Saturday, April 9, 2011

Silent Saturday

Today I will let the following pictures taken from Facebook do most of the talking. Yesterday was a day filled with stress & anxiousness by all US Military stationed around the Globe. It was all that filled my Facebook page all day long. Worry over how the military would lose pay. Wives, soldiers, parents, & even children learning a valuable lesson from our elected officials. I won't preach or spew my political thinking to much this morning. I hope that we all remember the next time we vote about April 8,2011 & how SHAMEFUL our government treated all it's citizens.Some of the pictures you will see are funny & some are heartbreaking. But all have a common theme. Our military Men & Women will work to protect us 24 hours a day,seven days a week whether they are paid or not-but should they have too? Always remember Freedom ISN'T Free, someone has your back ALWAYS!


Remember our Military ALWAYS works & ALWAYS deserves our Respect. They are not to be used in a political battle.    ~Shame on you Congress~ 


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