Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Relaxation was the Word

I was really looking forward to today for about a week now. Another military spouse had given me a coupon to get a 50 minute Relaxation Massage at a new Day Spa that opened in the town about 30 minutes away. I love massages! I use to treat myself on birthdays,anniversaries, etc but my lady stopped working in our town about two years ago  :0(  I never took the time until today to try someone new, so HAPPY that I used that coupon! I spent $10 for a wonderful massage. Scott had amazing hands & was very talkative! The room was quiet with a heated massage table. Lovely music playing softly in the background I almost fell asleep! It was exactly what this busy mom of four needed to recharge my batteries. I could go to bed now & it's only 6 PM! 

I know how lucky I was to have 3 weeks in July of kid-free time. But it was to early into this deployment for me to feel settled into a routine. I feel like now we are slowly getting into a routine of chatting with Paul everyday & SKYPING once a week. I also have been running non-stop taking the kids all over creation to enjoy the last month of summer. Especially since our weather perked up! Today was a much needed MOM day! I got up helped with breakfast then walked out the front door! Went & got my pedicure because my feet looked awful! NO way was I letting some body massage my feet when they where that awful! Then I went & finished back - to - school shopping. Jeremy needed new tennis shoes so I found a cute pair he loves! I also grabbed some new snack items for Paul that he requested. My man is doing cross-fit hard everyday & on a super lean high protein diet. Kind of hard to do in the desert! So he requested some different nuts to eat & I found a few cans of them I think he will enjoy. Then it was off to Panda Garden where I cheated & ate the yummy orange chicken I love. I can't remember the last time I ate there? No worries tomorrow I will be hitting the gym hard to work it off, but today I savored every yummy bite! Then it was off to my massage- BLISS..... for a whole 50 minutes. My muscles needed that & so did my brain.

Now I highly recommend you take time to pamper yourself once in awhile if your spouse is deployed. I can't say enough how much nicer I was to the kids when I walked through the door. All it took was a nice six hour break , pedicure, & a massage. I don't feel guilty as some might because with me being both mom & dad it's exhausting at times. The boys are constantly pushing the boundaries to see what they can get away with while dad is away. Just for today Relaxation was the word of the day !!

Hand & Stone  this is where I went today . They do offer Military discounts & are located in several different locations. I loved them & will be going back at some point.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking a little time to yourself and relaxing! I've only had a massage a couple times, but I love it.

Anonymous said...

Navy Wife for 15 years. Husband broke his back on active duty. Been medically "retired" for 11 now. It never leaves us but I wish someone would have been so sweet to teach me to take time for myself during deployments & missions. Very proud of you. And you have a new follower. Give your hubby a hug of thanks from The Zebley Family in Florida. And I'm giving you a hug because I get your roll for keeping the home fires burning. :)

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