Friday, August 26, 2011

Kites,Sand, & a Wet Pup

We decided to hit the beach today at Ocean Shores! The weather called for 80 degree temps here at home so we knew this was our best bet of "warm" weather on a Washington beach-lol We got up fairly early & got out the door. It only took about 2 hours from our home right next to Mt. Rainer to be on the Washington coast- it's great! The sun was out, but it was super windy. So of course as we played & got wet we got cold! But not so cold we weren't KNEE DEEP in the water !! It was great! Jeremy flew his kite for awhile. Jacob ,Hunter, & Matthew worked on sand castles while I tossed the Frisbee for Panzer over & over. Panzer absolutely had NO FEAR! He loved the waves, the water, & the sand! He was so well behaved with others playing or walking by us. Never barked or growled at another dog. If this had been Heidi she would have not been so nice! We even had a little yellow lab pup who looked just like Marley come over to chase Panzer's Frisbee- he got to the Frisbee first- but Panzer was so nice. He looked at me, like "mom, he has my toy! HELP!!". 
It was a great way to spend our morning instead of the pool. We have enjoyed the pool & the lake but where excited for a change of scenery. Most of the crew slept on the way home- now mom needs a nap!! But nope we have a night swim at 9PM they have been looking forward to going to all week. So just a quick break then back at it to wrap up our summer. Hope everyone else has a great weekend as well!

Little Video that made me wish we where someplace just a tad warmer for a tad bit longer....

2 comments: said...

Should have just had Hunter drive so you could nap. I love getting chauffeured.

great pictures

Amanda said...

NO THANKS- Becky-lol Hunter has never driven & they can't even get their license until 17 here- which is fine with me! The traffic on I5 so bad- no way he is driving in it for awhile.