Wednesday, April 6, 2011

100 Random Facts about Me (pt.3)

Ok people we are only on Part 3 so here is another 25 Random facts about me- I will be glad when this little countdown is finished.Not to sure I'll be starting another countdown anytime soon - besides the one that will lead up to Paul coming home after he deploys. They  are much harder then you think!

51. I love waterslides!! I love the drop you get in your stomach as you fly down them!!
52. I love California rolls , but not all sushi- some of it scares me.
53. I have always wanted to adopt a baby from another country
54. I prefer to swim in a pool verses a lake even though we live on one.
55. I love stir fry!! I could eat it every day.
56. I love to talk on the phone- can talk about nothing with friends for hours.
57. I love to repaint my house. I see a new coat of paint going up while Paul is deployed- he never knows what new color will be on the walls when he returns.
58. I love Arbys for fast food & Sonic is a close second.
59. I love to laugh & do it when I am nervous.
60. I DO NOT have a green thumb & kill just about every plant I ever come in contact with.
61. I love the sound of rain- which is good considering I live in the state of Washington.
62. I love to organize events for people- I get very excited & jump into it with both feet never looking back!
63. I went to Hawaii for my senior graduation from High school & haven't made it back yet  :0(
64. I HATE the dentist with a passion & will wait years between checkups.
65. Because of #64 I brush my teeth at least 3 times a day sometimes more if I am eating a lot during the day.
66. I wear contacts
67. I love DC & wish I could visit there whenever I wanted
68. I can't read a book more then once except the Bible.
69. I have come to LOVE watching TRUE BLOOD & can't wait for the new season to start!
70. TEAM JACOB!!!!
71. I drove to Forks, WA & was more excited to drive out to La Push to see the beach & cliffs- I have turned into a TWILIGHT fan....much to the husbands dismay. 
72. I don't like to wear a lot of jewlery & often only wear my wedding ring/small earrings
73. I love it when my husband buys me pretty jewelry though especially if it is earrings
74. I love to take down old photo albums & look through them all the time.Thus my obsession with taking pictures & documenting everything. 
75. I cry sometimes while listening to songs that can bring on a memory & find it very soothing- a good stress release.

There- WOW much harder as we move along. Next week I'll do the last 25 for you all- I know you can hardly wait (said with sarcasm). Tune in tomorrow for my song choice of the week. I have heard several good picks for this week & it will be hard to narrow it down. But that is what I get for watching old movies I love on TV- they have great soundtracks!!  Have a blessed & safe Wednesday everyone.

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