Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tacoma Glass Museum

Today was a beautiful sunny day in the Pacific Northwest & I got to spend the whole afternoon with son number two all by myself which is rare. It was some much needed quality time at the Tacoma Glass Museum for a Blue Star Family event they where holding for children of deployed soldiers. We arrived had the presentation of colors ,opening remarks, then where given private tours of the museum. Matthew got to learn to make a layered glass tile, watch glass blowing, & enjoy his good ole mom's company all day! We had a good time even though it was a long day. We actually snuck out thirty-mintues early & headed to dinner. I let Matthew pick since it was our special day out together. He picked seafood at Duke's Chowder house on Ruston Way- YUMMY!!  We enjoyed sitting on the deck in the late afternoon sunshine & talking. I gave him some helpful tips for when he is on a date because I know that is not far off,uggg He also got to try clam-chowder for the first time & our server thought he was a cutie so she kept bringing him special drinks. He loved all the attention! I was very blessed to get this special time with Matthew my special,artistic, sweet son. Since he was born he has needed a little more of mom's attention & today was just what we both needed! Thank you to the Army for giving us this day,it allowed us to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

In front of the Museum at the beginning of the day

He wanted a picture for his dad in front of the glass Salmon Panel display
Working on his layered Glass tile project

Glass & Water sculpture outside

View from the top of the museum

A 9 year old girl drew this "Shark Attack" then a local artist blew the glass for her.


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