,& happily ever after,but I WILL be watching. It will still appear magical to that little girl inside of me I know. I also know I am so lucky that I still get to get dressed up 15 years after marrying my Prince. I still get butterflies when he is in his uniform and we are heading out for the evening. I know that my Happily Ever After is happening right now & I am so thankful for that.

The love of my life still looking so handsome after all this time.

Do you see the similarities......I had my own Fairytale

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggs, Bunnies,Soccer,Sunshine, & Christ

Our Good Friday was not simply good it was GREAT! After school when all the boys returned home we started with some pizza. Then Jacob helped me work on making the strawberry/lemon Bunny cake. We haven't made the cake in a couple of years so the kids where super excited. Depending on whether you ate an ear or some bunny face you had a different flavor. The boys couldn't agree on what flavor Mr. Bunny needed to be this year so we did both flavors.Then the rest of the evening was spent dying eggs & watching fun movies - perfect night!


 Saturday arrived with glorious sunshine & warm temperatures. We headed out to Jacob's soccer game where they WON again & remain undefeated. We noticed some men playing Rugby & took Jacob over to watch. He decided the guys where crazy & he would just stick to Soccer- which made mom very happy.

We came home to find that the older two boys had hidden about 50 plastic eggs in the front yard for their brothers to hunt.The two younger boys where so excited as they had missed every scheduled egg hunt this year due to our busy lives.They helped the younger guys locate the candy filled eggs & made their brothers so happy as well as mom. Then my husband decided since the sun was still shining it was Bon-Fire night! We have a huge fire pit in our backyard with a ton of stumps & tree limbs collected from the wind storms over the year.I ran to the store to buy some hot dog buns & huge marshmellows for them to roast. I was able to stay inside the nice peaceful house watching The Kings Speech while the boys enjoyed some man time with their dad. It was a wonderful Saturday as the boys headed to bed to await the arrival of Peter Cottontail.No matter what age in our home you get an Easter Basket full of goodies.

My older boys wondered why they got AXE in the Easter Baskets?? I told them maybe it was a HINT that they needed to use deodorant a little more often now??? They didn't think mom was to funny.

Before we headed off to church for Easter service we stopped by our lake to do the annual Spring picture of the kids & mom. I was happy they all cooperated even though the sun had vanished from the day before replaced with a light drizzle. We then headed off to church & enjoyed the fellowship of some wonderful friends. I love Christmas song service & Easter the best. Everyone is always in the greatest mood & the singing is wonderful. Now we are back home waiting on the delicious smelling turkey to finish cooking. The whole house smells like turkey & dressing. The kids have crashed from their sugar high. Paul & Jessie a friend who is visiting are sleeping as they wait for dinner to cook. Weekends like this are rare & wonderful. I am so lucky & thankful to God for allowing us to have such a blessed life. Happy Easter everyone! Remember he came down off the cross & rose so that we might live with him again one glorious day.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's Tune

Not a whole lot happening around the home this week since I've been so sick with the crud. So I am excited it's Thursday & time to Link up your favorite Tune over with Amber from Goodnight Moon

It's been so fun to wake up these past few weeks & drink my coffee while hopping around to listen to some great music! This week my choice is a fun little song from a movie I watched yesterday while still coughing & sick stuck at home for the second day in a row.

Cyndi Lauper with Girls just Wanna Have Fun!!! I remember this was one of the first movies I ever noticed who Sarah Jessica Parker was - I wanted to dance like her! I loved Helen Hunt as her BFF & all the trouble they got into together. It made me smile as I watched the movie while feeling so cruddy. Now I hope to feel better so I can get out with my two good friends this weekend for a girls night. Have a great Thursday and don't forget to go link up with Amber.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

It's that time of year for a  Bunny that delivers Eggs??? I know it still confounds me how that is even possible, but my two youngest still love the idea! So my picture for Wordless Wednesday is Easter-Prep for this weekends egg coloring activities. Happy Wednesday everyone.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Klennex are my New Best Friend

I was not able to sleep last night due to noise & a headache that started around bed time. Around 1:45AM I looked at the clock for the last time & groaned- only to be woken up at 3AM by my son Jeremy. He was crying that his head hurt, his throat hurt & "can I get in bed with you mommy?" At that point my nose was so stopped up I agreed to the co-sleeping in hopes I would actually sleep.Of course it's hard to sleep when you have to blow your nose every three seconds but it's so stopped up you can't breathe! I think I went through the first box of tissue by 5AM, gave up & got up for the morning. Took the last two cold pills in the house & drank two cups of coffee. I somehow have managed to get three of the boys off to school while I blow my nose non-stop. It is actually super sunny beautiful day & I can't function- so NOT FAIR!! Reminds me of those days my mom would say "Amanda life in not always Fair."-BOOO!!

