Friday, August 12, 2011

Rampage......Hear I Come!

While getting my hair cut by my favorite lady Teresa she told me about another 5k Obstacle run in October close to home. I ran straight home googled it & registered! I love obstacle runs even though they wear me out!! What makes it so great is it is in October so I still have enough time to prep since I just started  back to a good gym routine & that it is only 35 mins from my house! We didn't get to register for the Warrior Dash like we did last year so I was a little bummed. But it is about a 2 hour drive & over night stay- wasn't happening with the husband deployed. But this is right down the road & involves almost all the same obstacles just a little shorter course. It's called Rampage ! They promise mud, cargo nets, fire, water slides, & FUN! I can't wait! If you remember I did the 5K JBLM Mud Run for the second time this past May. It is always so much fun to push myself on the obstacles. I am NOT a runner at all,but the obstacles help break it up for me. Super excited & it will keep me motivated to keep up my gym time.

Speaking of gym time, when I went earlier today I had so much fun! I studied through ISSA to get certified as a Personal Trainer & completed all the test but my final when I just never made the time to take,totally my own fault! But I have all the knowledge to help guide people with their Personal Training in the gym & today I got a chance to do just that!

I watched as I worked out a young girl of 16 working out with her dad. Her dad looked to be in pretty good shape & was trying to help his daughter. The problem was he was giving her to much weight, not helping her with her form, & was just not a good trainer bless his heart. I finally had to cut in when I was doing my push-ups & was right in front of the machine he had her working. She was struggling by pull three because the weight was so off for her. I stopped & butted in! Very unusual for me as I hate to talk to people I don't know, plus who knew if the dad would be offended or not? Lucky for me, as I explained to them both to lower the weight & corrected her form he asked if I knew how to help with girls-lol. I said I knew a little & asked her how long she had been working out? Well turns out it was only day two for her & she had just joined the High School volleyball team, so dad got her a gym membership to supplement practices. I was super happy to take her off the machine she had no business even working on & handing her a free weight. I showed her how to keep her form & do the same exercise that the machine did but with no strain on her neck or back. They then asked for a few more pointers which I was happy to dole out before I hit the showers. Man it was so AMAZING to be back at helping others which I love- I am so a caregiver at heart &  showing a young girl the correct way to exercise made me happy. It makes me want to kick myself for not taking the time to get that dang final done! I can go back re-register & just take the final but it will cost, so I am thinking hard about doing just that. Love to exercise , I love to help others learn to love a healthy lifestyle, so maybe I'll get back to it soon. That is one thing I adore about deployments, the possibilities for your year ahead are endless- the year IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!! I say GO BIG or GO HOME!

Oh & here is my new end of summer hair cut. New length & thinned A LOT! I have majorly thick hair- so I always love when Teresa thins it for me.



Reccewife said...

I have been hoping to find an obstacle run near me, I only recently heard about them when someone I know completed the Warrior Dash, so I am looking forward to finding one near me to do! Hope you have a blast!

Unknown said...

Yay! Congrats on the hair cut and the run. If you love helping so much...I say the money would probably be worth it. Just keep thinking about the high you were on after helping that girl. I hope you really consider it. Good luck to you, whichever way you decide to go! I can't wait to start working out again. But since I just had a baby 9 days ago...I have to wait. Blah! ;-)