Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Klennex are my New Best Friend

I was not able to sleep last night due to noise & a headache that started around bed time. Around 1:45AM I looked at the clock for the last time & groaned- only to be woken up at 3AM by my son Jeremy. He was crying that his head hurt, his throat hurt & "can I get in bed with you mommy?" At that point my nose was so stopped up I agreed to the co-sleeping in hopes I would actually sleep.Of course it's hard to sleep when you have to blow your nose every three seconds but it's so stopped up you can't breathe! I think I went through the first box of tissue by 5AM, gave up & got up for the morning. Took the last two cold pills in the house & drank two cups of coffee. I somehow have managed to get three of the boys off to school while I blow my nose non-stop. It is actually super sunny beautiful day & I can't function- so NOT FAIR!! Reminds me of those days my mom would say "Amanda life in not always Fair."-BOOO!!

This Spring cold just came out of no where I so hope it leaves as fast as it arrived! I have Soccer with Jacob tonight & thank goodness a friend has offered to cook dinner. Paul has Project Healing Waters so I don't have to worry about a big dinner- that helps a lot.My tea just finished so I am off to drink that , give Jeremy some Tylenol for his headache & try to take a nap. What a day, what a day- at least I have Sunshine at my window to help brighten my mood.

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Lisa C said...

Well, whatever attcked you attacked me too out of nowhere!! I was fine one minute and snarffy the next. You shoulda called in the middle of the night, I was grabbing tissue too!

Poor Jeremy. His head REALLY hurts when he gets a cold.

Nice perks though, sun and no dinner making.

Hugs and Blessings,

Hoping we all feel better soon!