Friday, January 1, 2016

Here We Go, Ready or Not 2016 is Here!

I fell asleep before mid-night not feeling so great & woke up to a new year! I don't really believe in the whole " new year , new you " thing but I do believe you can try to accomplish some goals or dreams in each new year. They may or may not turn out the way you pictured them in your head but you won't know unless you try. My thinking is to use the One Word 365 goal to focus on one word that can help me feel better about my year. FAITH is my word because I really think I need a big dose of it to tackle this year ahead.

 I have some goals that aren't necessarily new goals for me to accomplish. Run at least one marathon with no aches or pains from injuries. Watch my second son graduate from high school successfully and move on to the next phase of his life. Continue to teach 3rd grade for another school year. Enjoy more time with my husband as we seem to be in our own worlds a lot of time. They say this happens after years of marriage, kids, work etc. It's time to find something we both enjoy again. Find a stronger connection with my God and learn to have a stronger FAITH in him. That he will uphold me when I feel weak mentally & physically if I just ask. As I grow older I realize I am never going to be perfect and that's okay . But man is it hard to swallow for this type A, organized perfectionist lady.

complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
synonyms:trust, belief, confidence, conviction; More
strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.
religion, church, sect, denomination, (religious) persuasion, (religious) belief, ideology, creed, teaching, doctrine
"she gave her life for her faith"
Hopefully by not focusing on all that is "wrong" or "depressing" in my daily life but focusing on having FAITH that I can choose to make the most of each day with my family by choosing to have FAITH in what God has in store for me, I will have a happy, healthy, & blessed new year!