Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stomach Bug Blues

It started yesterday afternoon when I left my youngest at soccer practice to go work out. I was right about 1.5 miles in when my stomach lurched, gurgled & I thought I was going to puke right there on the elliptical.For those of you who know me this will be no surprise, I kept going. Thinking that it would pass I probably just didn't eat enough protein before I started. I have to eat all the time when I work out or I get super nauseous.I made it to 2 miles & had to call it quits! I was not about to vomit in the gym ! I grabbed my bag & ran for my car! I made it to Safeway to get a 7-up & headed back to soccer practice in hopes it would pass. No such luck- all night super queasy. This morning I got up & tentatively sipped at my coffee because I just can't function with out some in my system.Now my stomach is trying not to to be queasy But I am not sure if it is just me willing it to go away? I have to take my youngest to lunch & an appointment today so I CAN NOT be sick! 
Anyway it led to me wishing I could just lay around on this cold rainy Pacific Northwest day & watch a few favorite old movies until I feel better. That is what I would normally do & Jeremy would get a pass from school. Because when mommy goes down, nothing happens around the house! I went to Netflix to see if I could watch a couple on instant play just so I wouldn't have to go dig them out- lazy I know. They brought smiles to my face years ago & just looking through them today did the same. Below are my choices for when I am feeling really sick & need to just slow down. I think my music link up tomorrow will go with one of them, just not sure which one yet? I hope you all have a good day & are feeling better then this girl.

Best Sound track from my childhood days.....there are two that made me dance all over my room all the time.

Serious toss up between "Let's hear it for the boy" & "Summer Loving"

  Top Gun also has some Amazing music- but let's be honest we all watched it for the "Volleyball" scene with Iceman & Maverick,ahhhh...

This is my all time favorite go-to movie if I need a laugh or a good cry. I love Dolly & Shirley McClain in this movie. Also  my mom has always reminded me of Sally Fields.

If I could lay around all day in my sick bed I would be watching these for sure- they always make me feel better.

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