Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free to Good Home...well Maybe Not

I love my dog, I love my dog,I love my dog....I kept repeating this early this morning as Miss. Heidi decided to test mom & see just how much I did in fact love her! At 3AM folks- I barely wake up to a high pitched whine coming from my living room. Well I knew one of the dogs must be feeling sick so I stumbled out there & let them both outside. They always have to go together no matter what! Heidi took off & long after Panzer was back inside sitting with me by the back door she would not come back! We have a huge fenced back yard so I wasn't concerned just tired! I wanted to go back to bed already. I mean I am barely getting five hours of sleep a night with my man deployed so doggy drama is not high on my list of fun things to keep me awake. I finally coax her back in after almost ten minutes lock the door & tell them both to go lay down! Crawl back into bed & pass out! Then at 4:15 ish AM I hear the whine again, GOOD GRIEF! I try to ignore it but then the pacing starts as well,uggg. So once again I drag myself out of bed - this time put Panzer in his Kennel  then let Heidi out with a warning to HURRY UP! Almost five minutes later I am on the back porch in a screeching high pitched whisper telling her to COME! Does she you ask ? I mean she is a well behaved girl most days but of course not today! I finally get her inside & go crawl back under the covers only to have her start whining & pawing at the door at 5:45AM. I let her our, shut the door & lock it! That's right folk I leave her outside & go back to bed! My Heidi hates to be outside for to long with out me or Panzer- well TUFF was what I was thinking! I covered my head in pillows & went to sleep for about another hour before I heard her barking. Only because I felt bad for my neighbors did I get up to let her back inside.

Now you might be saying "she must be sick", "poor girl has a tummy ache" or something close to those. But nope as soon as I got out of bed & put on the coffee she was all tail wagging happy! There was nothing wrong except she wanted outside. I went to investigate this morning & found nothing out of the unusual in our yard. I honestly thought maybe a dead bird or small creature would be found that she had heard & killed- NOPE! I have no clue why that anxious,hyper active female needed out all night long- she better hope it doesn't happen again tonight or she may find herself being given away to the highest bidder! Not really my husband would be so upset, she is his dog & Panzer is mine- but I swear I might consider doggy tranquilizer's soon-lol.

Heidi is the small one on the right....she is lucky she is so pretty!

" I wish my dogs had a SNOOZE button!!"
This is what is on my new coffee mug a friend gave me- the saying is so true!


Anonymous said...

awe well I'm glad she isn't sick or anything, those are such cute dogs!

Jane said...

Hahaha I was just dealing with one of those nights yesterday! Luckily though my dog had an upset stomach and some bowel movement issues so I didn't get too upset. lol