Friday, April 15, 2011

Right around the Corner

As the ONLY female in a house of five guys at times it can be quite the challenge when birthdays,Christmas, or Mother's Day gifts are required for them to purchase. Since Mother's Day is right around the corner I wanted to share a couple of web sites that I have seen over the past couple of months. I love the look of a lot of their items but I haven't purchased any for myself, yet. 

I love my husband but I knew when we where dating he was not the big romantic gesture type of guy. He will on occasion bring home some flowers, but more often then not I have to tell him when I want something. He claims this is so I get exactly what I want & am not disappointed. I wish he realized that I would never be disappointed if he surprised me with flowers during the middle of the week for no reason.I also know most women & moms are never disappointed on their birthdays or Mother's Day when the husband & kids take the time to pick out a sentimental gift for them. If it comes from the heart it can't be wrong. But over the years I have learned if I want it I need to tell him or go buy it myself for him to wrap with the boys. I sure hope that I am teaching the boys in small ways when they like a girl they should shower her with romantic gestures. I always tell them when we see shows on TV (lifetime) that the romantic gestures are what girls LOVE. I would hate to think that I am sending out into the world four men who have NO CLUE how to wine & dine their sweethearts one day.But this could just be the case since my loving husband is not the big romantic type, hmmmm what to do what to do?? 

Here are the two links to some lovely jewelry if you are like me & need to leave a HUGE hint for your man for those special days. Either company looks to have special items that work for any mother, spouse, or military family.The first is beautiful charms for all branches of the military. They are a bit pricey compared to what I normally spend on my charms for my bracelets. But they have some unique charms to each branch & duty stations.I would love the Fort Lewis Charm since we have been stationed here the longest. As well as the Infantry Charm as that is the husbands MOS. Go take a peek & see if you find anything you might enjoy & drop your hints ladies!

Next we have the Vintage Pearl a beautiful custom hammered look in jewelry. This is my FAVORITE of the two sites. If I had to pick I would ask for a bracelet from this company. It is the first jewelry site I have seen that would allow me to have all four boys on one charm!Usually that is to many names for one piece of jewelry.I am not a huge jewelry wearing person, so to be able to get a piece that is small & dainty with all four names is GREAT!! This is also a good idea for your own moms who might like the grandkids names on a necklace or bracelet. I am thinking of this idea for my own mom who loves all types of jewelry.

Go take a look, share with friends & husbands ladies so you have that special day we all deserve. Being a mom & especially a military wife is HARD work! One day a year we deserve the recognition even if we have to "suggest" our own gifts & point our men in the right direction. I think they all agree we work hard & love us a lot. They may just not know where to start so I hope now you have some good ideas for them.My love never would dispute the work that goes into being mommy & daddy some years.  With that said I think I'll point him towards the hammered name bracelet this year.I hope you all have a very blessed weekend.

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