This Spring cold just came out of no where I so hope it leaves as fast as it arrived! I have Soccer with Jacob tonight & thank goodness a friend has offered to cook dinner. Paul has Project Healing Waters so I don't have to worry about a big dinner- that helps a lot.My tea just finished so I am off to drink that , give Jeremy some Tylenol for his headache & try to take a nap. What a day, what a day- at least I have Sunshine at my window to help brighten my mood.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to Life

My Monday is starting off with my husband heading back into work after three weeks of Block Leave. This is the longest amount of time he has had off in a row in almost four years. We enjoyed most of it & at times where very frustrated with the cold ,rainy, PNW weather.It kept him from taking the boys camping like he had planned but that is Spring time in Washington, oh-well.

Yesterday we enjoyed church in the morning then the sunshine is the afternoon. We all took a nice long walk around our lake & played at the park. The boys had fun taking Paul's range finder,binoculars, & GPS to play with along the way. Jacob had already been playing with Paul's old Gilly suit in the yard earlier. He would hide from his brothers in the yard & see if they could find him-LOL It was cute how he tried to play soldier like his dad. I always miss these times when he is deployed but I'm sure not half as much as the boys. I have pictures of my older two dressed in Paul's gear when they where about Jacobs age . I have no idea why I didn't grab my camera to snap some of Jacob yesterday? I usually never miss a photograph,I think my brain is fried right now though.

Now we jump back in with both feet to a super busy pre-deployment schedule for Paul at work. I have several things going with the boys & FRG training this week as well. While we all enjoyed the short lived relaxing time of Block Leave it is time to get back to reality & back to routines. Time to help the boys adjust to the upcoming deployment again. Time for me to meet more wives & form some bonds so I can survive as well. It's hard to believe my husband hasn't even been home a year yet & we are already doing this again. I know I am not the only military spouse going through these multiple deployments, but at times it feel like it & it STINKS- BIG TIME! I need to work on improving my attitude & getting my house in order- much easier typed out then done! I am excited to head to lunch with two good friends today so we can catch up before they PCS. But it's also just one more reminder that all our lives are about to change again & I am NOT to happy about it.

I hope everyone has a great Monday , I am going to try- at least the sun is shining again. Maybe that means good things are to come? Here is a good old song to describe my life today, BLAH!!!!

                         Back to LIFE back to REALITY, back to the HERE & NOW......first line describes how I feel-just BLAH today.  Back from a FANTASY....another good line in the song- because Block Leave always feels like pretend....

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Soccer Saturday

Saturday means Soccer for Jacob & his friends. Today was nice because his good buddy had his first Baseball game at the same park. So his buddy came & watched him play for awhile then Jacob got to go watch Baseball after his game. No rain for the whole game made me super happy! Jacob was also Team Captain with the other Jake on the team today- pretty good Saturday. 

                          Yelm United WINS 5-3 still Undefeated!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Right around the Corner

As the ONLY female in a house of five guys at times it can be quite the challenge when birthdays,Christmas, or Mother's Day gifts are required for them to purchase. Since Mother's Day is right around the corner I wanted to share a couple of web sites that I have seen over the past couple of months. I love the look of a lot of their items but I haven't purchased any for myself, yet. 

I love my husband but I knew when we where dating he was not the big romantic gesture type of guy. He will on occasion bring home some flowers, but more often then not I have to tell him when I want something. He claims this is so I get exactly what I want & am not disappointed. I wish he realized that I would never be disappointed if he surprised me with flowers during the middle of the week for no reason.I also know most women & moms are never disappointed on their birthdays or Mother's Day when the husband & kids take the time to pick out a sentimental gift for them. If it comes from the heart it can't be wrong. But over the years I have learned if I want it I need to tell him or go buy it myself for him to wrap with the boys. I sure hope that I am teaching the boys in small ways when they like a girl they should shower her with romantic gestures. I always tell them when we see shows on TV (lifetime) that the romantic gestures are what girls LOVE. I would hate to think that I am sending out into the world four men who have NO CLUE how to wine & dine their sweethearts one day.But this could just be the case since my loving husband is not the big romantic type, hmmmm what to do what to do?? 

Here are the two links to some lovely jewelry if you are like me & need to leave a HUGE hint for your man for those special days. Either company looks to have special items that work for any mother, spouse, or military family.The first is beautiful charms for all branches of the military. They are a bit pricey compared to what I normally spend on my charms for my bracelets. But they have some unique charms to each branch & duty stations.I would love the Fort Lewis Charm since we have been stationed here the longest. As well as the Infantry Charm as that is the husbands MOS. Go take a peek & see if you find anything you might enjoy & drop your hints ladies!

