Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear Deployment......

Dear Monday Deployment,

I HATE YOU!! I have enjoyed the bright sunshine we have had lately in the Pacific Northwest, but it has not brightened my attitude towards you! I have noticed a few things that are different during this deployment #4 compared to the last few times.

1. No matter how many activities I plan for the boys - they still argue at least four times a day! During the previous deployments they where excited ,happy, & worn out after fun pool filled days! No more....uggg

2. I can longer tell the boys that hotdogs,mac/cheese, & chicken nuggets qualify as a meal??? YEP, they are now medium sized men & expect real food- WHY????

3. Even Heidi our dog misses her daddy- she keeps pulling out his folded clothes in the closet & laying on them- can you say separation anxiety?? She has it BIG TIME!!

4. No SKYPE unless we can find time when the husband isn't exhausted from working night shifts to feel like walking over to the MWR tent to SKYPE. So far SKYPE has only happened once & I feel to bad to ask my soldier to stay up an extra hour after his 12 hour shift to walk to the tent to chat, so it stinks!!

5. No FUN care packages to mail every two weeks. Due to limited living space husband shares a room with three others so he can't have a lot of stuff to store. That was how the young boys kept in touch- with art,letters, etc that we mailed. Any suggestions now are welcome?

6. No body to hang with on the weekends that are husband-less- this was a HUGE surprise deployment to us- in a new unit- so all my go-to battle buddies have husbands or have PCS to a new post. It is making this 7 weeks drag so much!

7. I am TIRED all the time!! I actually fall asleep in my man's chair during the middle of the afternoon- what is that about?? I know I am not sleeping well- but nap's during the day has never happened before unless I am sick.....weird!

8.Un-motivated to meet new friends or volunteer- pretty sure I want to do things but lack the motivation to even try- feeling the coming & going of past friends was  IS hard- so why bother to meet new friends who will leave again while I stay??

Yes Deployment right now after only 7 weeks in I feel like you are kicking my BUTT to put it somewhat nicely. I don't like it & I hope the happy face I put on for the kids is working for them. Because it is exhausting for me. That's all for now, just thought you should know I HATE YOU!!


I would appreciate it if you would give me a break soon-thanks-XOXO


Reccewife said...

Awe, I'm sorry. I have noticed deployments sucking in so many different ways each new time. Especially that food thing. Like what the crap, I have to make meals still even when he's gone?
I feel for you, hope the next months are kinder!

Anonymous said...

Each deployment sucks in different ways and when my husband was gone, I was SOOOO lazy when it came to cooking. I hope that the next few months go a lot smoother and better for you and the kiddos!

Jane said...

Ugh I'm right there with you. I want to give you a standing ovation for doing this with kids. It's hard enough to get myself out of bed. Let alone emotionally take care of kids. And, I am so feeling you on #6! A BIG part of the reason I stayed here for the deployment instead of going back to Washington where I had a job, and friends. Was so that I could have the support system of the Army, and other wives. Yup, definitely not. Everyone I've met has husbands who just got back when mine was leaving. Or, if they were wives from his unit they all went home. No one stayed. It totally sucks not having people to hangout with on the weekends. I feel like a hermit. LOL

Amanda said...

Thanks ladies- I was having a particularly bad day- you know how those are. I actually feel Bi-Polar during Deployments! One day so happy next angry, the next sad- gezzzz. I am just missing the friends I had during the past two deployments they where such a great source for all things deployment-lol they got it!