Saturday, April 2, 2011

Block Leave Means "Family"

Well my soldier husband started his Block Leave last Saturday & has been in Colorado visiting his family since Sunday. He has had fun I can tell by the Facebook pictures & our conversations. But it was so nice to hear him tell me he was ready to come home yesterday morning when he called.All military families know that Block Leave usually means one of two things in our world.
1. Your soldier just returned from a deployment & his unit gave everyone a few weeks off for reintegration. 
2. Your soldier's unit will be leaving soon for an upcoming deployment  :0(

We are on number two so Block Leave as much as we want to enjoy it is very bitter sweet at the moment. I will pick up my husband late tonight from the airport . The kids started Spring Break today & are super excited that for once dad is off work to have some fun! We are heading to the Great Wolf Lodge in Ground mounds, WA for some waterpark fun & we can hardly wait! My husband is also thinking if the rain stays away he will be able to take the boys camping & fishing for a couple nights, These fun family times are going to be few & far in between after leave is over so we are happy to get some family time now. I hope to capture a lot of these moments  on camera so they last us through the upcoming months after he leaves.Very bittersweet moments but I am so grateful we have this time & plan to make the most of it! I am sure my friends on FB will get tired of all the new pictures we will post. But this is how my husband keeps up with everything while he is gone . He loves that he can go look at my photos anytime he wants over & over.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend & enjoy your time with family. I know we will & I will post more about our Spring Break adventures later in the week.

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Unknown said...

I found you via Military Spouse Bloggers. I'm also an army wife, and a new mom as well. My husband is currently stationed overseas and was just deployed.
Just wanted to say I'm sorry that your husband will be leaving soon.
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