Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day One of Birthday Celebrations

Jeremy turned eleven today & I can hardly believe he is that old already. We woke up early & opened one gift before school. After enjoying his favorite chocolate chip muffins he headed out to school. Late in the afternoon I took in some cupcake & juice to share with his friends. He had the biggest smile all day. I got the best picture of him at school with his eyes wide open. Here are a couple pictures from today. Tomorrow he has his friend sleepover & birthday cake. So day two celebration will be posted on Friday.

This is the first picture since Jeremy was a baby that he has both eyes wide open looking at the camera. I almost cried- his Glaucoma keeps him looking down during most pictures.

Our Birthday Picture together I love this little guy

Jeremy talking to his daddy on Skype- he was so excited to show him his new toy. This is the third year my husband has had to miss Jeremy's birthday. We hope it's the last.

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