Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Hero Kids

Yesterday evening I was so EXCITED to give my four boys their Blue Star Military Children's Appreciation Certificates - whew what a mouthful! I had taken the time when I saw the link posted on Facebook to send off for my kids certificates since it was the Month of the Military Child. After dinner I gathered them all into our living room to tell them something special had arrived just for them in the mail. I handed them all out as I watched HUGE smiles spread across all their faces. I explained that their dad , their country, & I where all so PROUD of them!! That they had served America as well by helping me around the house & supporting their dad when he was deployed. That I knew that this upcoming deployment was going to be hard but that these certificates proved we could all do it again!

Jeremy was the cutest of the four boys he immediately said " I am a HERO KID mom!!." I immediately agreed as did his dad "YOU SURE ARE!!". I was happy that they understood that others recognized the sacrifices they make as children of a soldier.  It was very important for me as well as Paul to say to them that we know deployments are hard,long,sad at times, but you are AMAZING boys & we LOVE YOU!! The oldest being the teenagers they  just grinned & wouldn't get their pictures taken. But the two youngest very proudly held their award & let me snap a picture. They then proudly had me put their certificates up on their dresser to show anyone who comes over. I think I will get them all framed to hang in their rooms. That way at anytime during the deployment they are feeling blue they can be reminded that others think they are special .

The flash always bothers Jeremy's eyes- but he was so Proud & so was I. My husband told them over and over how AWESOME the award was as well as how SPECIAL they all are to us. Don't forget to Thank the children who stay behind & wait as well, it will mean the world to them.

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Lisa C said...

Okay, I'm all teary. That is awesome. What a great thing, to remember the kids.

They are amazing and as hard as it all is, I'm sure it's building character in them that will serve them always. It will also foster an appreciation for "regular" times that other children get all the time. It's always good even if difficult to learn those lessons.

However, at this point in time, the lessons probably seem like something you'd rather not have to teach....that's why God does it for us I guess.

In Admiration,