Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to Life

My Monday is starting off with my husband heading back into work after three weeks of Block Leave. This is the longest amount of time he has had off in a row in almost four years. We enjoyed most of it & at times where very frustrated with the cold ,rainy, PNW weather.It kept him from taking the boys camping like he had planned but that is Spring time in Washington, oh-well.

Yesterday we enjoyed church in the morning then the sunshine is the afternoon. We all took a nice long walk around our lake & played at the park. The boys had fun taking Paul's range finder,binoculars, & GPS to play with along the way. Jacob had already been playing with Paul's old Gilly suit in the yard earlier. He would hide from his brothers in the yard & see if they could find him-LOL It was cute how he tried to play soldier like his dad. I always miss these times when he is deployed but I'm sure not half as much as the boys. I have pictures of my older two dressed in Paul's gear when they where about Jacobs age . I have no idea why I didn't grab my camera to snap some of Jacob yesterday? I usually never miss a photograph,I think my brain is fried right now though.

Now we jump back in with both feet to a super busy pre-deployment schedule for Paul at work. I have several things going with the boys & FRG training this week as well. While we all enjoyed the short lived relaxing time of Block Leave it is time to get back to reality & back to routines. Time to help the boys adjust to the upcoming deployment again. Time for me to meet more wives & form some bonds so I can survive as well. It's hard to believe my husband hasn't even been home a year yet & we are already doing this again. I know I am not the only military spouse going through these multiple deployments, but at times it feel like it & it STINKS- BIG TIME! I need to work on improving my attitude & getting my house in order- much easier typed out then done! I am excited to head to lunch with two good friends today so we can catch up before they PCS. But it's also just one more reminder that all our lives are about to change again & I am NOT to happy about it.

I hope everyone has a great Monday , I am going to try- at least the sun is shining again. Maybe that means good things are to come? Here is a good old song to describe my life today, BLAH!!!!

                         Back to LIFE back to REALITY, back to the HERE & NOW......first line describes how I feel-just BLAH today.  Back from a FANTASY....another good line in the song- because Block Leave always feels like pretend....

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