Friday, April 29, 2011

Happily Ever After , British Style

I sat my DVR on Thursday night & headed to bed. I was excited & woke up around 5AM, ran to the TV to see where they where at in England. I started watching the recorded version & loved it all! Correction I loved the first three hours I saw. About the last 5 minutes of the new Duke & Duchess leaving the Abbey I missed. That's right folks, my DVR STOPPED!! I was so upset! Thankfully it was on almost every cable network in reruns! So I caught that last few moments in the Abbey & the carriage ride. That was my favorite moment. The one exception being at the alter when Kate finally got to William, he leaned in & you see him say "I love you" . She looked like she was so nervous, I think he knew she needed her nerves calmed. The rest went down in Fairytale history. Here are a few lovely pictures from the day that are my favorites so far.I am sure more will surface over the next few days of the beautiful couple. I am praying for them this marraige is a good match & they can have their Happily Ever After.

Arriving at the Abbey

Placing Kate's ring

Leaving the Abbey- they look happy

Arriving at the Palace

The much anticipated first kiss

The last picture of Kate is after she changed for the evening reception hosted by the Queen. Another amazing dress.

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mommyofasuperhero said...

i wish i could have watched it....