Jeremy's Journey

             Jeremy is now 16 & Balto is now 4 years old.

Balto & Jeremy to New Beginnings

Jeremy was born with Sturge-Weber Syndrome which presents with his Port Wine Stain on the right side of his face. He has seizures,Glaucoma, & ADHD that he lives with daily. This has led us down the path of getting a Service Dog named Banyan to be his constant companion. We got Banyan when he was 7 months old & are training him at home currently. We have a lot of help from Lead Me On a great Dog Training center in Lacey, WA. We where matched with them through the All American Dogs program out of Camp Murray. Their goal is to help our Wounded Warriors & Active Duty service members receive a service dog if needed. When they heard our story & that Jeremy's a survivor of 4 deployments  they stepped in to help.  We had obtained Banyan from Oregon Assistance Dogs and needed the training to be local. It's kind of hard to drive to Oregon every weekend for classes with four little boys & one husband deployed.

Here is the link to explain how we got a grant from the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation to help pay for more of Banyan's training : We Got It

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We do all kinds of field trips every week- make sure not to miss out on all the fun! We have at least two more years folks of training before Banyan is a full on certified Medic Alert / Mobility dog for Jeremy- that's a lot of puppy treats!

Banyan Updates :So Many Tears

We will forever miss Banyan but we know he is in a great home as a loveable pet in Colorado. He was a wonderful member of our family for eleven months. Now we have had to move forward to keep looking for the best Service Dog for Jeremy.

Christmas Wishes are Answered 

 Balto the new Service Dog in Training

Balto at 7 weeks old

Jeremy 12 years & Balto 10 weeks

I Know he Can

1 boy 4 Change. Org

Fundraiser Account for Balto's Medical/Food expenses 

Balto turned 1 year old on November 14th