Next we have the Vintage Pearl a beautiful custom hammered look in jewelry. This is my FAVORITE of the two sites. If I had to pick I would ask for a bracelet from this company. It is the first jewelry site I have seen that would allow me to have all four boys on one charm!Usually that is to many names for one piece of jewelry.I am not a huge jewelry wearing person, so to be able to get a piece that is small & dainty with all four names is GREAT!! This is also a good idea for your own moms who might like the grandkids names on a necklace or bracelet. I am thinking of this idea for my own mom who loves all types of jewelry.

Go take a look, share with friends & husbands ladies so you have that special day we all deserve. Being a mom & especially a military wife is HARD work! One day a year we deserve the recognition even if we have to "suggest" our own gifts & point our men in the right direction. I think they all agree we work hard & love us a lot. They may just not know where to start so I hope now you have some good ideas for them.My love never would dispute the work that goes into being mommy & daddy some years.  With that said I think I'll point him towards the hammered name bracelet this year.I hope you all have a very blessed weekend.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rockin Women through the Ages

I use to be an avid OPRAH watcher when I was younger. Now days I have to see what she is talking about before I tune in to listen. Yesterday I was EXCITED I saw her show. She had an AMAZING assortment of women rockers through the years. Some where paired with new young women for today's generation to relate with. They each told how the rockers they where singing with influenced them in their careers. It was a GREAT hour of reminiscing for me listening to songs that NEVER get old & make me want to sing at the top of my lungs!

 Stevie Nicks was there singing Landslide with Sheryl Crow- Amazing! Joan Jett was there singing I love Rock n Roll & Bad Reputation with Miley Cyrus- Amazing! Salt N Pepa was there singing a collection of their hits like Shoop & Push It-Amazing! Pat Benatar was there singing Love is a Battlefield with Avril Lavigne-Amazing! Then Oprah ended the show with Sister Sledge singing We are Family- Amazing!

All these women contributed in some way to Rock n Roll history for women in music today. They discussed how they hit ceilings and SMASHED through them to keep Rocking. I enjoyed listening to all the songs & could remember times I had listened to each song growing up. I love a variety of music so it was so hard to pick a favorite ?  Today's song Link up over at Goodnight Moon for me was  Joan Jett! Her voice is so recognizable ,she was on Happy Days with the Fonz. You just don't get much cooler then this Lady Rocker! I hope you enjoy a little flashback- I had to pick two from her collection of hits- YAY- now you go Link Up with Amber- it's so fun!

                           I Love Rock n Roll - AWESOME!!

I hate myself for Loving YOU- at some point this was true for every girl growing up in love with the wrong guy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stomach Bug Blues

It started yesterday afternoon when I left my youngest at soccer practice to go work out. I was right about 1.5 miles in when my stomach lurched, gurgled & I thought I was going to puke right there on the elliptical.For those of you who know me this will be no surprise, I kept going. Thinking that it would pass I probably just didn't eat enough protein before I started. I have to eat all the time when I work out or I get super nauseous.I made it to 2 miles & had to call it quits! I was not about to vomit in the gym ! I grabbed my bag & ran for my car! I made it to Safeway to get a 7-up & headed back to soccer practice in hopes it would pass. No such luck- all night super queasy. This morning I got up & tentatively sipped at my coffee because I just can't function with out some in my system.Now my stomach is trying not to to be queasy But I am not sure if it is just me willing it to go away? I have to take my youngest to lunch & an appointment today so I CAN NOT be sick! 
Anyway it led to me wishing I could just lay around on this cold rainy Pacific Northwest day & watch a few favorite old movies until I feel better. That is what I would normally do & Jeremy would get a pass from school. Because when mommy goes down, nothing happens around the house! I went to Netflix to see if I could watch a couple on instant play just so I wouldn't have to go dig them out- lazy I know. They brought smiles to my face years ago & just looking through them today did the same. Below are my choices for when I am feeling really sick & need to just slow down. I think my music link up tomorrow will go with one of them, just not sure which one yet? I hope you all have a good day & are feeling better then this girl.

Best Sound track from my childhood days.....there are two that made me dance all over my room all the time.

Serious toss up between "Let's hear it for the boy" & "Summer Loving"

  Top Gun also has some Amazing music- but let's be honest we all watched it for the "Volleyball" scene with Iceman & Maverick,ahhhh...

This is my all time favorite go-to movie if I need a laugh or a good cry. I love Dolly & Shirley McClain in this movie. Also  my mom has always reminded me of Sally Fields.

