Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eggs, Bunnies,Soccer,Sunshine, & Christ

Our Good Friday was not simply good it was GREAT! After school when all the boys returned home we started with some pizza. Then Jacob helped me work on making the strawberry/lemon Bunny cake. We haven't made the cake in a couple of years so the kids where super excited. Depending on whether you ate an ear or some bunny face you had a different flavor. The boys couldn't agree on what flavor Mr. Bunny needed to be this year so we did both flavors.Then the rest of the evening was spent dying eggs & watching fun movies - perfect night!


 Saturday arrived with glorious sunshine & warm temperatures. We headed out to Jacob's soccer game where they WON again & remain undefeated. We noticed some men playing Rugby & took Jacob over to watch. He decided the guys where crazy & he would just stick to Soccer- which made mom very happy.

We came home to find that the older two boys had hidden about 50 plastic eggs in the front yard for their brothers to hunt.The two younger boys where so excited as they had missed every scheduled egg hunt this year due to our busy lives.They helped the younger guys locate the candy filled eggs & made their brothers so happy as well as mom. Then my husband decided since the sun was still shining it was Bon-Fire night! We have a huge fire pit in our backyard with a ton of stumps & tree limbs collected from the wind storms over the year.I ran to the store to buy some hot dog buns & huge marshmellows for them to roast. I was able to stay inside the nice peaceful house watching The Kings Speech while the boys enjoyed some man time with their dad. It was a wonderful Saturday as the boys headed to bed to await the arrival of Peter Cottontail.No matter what age in our home you get an Easter Basket full of goodies.

My older boys wondered why they got AXE in the Easter Baskets?? I told them maybe it was a HINT that they needed to use deodorant a little more often now??? They didn't think mom was to funny.

Before we headed off to church for Easter service we stopped by our lake to do the annual Spring picture of the kids & mom. I was happy they all cooperated even though the sun had vanished from the day before replaced with a light drizzle. We then headed off to church & enjoyed the fellowship of some wonderful friends. I love Christmas song service & Easter the best. Everyone is always in the greatest mood & the singing is wonderful. Now we are back home waiting on the delicious smelling turkey to finish cooking. The whole house smells like turkey & dressing. The kids have crashed from their sugar high. Paul & Jessie a friend who is visiting are sleeping as they wait for dinner to cook. Weekends like this are rare & wonderful. I am so lucky & thankful to God for allowing us to have such a blessed life. Happy Easter everyone! Remember he came down off the cross & rose so that we might live with him again one glorious day.

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Laura said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!