Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Canine Friends help with PTSD

Yesterday I came across an article posted on Facebook about our canine friends now being trained to help our Wounded Warriors with PTSD. I think this is AMAZING & WONDERFUL. I know when I am stressed & I just sit to pet one of our beautiful dogs it really helps. I read the article Canine-Heroes  then went to the website Brigadoon Dogs   to learn where they are located & all the services they provide our military.  I was pleased to see that you can fill out applications to help raise a puppy for twelve months before they leave & go into an intensive training program. If my soldier wasn't deploying so soon I think I would be discussing this option with him. I have a lot of traveling planned with the kids though so it would not be a good idea at the moment. But if you are located in the Pacific North West, Seattle or surrounding areas & might want to help go check it out. They give very specific rules they expect you to adhere to so they get the best quality dogs into their program. 

With my husband volunteering with Project Healing Waters 
he has met several soldiers who use Therapy dogs to help relieve stress of PTSD symptoms. The Military will pay for both the soldier & the canine to be trained. That service dog stays with his or her soldier 24/7. I know when a friend went out to fish on our boat this summer in our lake his little Daisy was NOT happy to be left on shore! She barked & barked until said soldier came back to get her for a boat ride. They can be a great source of unconditional love for someone who has wounds that no one else can see. I was amazed to learn how they are trained to wake them from nightmares or to lay their heads on them when they sense the soldier getting stressed.  

If  you know someone who could use this service please pass along the information. Even if they don't live here in WA this group can help put them in touch with another Canine Service Dog provider. Our soldiers who suffer in silence deserve the same help as those who have visible wounds. Thank you to the Brigadoon Dogs for realizing this & helping.

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