Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mommy "Juice"

I was bored & awake way to early for a Tuesday morning  so this is what happens random blogs. I had a friend tell me about Mommy "Juice"   a few months ago but just stumbled across their web page again this morning. It is HILARIOUS!! They call the Wine they make Mommy "Juice"! I love the name & hope to buy a bottle of their White to sample. They are so right on when they say sometimes Mommy needs her "Juice" at the end of a long day! Go take the time to check out their web site & like them on Facebook. Has anyone tried their Wines? If so what did you think? I personally have my own favorite wines I keep on hand for days when I need Calgon to take me Away! Do you all have any favorites to share?I love going to Wine tastings & am looking forward to one coming up at the end of the month. It is another new Wine company to me so I'll let you know how it tastes. The Mommy Juice site is asking for pictures from Girls Night out so below I posted a couple from last July. We had a Ladies Wine Tasting night out & we had a lot of fun! Some of the wine was great & some was not my cup of tea. But I believe we all left with a bottle or two that evening.I think it is great for moms ,wives,girls to get out once & awhile to enjoy their friendships together. To me there is nothing better then  good friends,good food,& laughter all shared over a good glass of wine!!
That's my random thoughts on this Tuesday morning . I hope you all have a Great day!

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