Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rockin Women through the Ages

I use to be an avid OPRAH watcher when I was younger. Now days I have to see what she is talking about before I tune in to listen. Yesterday I was EXCITED I saw her show. She had an AMAZING assortment of women rockers through the years. Some where paired with new young women for today's generation to relate with. They each told how the rockers they where singing with influenced them in their careers. It was a GREAT hour of reminiscing for me listening to songs that NEVER get old & make me want to sing at the top of my lungs!

 Stevie Nicks was there singing Landslide with Sheryl Crow- Amazing! Joan Jett was there singing I love Rock n Roll & Bad Reputation with Miley Cyrus- Amazing! Salt N Pepa was there singing a collection of their hits like Shoop & Push It-Amazing! Pat Benatar was there singing Love is a Battlefield with Avril Lavigne-Amazing! Then Oprah ended the show with Sister Sledge singing We are Family- Amazing!

All these women contributed in some way to Rock n Roll history for women in music today. They discussed how they hit ceilings and SMASHED through them to keep Rocking. I enjoyed listening to all the songs & could remember times I had listened to each song growing up. I love a variety of music so it was so hard to pick a favorite ?  Today's song Link up over at Goodnight Moon for me was  Joan Jett! Her voice is so recognizable ,she was on Happy Days with the Fonz. You just don't get much cooler then this Lady Rocker! I hope you enjoy a little flashback- I had to pick two from her collection of hits- YAY- now you go Link Up with Amber- it's so fun!

                           I Love Rock n Roll - AWESOME!!

I hate myself for Loving YOU- at some point this was true for every girl growing up in love with the wrong guy.


Anonymous said...

LOVE Joan Jett!!!!

Any girl who can rock n roll is a favorite in my book!

Goodnight moon said...

Doesn't she kinda remind you of Jem? Please tell me you know how Jem is right? Jem and the Rockstars! Google it if you must, because I totally just showed my age if not;)

I haven't watched Oprah in forever! I should be watching her because it's her last session, but I haven't.

Thanks for linking up Amanda!!!!

Amanda said...

Amber if we are talking about JEM from the cartoon- totally loved her as a kid! Keri & I where just discussing her in my comments from Mondays post-LOL My middle name is actually Gem...haha

Samantha said...

Isn't she one the greatest female rockers? And yes, that last song is a true ode to all the little boys who broke my heart!

Ashley S. said...

You gotta love Joan Jett! Seriously. I agree with you, these women are worth admiring! Tonight at my karaoke competition I'm doing "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar and I am so excited to actually do a tribute to the women of rock!

Thanks for sharing!

Nicole Marie said...

Joan Jett, the love of my dad's life. Lol.

Great songs.

Anonymous said...

I love Joan Jett! She is truly amazing.

I am so sad I missed that episode of Oprah! I will have to see if I can find a re run or find it online.

Beth said...

Love it! I, too, used to be all about Oprah and now I am lucky if I get a chance to see it. And, yes, Joan Jett was AMAZING! I remember singing "I Love Rock and Roll" at the lunch table in 3rd grade. I still totally rock out when I hear it on the radio. :) Great post!!

Amber Joy said...

Hello Amanda Thank you for your encouragement post today on my blog. It was pretty amazing to read your blog and see that your a "military pro" I'm new to the game and learning all I can from others. The hard part is I live in a state that doesn't support its troops as much as others so I have a hard time finding local support thats why I turned to blogging and boy am I glad I did. I have met some amazing, inspiring women in the blogging world.
Thank you and God bless you
Semper Fi, Amber joy