Saturday, August 6, 2011

Knots in My Stomach

When you wake up to log into your Facebook first thing with your cup of coffee while your soldier is deployed & the first headline you read puts your stomach into knots, makes you nauseous, you know it's going to be a bad day. I knew as soon as I took my first sip of coffee & hit my Facebook icon. The screen popped to life & the first headline I saw was 31 US Troops Killed, 7 Afghans in NATO Helicopter Crash This was a huge SHOCK!! It's no secret my husband is deployed with the NATO team they have pictures up almost daily of his peers. Yesterday's pictures just happen to be of his bosses & his peers as they traveled by Helicopter around Afghanistan. I knew in my heart/head that my soldier was safe, but the dread & sadness at the thought of our friends receiving the news that would forever change their lives, sickened me greatly.

According to all the news reports that are slowly being released this is the single most deadly day for the US since 2005 when 16 Americans where killed. We know now that 25 of those soldier's that gave the ultimate sacrifice where from the Navy Seal family. We pray for them & their loved ones left behind who must learn how to move forward. I also ask that you keep all the remaining soldier's that are in Kabul trying to make sense of this in prayer for comfort. That they are able to focus & continue on in their jobs. This is a sad, dark day for all American soldiers. It is another reality we as spouses left behind to wait must deal with- fear so great you are paralyzed until you hear from your soldier.

31 Special Ops Troops Dead 


Reccewife said...

That's terrifying news during a deployment, I pray you get to talk to your man soon!

Unknown said...

This just broke my heart when I read that recently. It's such a tragedy. :-( I'm glad your hubby is "safe" though.