Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Facts about Me (pt. 4) It's OVER!!

Finally the last 25 Random facts about ME!! It has been fun trying to think of things you may not know about me, but hard as well. I am glad to wrap this up & will have to find something new for next Monday's post??? Here goes enjoy & have a great Day!!

76. I am only 1 of 2 red heads in our whole family- extended included.
78. My middle name is GEM- named after my favorite aunt
79. My favortie aunt is the OTHER red-head  :0)
80. I love broccoli & cauliflower
81. My favorite movie is Terms of Endearment with Steel Magnolias as a close runner up
82. I still watch VHS movies that I haven't bought on DVD yet because I am too cheap.
83. I hate the smell of Beer- YUCK!
84. I really hate the smell of cigarette smoke more! 
85. My stereo in my house still plays cassette tapes & I have a few oldies but goodies!
86.  I prefer to work out in the morning, but will go in the afternoon if it's the only time I can squeeze it into my day.
87. I have to eat like 6 times a day- small meals or I get SUPER crabby
88. I love to hold babies & would still have another if we could & it could be a girl.
89. I prefer tall men-lol Not that I am looking for a new one- just always like tall over shorter.
90. Love to walk on the beach at sunrise & sunset
91. Love Seafood- Halibut cooked anyway is the Best!!
92. Hate DS games that consume my kids time - drives me nuts!
93. Love the show Army Wives & haven't missed an episode- even though it's a little far fetched .
94. Lifetime movies all day long sometimes are the BEST!
95. Jeans over dressy clothes these days.
96. I have two best friends that know EVERYTHING & they aren't my husband though he is my BF as well. One has known me longer then him & one for 13 years.
97.  I love first thing in the morning when the house is quiet & all the kids are asleep-just me & my coffee
98. The husband & I have been together 17 years- will be 18 this July -counting dating time.
99. Weimaraners really are the prettiest dogs in the world to me.
100. I have green eyes not blue- the contacts change the color slightly.

Whewwwww- That's ALL Folks!! Not sure I could come up with one more thing!


Unknown said...

Your middle name is Gem???? Truly outrageous! LOL. Thats so cool. I would dye my hair pink in honor of that.

Your birds nest cupcakes are delectable looking!!! And very creative.
The Glamorous Army Wife

Amanda said...

HAHA- Keri my birthday month would be February which is an Amethyst birthstone- but not to sure my husband would go for purple hair- I use to LOVE watching the cartoon with Gem in it!! The cupcakes tasted as good as they looked- i ate two!