Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Keeping the Faith

Woke up after having a dream about care packages that I was mailing to my soldier. The boys & I have been enjoying the sunshine lately, but I have been missing my husband A LOT. Going to group dinners are fun but being the only one there with out your spouse is hard. Seeing him on Skype was great, but seeing how tired & lonely he looked hurt. Watching my son pack for another fishing trip for the second year in a row that his dad should be going on with him makes me cry. I know my husband is grateful as am I that his buddies are letting Matthew tag along, but we both wish Paul was here to enjoy it with him. Looking on Facebook seeing another post about a friend's husbands unit who lost five soldiers last week knowing she is scared- makes me cry as well. Seeing photos pop up this morning from an on-line friend who just dropped off her soldier to say goodbye,yep you guessed it tears again.

 I know God has a plan for us all. I know in his time we learn what that plan is if we just have a little faith. Somedays are just harder then others to continue to have Faith like a mustard seed Luke 17:6.  But I will plod along in hopes that the time speeds up a bit. That the fun activities we have lined up help it pass with laughter instead of tears. Today is taking a friends daughter to get her Memorial Tattoo for her dad that she drew herself. I know some think why would she do that- others like me think because it's Art & she wants to memorialize her dad. I love this idea and she is taking good friends along for support so it should be fun. Saturday is Day Camp with my angel Jeremy . Just mommy & Jeremy time all day at a camp for kids with special needs. He is super excited to get to do an activity like this for only the second time in his short life- so I am thrilled to go with him! 

Anyway having a rough morning but trusting all is the way it should be & hanging on to my Faith as best I can. Have a blessed Wednesday everyone.

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Unknown said...

I know it's hard...but sometimes we just have to let go and trust that things will work out the way they are meant to...