Thursday, August 4, 2011

Snails Pace

I was lucky enough to be chatting with the husband tonight before bed. He was all excited to remind me that it is already the 5th of August over in the sandbox so we have 1 month down! I didn't jump up & down like he thought  I would, instead I was like "That's ALL?"! It has really seemed much longer then only 1 month or 4 weeks,ugggg. I know at the beginning deployments seem to go at a snail's pace but I was really keeping my fingers crossed that it wouldn't this time. I truly thought with it being summer for the start of this deployment we would be so busy time would fly by, guess not.

So I have decided it is time to ramp up the activities for the kids & myself so I can keep from going insane! Today was great at the gym this morning, pool after lunch, water aerobics after that & now friends sleeping over for the boys. Hopefully some fun activities will help keep my mind off the fact that I still have eleven long months to go of this deployment........uggggg  Another lovely Deployment Wife posted a cute saying tonight on her Facebook for her family & friends to read- it made me laugh out loud- as it can be true at times. Times like tonight when you realize time is going by but at a silly, stupid, slow rate!

For all of you who may not know what we need at times, this might help- LOL

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Unknown said...

Nice!! I'll take the liquor please! I hope time starts to speed up for you soon!