Sunday, October 30, 2011

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

You my friends get a treat tonight instead of a trick! I have been running around like a mad women since Friday morning. I have finally just now sat down in my living room to rest & unwind. We started our weekend off with Jeremy's birthday/sleepover.I woke up bright & early for my 5k Mud Run, then ran home to cook all afternoon for the adult Halloween party Saturday night. Then got up & moving Sunday morning for church- oh & the all day Halloween Hopla events afterwards. We also stopped on the way home at some dear friends house to BOO them with Halloween goodies as well as just say "hi" as it had been a long while since we saw them all.

Now don't worry if you can't keep up with it all. I took a camera to every event! I chronicled all the action for Paul & for you. With out further delay here is our super busy totally hectic but fun  Pre-halloween weekend!!

Friday night Birthday Madness - I love their faces in this shot

All shiny & clean before the run....

Totally wet,muddy & freezing after the run!

Adult Halloween Party Saturday night as Frenchie with Rainbow Bright

The whole crew having fun

Some of the Church Gang taking kids to the corn Maze before the party

Jacob helped us decorate & set up at church

Costume Winners of the evening

The boys getting out of the van ready to surprise our friends with Halloween goodies

Happy Halloween You've been Boo-ed

Are you tired just looking through these few pictures? Imagine how this sleep deprived mom feels. It was loads of fun for us all but way to much piled into one weekend. Next time this girl will check her calender better before  saying yes to so many activities. I am honestly ready for the spooky season to pass so I can lay around for a while. I hope everyone has a safe & fun Halloween night-make it Spooktacular!

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