Saturday, August 20, 2011

Under the Sea Day Camp

Today was all about Jeremy & about one hundred other little people with special needs having a fun day at camp. We arrived around 9AM got registered & headed directly to the fishing dock. Jeremy had a lot of fun catching a nice trout & throwing him back in for another day. He made some art, slid down a huge inflatable slide too many times to keep count.Then the face painter arrived! Jeremy ran to get in line & waited patiently 45minutes until it was his turn. This lady was amazing! We had already watched her paint a blue monster with horns,batman, & now it was Jeremy's turn! He asked for a tiger with orange & black stripes & a little bit of white around the face. She did an awesome job & Jeremy was thrilled! Then it was time to slide somemore & have lunch. Only on today would mommy allow him to have four chocolate chip cookies, a sprite, & a bag of potato chips-whew!!! But thank goodness he ate a banana as well with out me even prompting him. It was time for a nice ride on a pontoon boat around American Lake where Jeremy got to drive for awhile. It was a beautiful sunny day with a clear view of Mt. Rainer. After boating it was time to wrap our day up & head home. We made a quick stop at Dairy Queen for some milkshakes as we where hot, it had finally hit 85 degrees in WA!!! It was a fun special day with my little Angel, I am glad we where able to spend the time together.

2 comments: said...

I love the picture of him driving the boat. He looks like a superhero!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! It looks and sounds like he had an awesome time!!