Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fitness Friday/Saturday

Friday came & went in a blur. I was super busy with errands & kids. Sorry I missed posting my fitness updates. This week was a crazy fitness mess! Last Sunday was church then Chicago football time, we won't talk about that game it made me sad. Monday came & I got a great workout in at the gym . I managed 7.36 miles between the elliptical & bike. I also did abs & legs. Tuesday came to WA very dreary but no rain when we started our work out. Notice I said when we started...haha First we had a newcomers join our group, who is not new to working out. Just new to our little group. She brought us a new WOD to try & it was super hard! 90 second stations with lots of new ideas for all over body strengthening. Half way through just when we where working up a good sweat down came the rain. We had mom leave because baby was with her not wanting to get him sick. But three of us stayed finished our second round & my third lap before calling it a day. We where soaked & cold.

Wednesday came with a quick outdoor workout with one mom because I knew Thursday was a busy day. By now my right foot which I had noticed a dull ache in was really bothering me. Thursday after a lot of errands my right foot was throbbing from the top all the way down into the toes. After some consults with different sources we came to the conclusion that all the hard work out may have cause a small stress fracture. I could barley walk on it any weight just hurt! I took a very strong pain pill & passed out. I woke up Friday with the pain a little less until I started moving. I was determined to try a low impact work out so I could stay on track. I am seven days out from my 5K Obstacle run & I am not happy with a injury derailing all my hard work. I cleaned out the garage, went to the dump, hit up post, then hit the gym. I only made it 15 minutes on the bike. In order to keep my heart rate up where I need it to be I have to go super fast & a hard level. My poor old knees didn't like it at all. I went to do arms, shoulders, & abs. It was not a very good work out but I did break a sweat.
 Saturday is here & I decided to take the advice & rest today. I will also try to rest tomorrow but I won't like it. I am finally in a good workout routine & I actually feel all out of sorts when I don't get to exercise. I enjoy it, it is my stress relief & I have not let it interfere with the boys. This close to race day though I have to rest that foot. I will go to the gym on Monday & try to get some cardio in  just so I don't go insane. It will be another low impact work out  :0/ but at least I will be moving. Hopefully by the 8th I am not in any pain & can enjoy the day with the other Army Wives as we get on our sweat in the

I decided to order a shirt that I can use for all my races & it came yesterday!! So excited because It fits & is actually loose around my waist. I have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks & gone back down a pants size. I am shooting for those last 4 pounds I gained while husband was home. Then it'll be all about toning & maintenance. I am not trying to get back to what I had two years ago. It would mean to much time at the gym & away from the boys. I am beginning to realize as long as I am exercising daily ,eating healthy whole foods, I feel better & look better. I may not be a super model size but God didn't make me that size so why would I want to kill myself to keep that size?? I hope you all are still exercising & eating healthy as well. Have a great weekend & below is a picture I took for my husband. It's my new race shirt with the Sweaty & Strong from our Facebook page on front. He said he noticed in my face the most- so YAY ME!!

My upper thighs are still big, but it is all muscle so I am OK with that!! Now to shape the arms a lot more & maintain!

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Good for you, you look great :)