Monday, April 11, 2011

Bird's Nest

Jeremy & I decided to bake today on this pretty spring day. This is what we came up with today. Strawberry flavored cupcakes with butter-cream icing topped with coconut & robin's eggs. They are called Bird's Nest cupcakes.It was a fun break in regular school work that let him read & measure ingredients. Plus they tasted delicious & mom loved sampling the broken robins eggs  :0)

If your like me & don't have the time to do homemade strawberry cake then grab a box of Betty Crocker- it was very moist. We then whipped up the butter-cream & colored the coconut with food coloring.The coconut was dry by the time the cupcakes where cooled & ready to decorate. A fun easy spring project for all your little bakers.If you aren't a fan of the whopper robin eggs- first WHY?? Then you can choose to use jelly beans instead.

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