If I could lay around all day in my sick bed I would be watching these for sure- they always make me feel better.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mommy "Juice"

I was bored & awake way to early for a Tuesday morning  so this is what happens random blogs. I had a friend tell me about Mommy "Juice"   a few months ago but just stumbled across their web page again this morning. It is HILARIOUS!! They call the Wine they make Mommy "Juice"! I love the name & hope to buy a bottle of their White to sample. They are so right on when they say sometimes Mommy needs her "Juice" at the end of a long day! Go take the time to check out their web site & like them on Facebook. Has anyone tried their Wines? If so what did you think? I personally have my own favorite wines I keep on hand for days when I need Calgon to take me Away! Do you all have any favorites to share?I love going to Wine tastings & am looking forward to one coming up at the end of the month. It is another new Wine company to me so I'll let you know how it tastes. The Mommy Juice site is asking for pictures from Girls Night out so below I posted a couple from last July. We had a Ladies Wine Tasting night out & we had a lot of fun! Some of the wine was great & some was not my cup of tea. But I believe we all left with a bottle or two that evening.I think it is great for moms ,wives,girls to get out once & awhile to enjoy their friendships together. To me there is nothing better then  good friends,good food,& laughter all shared over a good glass of wine!!
That's my random thoughts on this Tuesday morning . I hope you all have a Great day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bird's Nest

Jeremy & I decided to bake today on this pretty spring day. This is what we came up with today. Strawberry flavored cupcakes with butter-cream icing topped with coconut & robin's eggs. They are called Bird's Nest cupcakes.It was a fun break in regular school work that let him read & measure ingredients. Plus they tasted delicious & mom loved sampling the broken robins eggs  :0)

If your like me & don't have the time to do homemade strawberry cake then grab a box of Betty Crocker- it was very moist. We then whipped up the butter-cream & colored the coconut with food coloring.The coconut was dry by the time the cupcakes where cooled & ready to decorate. A fun easy spring project for all your little bakers.If you aren't a fan of the whopper robin eggs- first WHY?? Then you can choose to use jelly beans instead.

Random Facts about Me (pt. 4) It's OVER!!

Finally the last 25 Random facts about ME!! It has been fun trying to think of things you may not know about me, but hard as well. I am glad to wrap this up & will have to find something new for next Monday's post??? Here goes enjoy & have a great Day!!

76. I am only 1 of 2 red heads in our whole family- extended included.
78. My middle name is GEM- named after my favorite aunt
79. My favortie aunt is the OTHER red-head  :0)
80. I love broccoli & cauliflower
81. My favorite movie is Terms of Endearment with Steel Magnolias as a close runner up
82. I still watch VHS movies that I haven't bought on DVD yet because I am too cheap.
83. I hate the smell of Beer- YUCK!
84. I really hate the smell of cigarette smoke more! 
85. My stereo in my house still plays cassette tapes & I have a few oldies but goodies!
86.  I prefer to work out in the morning, but will go in the afternoon if it's the only time I can squeeze it into my day.
87. I have to eat like 6 times a day- small meals or I get SUPER crabby
88. I love to hold babies & would still have another if we could & it could be a girl.
89. I prefer tall men-lol Not that I am looking for a new one- just always like tall over shorter.
90. Love to walk on the beach at sunrise & sunset
91. Love Seafood- Halibut cooked anyway is the Best!!
92. Hate DS games that consume my kids time - drives me nuts!
93. Love the show Army Wives & haven't missed an episode- even though it's a little far fetched .
94. Lifetime movies all day long sometimes are the BEST!
95. Jeans over dressy clothes these days.
96. I have two best friends that know EVERYTHING & they aren't my husband though he is my BF as well. One has known me longer then him & one for 13 years.
97.  I love first thing in the morning when the house is quiet & all the kids are asleep-just me & my coffee
98. The husband & I have been together 17 years- will be 18 this July -counting dating time.
99. Weimaraners really are the prettiest dogs in the world to me.
100. I have green eyes not blue- the contacts change the color slightly.

Whewwwww- That's ALL Folks!! Not sure I could come up with one more thing!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silent Saturday

Today I will let the following pictures taken from Facebook do most of the talking. Yesterday was a day filled with stress & anxiousness by all US Military stationed around the Globe. It was all that filled my Facebook page all day long. Worry over how the military would lose pay. Wives, soldiers, parents, & even children learning a valuable lesson from our elected officials. I won't preach or spew my political thinking to much this morning. I hope that we all remember the next time we vote about April 8,2011 & how SHAMEFUL our government treated all it's citizens.Some of the pictures you will see are funny & some are heartbreaking. But all have a common theme. Our military Men & Women will work to protect us 24 hours a day,seven days a week whether they are paid or not-but should they have too? Always remember Freedom ISN'T Free, someone has your back ALWAYS!


Remember our Military ALWAYS works & ALWAYS deserves our Respect. They are not to be used in a political battle.    ~Shame on you Congress~