Tuesday, April 5, 2011

♫♪♫ Going to the Lodge...Great Wolf Lodge ♫♪♫

We started off Spring break here in the PNW with a cold rainy day,brrrrr. But we were all warm & splashing around while we visited the Great Wolf Lodge! The whole family enjoyed the wave pool, water slides,squirt guns, arcade,arts & crafts area- so much family fun! You really can't ask for a better place to take the whole family for an entertaining activity for every age. When the older kids got tired at the pool, they headed off to the arcade. When the two younger ones where water logged we headed to the arts & crafts room to catch a lesson on Bullfrogs. Lots of good fun & quality family time was had by all. This was our second time to visit so we knew a few little secrets we will share with you all. Then you can just enjoy the fun pictures of all the activities.

1. Check in is at 1:00PM so you can use the water park even if your room isn't ready- Get there by NOON to stand in line.
2.Any person over the age of 12 can get a Key pass scanned onto your braclet you wear during your stay. This helps the parents not have to return to the room when the older kids want to go off on their own.
3.Money can be put on the older kids bracelets as well. Each place they visit can scan them & when their allotted money is gone, it's GONE!! Helps parents with sticker shock while teaching kids budgeting.
4. They have several places you can dine in the Lodge. We take a cooler full of drinks, hotdogs,& snacks to keep in the room. All food is pretty pricey- but all rooms have a microwave. We did Pizza Hut for dinner & lunch in our room. I ran to McDonalds for breakfast items- you save big time bringing in your own snacks!
5.Ask for a Patio room & the sliding glass door leads directly to one of the parking lots. Very easy access to unload & reload the car during the trip.
6. If you are Military they offer a good discount- either call or enter the word "HEROES" on-line.
7. First time visitors may want to stay 2 days- after that 1 day is plenty because everyone get's worn out in the 85 degree swim area.
8. Those with kids 9 & under don't miss Story time in the main lobby at night- the trees come alive with singing animals.Plus you get to meet Violet & Wiley the Wolves- while mom enjoys a glass of wine or coffee from starbucks.
 9.Wear your swimsuits to the lodge so when you check in- you are ready to go! They have lockers but they cost$10 to rent for the day. 

Most of all just go prepared to get really wet,really silly, & leave super tired!!

                                                           In our room 

                              Arts & Crafts room with Jacob- Jeremy

Hunter heading down a slide
 Waiting for the bucket with 500 gallons of water to drop

                                                Water fountain time

                         Jeremy meeting Violet & Wiley the Wolves

                   Even dad had a smile on his face from all the fun


Lisa C said...

It looks like a blast and such good fun!! Those memories last forever and will keep you guys going when you miss Paul so much.

Great photos Miss Photographer!

Loved the piece on your friend who passed away in college. So hard.

Hugs and Blessings,

Jennifer Bowen said...

Found you on Goodnight Moon! Wish we could have gone to the GWL when we were back in TX. We just never got around to it. You all look like you had a wonderful time. Lovely photos!