Monday, August 8, 2011

All Things MARVEL

With four boys in my home not including the husband I have always had tons of Gi Joes, Batmans, Spiderman, Hulk,& Captain America toys laying around. I never once while I was growing up imagined this in my "plan" for my life. I pictured two twin girls maybe a boy for good measure, but definitely a lot of PINK! Well God had a much different out look for my life & gave me a lot of CAMO-LOL My friend always says " tell God what your plan is & then he will give you His Plan- as a joke!".

Today as a treat for my boys for not having any cavities at their dentist appointments I took them to see Captain America. I have seen a few of the Batman movies. All of the Spiderman series as well as The Hulk & Ironman. I wasn't going in with a bad attitude because I actually liked a couple of the other superhero movies. The X -Men series is GREAT! But I left smitten with Captain America. I knew whoever they picked would be good looking but once the transformation was made from the skinny looking dork to Captain A- ahhhh so cute! It doesn't hurt that after 5 weeks away from my man, the eye candy was NICE!

If your wondering if you should go see the movie you should. It had very little profanity which I thought was a huge plus since all four boys hang onto every word these days. No sexual situations that I had to explain at all! I give it 4 Stars in the family category & I can hardly wait to see if they make a sequel. I love all my men & once in awhile I don't mind giving up a good girly love story for a handsome superhero <3

This is last Halloween & my super handsome Captain America - Jeremy

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Unknown said...

Cute! I love the Ironman movies. I swoon for Robert Downey Jr! They are getting all the Avengers together so they can make that movie! I'm actually pretty excited about it. Oh. I loved The Hulk too because Ed Norton is just plain awesome. I wasn't too interested in Thor though...but I've heard that's where you need to head if you want serious eye candy. ;-)