Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tolmie State Park

Three of the boys,Panzer & I took the morning to head to Tolmie State Park for some beach time. We all enjoyed the sunshine & sand! The boys worked hard on some sand castles while I threw Panzer his Frisbee over & over & over again! He never got tired of splashing around after that thing! After a couple hours we washed off & enjoyed our picnic lunch before we headed home. All the other families we encountered just loved Panzer & his Frisbee antics. We would throw the Frisbee & it would sometimes crash into the sand before he reached it in the air. It would suction down into the sand he he would dig & whine furiously to get that Frisbee! We all laughed so hard & it kept us all entertained.

I just love days like this morning where the outdoors becomes our classroom. We found more sand dollars then we ever have in the past. A couple of live crabs as well as dead. Clams all over the place! It was so fun exploring it all & watching the excitement on the boys faces. Today is one for the memory books & I can't wait for another adventure soon.

Now for your entertainment, Panzer will try to get his Frisbee from the mean old sand monster! The video just doesn't do it justice at how funny it was to watch him fling sand everywhere trying to get his toy.


Lisa C said...

Hey....where was Miss Heidi?? We love her.


Amanda said...

Lisa - she does not play well with others-so she doesn't get to go on all our outings unless Paul is with me to help. I have to take one dog at a time.